Movie Monday

Chapter 1

From the window, the sun could be seen setting in the west, turning into dusk. A certain long silver haired teen was already curled up in bed, though he had no intensions of turning in early. On the contrary he was just trying to get comfortable. You see, because of all the stress his pretty yet often air-headed companion Marik put him through, Bakura finally submitted into seeing a therapist for anger management.

His host Ryou had suggested it before, but Bakura's pride would not allow himself to stoop down so low as to lie down in a lounge chair and talk about his…though he cringed at the very thought…feelings. However he finally crumbled after Marik's last evil council; the dream he'd had during the last meeting had disturbed him, and he had finally had enough of Marik's antics. Sock related chaos was the last straw for him. So after a split second decision, Bakura finally signed up for a session with a therapist he had only seen in a Dex telephone book he had randomly flipped through. The session didn't come cheap, but he had the money (he used Ryou's money, he knew his debit card pin), and if things didn't work out, he could always send the buggering psychologist to the shadow realm.

Well after a tedious session with a doctor that just jotted down notes the whole time (Bakura was convinced that he was playing tic-tac-toe with himself the whole time), and nodded, agreeing with everything he said; Bakura felt strangely better. Perhaps being able to vent like that was able to put his mind at ease again; even if the therapist hadn't been listening to him the whole time. But once the session had ended, the Therapist finally confirmed that he had been listening by giving Bakura some advice for once. He advised that the teen should try to get some "Me Time" at least once a day for at least an hour.

Now following the advice, the lanky limey was curled in bed, with the lamp dimly lit next to him on the bed side table. Next to the lamp was a cup of warm freshly brewed Lipton tea with milk, honey, and a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice; Bakura's favorite, which sat there waiting for him to take a sip at any time. In his pale hands, a bright yellow book titled "How to Get Your Boyfriend Out of the Closet for Dummies" rested. He had picked up the book a few days ago at Borders while shopping at the mall with Marik. He'd said to himself that he didn't need a bloody book to insult his methods…But he was none the less curious about what its contents held. Besides, he thought that it might be a very interesting read if he ever got bored and was up for some light reading.

Satisfied with this arrangement, a slight smile curled onto his lips; something that happened so rarely that if you thought Kaiba killing puppies with his smiles was bad, then you wouldn't have the faintest idea of what Bakura's smiles were capable of. Making slight adjustments with his body trying to find his comfort spot, he lay down, opened the book, and then-


Marik burst through the door like a hurricane. In his excitement he'd slammed the door open, hitting it against the wall; threatening to put a hole in it. The tall blond haired Egyptian then climbed on to the bed like a child (which in Bakura's opinion, Marik was like an uncontrollable toddler that was forced into the gorgeous body that he desired.) and jumped on it. "Hey Bakura!" said the midriff showing blonde in his nasally voice as he jumped up n' down. He was obviously trying to get the ancient spirit's attention.

Now disturbed from his efforts being destroyed once again, Bakura struggled to stay calm. It was as if the Gods were tormenting him. Every time he felt like he could have a moment of peace, it would be denied right away and Marik would be sent like a natural disaster, spoiling everything as usual. Letting out a slight "Ugh..." Bakura pursed his lips. Stay in control. He thought to himself. Just ignore him. Just think of your happy place. He continued to ramble on in his head, closing his eyes as he did so to make it easier to visualize. The Pharaoh is dead, I've sent all those pathetic mortals to the shadow realm, and the world is now mine to dominate over. But then I screw the world and burn it to smithereens and then I'll watch it burn from a distance drinking a cup of tea as I watch it all crumble to pieces. As it turning to charcoal, I'll laugh like it was the funniest joke I'd ever heard…

At ease once again, regaining his normal composure, Bakura looked at his hopping partner in crime. Believing that maybe if he indulged Marik with a little attention, he'd leave him. Though he couldn't help but stare for a bit as the tan boy's midriff was right in front of him, purple belly shirt flapping up and down revealing the rest of his torso, then covering it back up like a teasing whore. He quickly snapped himself out of the siren's trance (in other words, Marik's body tempting him to do naughty things). Finally releasing his mouth he let out a sigh and then asked in his normal annoyed tone "…What?"

It was then that Marik finally decided to stop jumping up and down. Instead he let himself fall in front of Bakura, faces now too close to ever considered a "safe" distance. They were so close that the pale boy could've just leaned in and press his pink lips with the teen Egyptian's dark ones…

Bakura was interrupted of his fantasies again when Marik spoke, his face showing the same excitement as a child on Christmas morning. "Do you know what day it is?" he asked gleefully, it was obvious that he was trying not to burst out with the answer to his own question. Bakura was utterly confused, there was nothing in particular that he could think of that was so special about the day. It hadn't been either of their birthdays, the annual evil council anniversary was weeks away, and it definitely wasn't Christmas. Also, the British boy was finding it extremely hard to concentrate with Marik so close that he could touch him…in the ways that he wanted. Blush was starting to taint his pale cheeks as he began to flush over his own descriptive imagination, under his breath he cursed to himself, swearing by Zorc that he'd have to murder someone if Marik saw the slightest bit of pink. Finally his mind formed a simple answer, and he slowly without really think about it, stated the obvious. "Uh…Monday?"

Marik then backed off and through his muscular arms in the air as if he were going to hill on a roller coaster. "Yes!" he cried in his nasal voice, satisfied that Bakura knew the answer. "And do you know what that means?" He seemed to be pressing Bakura, seeing if he could get another out of him, his eyes growing with excitement like a crazed fan girl when they get their hands on their first yaoi.

Bakura was now more confused that he wondered if Marik was trying to trick him into saying something stupid. He'd been in this type of situation before, and he didn't want to be part of some promotional video again. "By any chance, does this have anything to do with the Cyber-Monday thing we did back a long time ago?" He asked.

Marik's eyes then stopped growing, they seemed to shrink within seconds, and disappointment replaced his excitement, though his voice was still vigorous as ever. "No!" Marik stated exasperated. "Foolish Fluffy, of course this has nothing to do with Cyber-Monday." He said that last statement so "matter o' fact"; he almost succeeded in making Bakura feel like an ignorant child. Annoyed by Marik's attempt to make him feel inferior he sneered and tried to keep his temper down, repeating a mantra in his head. "Then enlighten me," he said, his voice sharp like a knife "What's so special about today?" Dark brown eyes attempting to burn holes into Marik.

Immune to his intense gaze however, Marik's face began to spring back up with joy. "I'm glad you asked," a big grin on the blonde's face. "Because you see today is…" he paused in the middle of his sentence, perhaps trying to add some sort of dramatic effect. Marik did enjoy his theatrics. "Wait for it…" he continued again, trying to fill in the sudden silence as he concentrated on finding the right moment to make his announcement. Bakura however was not impressed by any of this, and was about to pop the silly boy upside the head if he didn't finish his statement within the next ten seconds. But, when the Bakura started to raise his hand, ready to strike, Marik jumped up again like he was a spring released from being compressed. "MOVIE MONDAY!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, eyes the size of dinner plates, a wide smile that went from ear to ear on his face, joy was bursting out of this boy like a firework! After this sudden burst however, Marik stood there for a second and then looked at his fluffy friend, proud grin still on his face. "Well that do you think?" he asked. "Go ahead and give me your opinion." He then sat himself down in front of Bakura, criss-cross apple sauce style, waiting expectantly to hear Bakura praise him.

To be honest Bakura had a lot of feedback, such as that Movie Monday was perhaps one of the most idiotic ideas he had ever heard, it was something only a moron would come up with, it had nothing to do with their plans to over throw the pharaoh; in short, it was completely pointless. But he knew better than share any of this with Marik. It would just lead to another mental meltdown and he'd have to sign up for more therapy sessions with doctor "what's-his-name". Instead, he decided to keep his mouth shut tight, pursing his lips.

Marik didn't have any patience for not being praised though. He decided to crawl over to Bakura (which made Bakura release his jaw a little as he watched him get closer again) and started poking his cheek with his tan index finger. "Aw come on Kura," he egged him on, using another one of the nicknames he'd randomly given him. "Don't be shy." His index finger continually jabbing the spirit's pale cheek, threatening to bruise it. "Go ahead and tell me how brilliant Movie Monday is. I know it's a lot to say, but if you could condense the long speech you probably have about how awesome I am and about how Movie Monday is the best day ever into about less than 5 minutes, that would be good. Because we still have to go to the video rental place. It's like the LAW of Movie Monday! I mean who has Movie Monday without going to the video store! That's just not right Bakura. And that's coming from me, the one who was like practically living literally underground all my life and-"

Marik rambling finally became too much for Bakura to handle. His only option for sanity now was to shut down the complete and utter nonsense at once. He finally slapped away Marik's finger before it could so much as brush its tip against the now sore cheek. "Shut up already!" Bakura shouted at him, his eyes burning with anger. This finally shocked Marik into becoming silent. Awestruck by his own success, Bakura remained silent too; he hadn't expected to quiet Marik down so quickly. But within about 5 seconds, Bakura broke the silence once more by introducing the sound of an "Ahem" as he cleared his throat, readying himself to speak. Marik took this the wrong way though, and began is endless rambling once more. "Ok fluffy," he began. "I'll shut up." He then removed himself from being near Bakura and moved to the opposite side of the bed, though he continued to face him. "I've been doing too much of the talking anyway. Ishizu says I'm too much of a chatter box. All I do is talk, talk, talk. She told me I talk people's friggen ears off. FRIGGEN EARS BAKURA!" Marik's excitement seemed to have gotten the better of him again, his speech became faster, like he had just eaten a ton of sugar and was at the peak of his high. "I haven't really talked a person's ear off before, but once I do, I will harness the power of talking peoples ears clean off and use that power against the pharaoh! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Without realizing it, Marik had once again gotten on his feet, his hands making gestures as he spoke with passion. "You know, this should totally be the next topic of my evil council of doom. We'll teach everyone how to talk people's ears off and then-"

Before he could say one more syllable, he was cut short again (or should I say long) by Bakura. "Marik," he growled at the hyper active boy. That was all it took to gain Marik's short attention span again.

Regaining himself, or whatever there was left to regain at all, Marik composed himself again, blushing a little out of embarrassment for another one of his sudden out bursts. "Oh right," he said rather awkwardly. "Sorry Fluffy…Uh…go ahead and say your speech. I promise I won't interrupt anymore." And to prove that he was good on his word, Marik covered his mouth with one of his own hands. With the other, he gave Bakura the thumps up to speak. Rubbing his temples, Bakura let out another sigh, along with a name. "Marik," he said once more.

"Yes Fluffy?" Marik replied back, subconsciously releasing his hand from his mouth. This gained him a share glare though. "Opps, sorry." He apologized quickly recovering his mouth, this time with both hands. The British boy couldn't believe the migraine he was receiving from all of this. He swore if Marik wasn't so cute, he would've gone away with him ages ago. Finally, he sufficed himself with another sigh and began to speak his mind, choosing his words carefully. "As much as I'd "Love" to celebrate "Movie Monday" with you," sarcasm flowing out of his mouth smoothly like a stream and adding air quotes here and there. "I must decline." He then picked his bright yellow book and started to read where he left off, hoping this would be enough of a hint that he didn't want him around.

Marik however was outraged by this. He tore his hands away from his mouth and slapped the rather thick "How to Get Your Boyfriend Out of the Closet for Dummies" book out of Bakura's pale hands and gripped his strong tan hands on to Bakura's hands. "WHY?" He demanded shaking Bakura vigorously as he did so.

"Marik calm down." Bakura said, his voice sounding shaky as he tried to pry Marik's hands off. Marik refused to let go and continued to shake him like a maraca. "Not until you give me an EFF-ing good reason why you don't want to watch a movie with me!" After a lot of struggling, Bakura finally managed to overpower Marik and pry his hands off of his shoulders. He then proceeded to grab the tan boy by the wrists enabling him from using his hands like pair of handcuffs. "There." He said through a deep breath, showing how difficult his efforts were. It was then Marik decided to change his methods drastically. His eyes grew wide and sad like a puppy's and whimpering could be heard coming out of his mouth. "No," Bakura said as he heard the whimpering start. "You're not going to guilt me into this." Bakura's dark brown eyes narrowed, his lips in a permanent scowl, showing that he would not be wavered. But the Egyptian boy's eyes just continued to grow, mouth forming into the cutest little puppy pout, whimpering gaining volume. It would only be a matter of time before he'd sprout a pair of dog ears and a tail to match. Bakura could feel himself start to become overpowered by his cuteness, but he refused to go down without a fight. "N-No!" He stammered. But this was enough to let Marik know that it was time to release his secret weapon. The blonde's purple eyes began to water up, threatening overflow with crocodile tears. The walls Bakura had spent time building finally came crumbling down, shattering any resistance he had left, leaving him defenseless; he had nothing left to do but to succumb to Marik's wishes as always. He released a deep breath. "Fine," he began wearily "I'll watch a stupid god damned movie with you." Each word tasted worse than the last, as if he were throwing up slugs with every syllable.

"Yay!" Marik cheered throwing his arms around the pale teen to embrace him. This caused Bakura to flush again as he felt Marik's body touching his, granted they were both clad in clothes, but it was enough to make the ancient spirit blush like a school girl. Though it wasn't exactly what he wanted to do, he forced himself to push Marik away. "Stop that." He ordered him half-heartedly. Clearing his throat once more, trying to rid himself of his notable new shade of pink, he spoke once more. "Now go bugger off so I can get out of bed, before I change my mind." Scowl returning to handsome face.

The purple clad teen was all too happy to oblige, he had what he wanted. "Ok then," He said smiling as he hopped off the bed. Before making his way to the door however, he turned his head back to Bakura, purple eyes looking into his dark chocolate ones. "Don't take too long. I'm not sure how long the video store is open for." And with that, he walked out the door, shutting it behind him. Bakura sat there by himself for a minute before even attempting to move. Finally he decided that he had to get up and started to remove the blanket off him. It was then he realized that he was grateful Marik had only looked at his face and nowhere lower. "Bullocks." Bakura muttered, cursing to himself under his breath.