Movie Monday

Chapter 4

The door to Marik and Bakura's flat was having a rather lovely day. Things were normal, quiet, and peaceful. No one came knocking on it with their hard knuckles, not a single burglar trying to force their way in. Nope, none of that nonsense. The door had been content where it was, waiting for the return of its owners. It had only been a couple hours since the plain white door had been used and locked once more by the white haired boy with a split personality, and the overly curious tan boy.

Waiting patiently to be of use again, it noticed the return of the two. The tan one was being loud, which was normal, except it seemed that he was more enthusiastic. The tan one ran up to the door, while the pale one, seeming to be in his doom and gloom personality trudged his way to the door, pretending to have the same enthusiasm. The door remained silent, as doors are not blessed with mouths to talk with. In its silent stalking of the two, the door couldn't help be curious about the tan one. For the tan one wasn't holding the key, but was gesturing to the grumpy pale one to watch him carefully. Seeing the tan one lift up one of his long legs, the door had no idea what he was about to do with it. But then it heard the tan one shout out "THIS IS EGYPT!" and quickly shot his leg at the door. The force of the tan one's foot caused the door; to feel so much pain that it was forced to open up. It couldn't believe the random cruelty it had just received after being such a good and loyal door for the two…

"Awww yeah!" Marik shouted after Sparta or in his words "Egypt" kicking the door open. He threw his fist up toward the sky, and then looked at his friend. "Did you see that Bakura?" Pride could be heard deeply in his nasally voice. "I totally just showed that door whose boss." Marik was now doing a little victory dance to celebrate his "accomplishment", chuckling with pride as he did so. Bakura however just rolled his brown eyes toward Marik still wondering how on earth his companion could possess such energy and spirit. If Marik we're a source of energy, the world probably wouldn't have to worry about conserving electricity for there'd be more than enough to last for an eternity and then some. "Indeed." Was all the Brit said, practically sighing once more as he walked into the flat, closing the door after Marik finally came inside. He thanked Zorc that Marik hadn't managed to break the door with his latest stunt. He didn't want to have to get stuck with the landlord giving him crap about paying for the repairs.

Still surging with energy, the Egyptian boy jumped on to the couch and started to make himself comfortable. "Come on Bakura!" Marik said, still in a jittery mood. "Put in the movie! Play it!" Marik was now practically bouncing in his seat in anticipation. Bakura couldn't help but chuckle, he knew that he was going to enjoy this. "Impatient are we?" He said, his voice teasing with its smooth tone, a smirk curling on his lips as he eyes the boy. Marik was growing impatient though, and he just crossed his arms saying "Just play the friggen movie already." Bakura did as he was told, not minding at all since it was what he had wanted to do the whole time. He kneeled before the television and pressed the button on the DVD player, turning it from its normal red light, to green, giving it life again. The disk insert then opened up for him, waiting to be of some use for once. The Pale boy just smirked, and then took his time placing the DVD into the player. The player then ate the disk and started reading it, taking its time to load the play the movie.

Satisfied with his efforts, Bakura walked over to the couch and took his own seat on the opposite side away from his hyper companion. Marik however, took this chance to move over to Bakura, until he was practically snuggling the albino. Feeling Marik's warmth, Bakura felt a bit of warmth on his face. He then looked at his blonde friend, eyebrow raised high. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy it; on the contrary, he wouldn't have minded getting up close and personal with the boy. But, for Marik to get this close to him so willingly, he couldn't help but wonder what his friend was up to. He'd been peculiarly getting very close to him after all, as if taking any opportunity he could get. Bakura was already starting to curse the gods if this was just another joke they were pulling on him.

However, Marik seemed to be as flustered as him, a slight blush showing on his golden tan face. "W-What?" Marik blurted out when he saw Bakura looking at him. "I'm just cold, and you're kind of warm." He continued to say, his nasally voice becoming more shrill. "That's all!" he exclaimed, as if trying to prove a point. "N-Now don't get any ideas." Finally he stuttered his last statement. Bakura couldn't help but be amused by the boy's sudden embarrassment. The white haired teen let out sigh, small smirk creeping on his face. "Because you're "totally straight" right?" Bakura teased his partner.

Marik nodded his head vigorously. "Exactly." Was all the tan boy said to him as a quick answer. Bakura then looked at the blonde, thinking about how cute he looked trying to be convincing. "Alright then," the white haired one began, deciding to play along with the Egyptian. "Tell me this. Why didn't you grab the blanket over on the other side of the couch if you were cold?" The spirit's smirk grew. This just caused Marik's face to turn a deeper shade of pink. "Oh…" was all the pretty boy could think to say, his mind finding it difficult to come up with an acceptable excuse. "Well I just forgot about it…?" Marik sounding more like he was asking a question then giving a good excuse. Lucky for him though Bakura was willing to take the lie, smirk not disappearing from his face. "Sure you did." The Brit replied, letting sarcasm fill his voice, his dark chocolate brown eyes rolling slightly.

Marik made a quick dash for the blanket though, grabbing it and wrapping it around himself quickly as if it would serve as protection. He was surprised though when his pale friend spoke once more. "Well that hardly seems fair." Marik heard the thief say. He then met Bakura's eyes with a confused look. "What if I'm cold too?" Bakura asked, watching the blonde for any type of reaction. Marik just snorted back though replying back "You're always cold." Bakura found this rather amusing, seeing as how this was obviously a contradiction to what the boy had said earlier, but he didn't let it show. Bakura then got a little closer to Marik, and whispered a single word into his tan ear. "Exactly." The boy blushed at the sudden closeness; he also bit his lip, as if unwilling to let Bakura have his own share of the blanket. But with a single sigh, Marik gave in. "Fine," He groaned as he wrapped the blanket around Bakura. "You happy now?" He asked, glaring at the other teen. Bakura just let another smirk crawl up onto his lips. "Very." He replied, letting small chuckles escape afterwards.

The Egyptian's blush just worsened and he looked away from the ancient spirit, as if trying to hide it, instead he looked toward the T.V. screen. "Just start the friggen movie already Binky Boy." Marik said, practically pouting and grumbling, obviously not enjoying being teased. "Alright then," Bakura said grabbing the DVD player remote that rested on the coffee table. "Just remember that you asked for this." And then with a single press of a button, the television screen sprang to life. Chuckles were now leaving Bakura's mouth, as if he had just heard a funny joke. This made Marik turn his attention toward him, an eyebrow raised high. "What's so funny?" He asked, not wanting to miss out on the joke. Bakura however just shook his head and murmured through a sly smile. "Oh nothing…" More chuckles followed afterwards. Still confused Marik turned his eyes toward the screen then, a little unsettled by Bakura's chuckling. "Ok then…" He said awkwardly as he waited for the opening credits to appear.

Making himself, comfortable again, Marik decided to rest his head on Bakura's shoulder, as if trying to use him as a human pillow. "I love this movie." Marik said quietly, a smile on his face. Bakura tried to suppress another chuckle. "I'm sure it will be rather amusing." He said, as if leaving a subtle hint that he knew his companion would probably never catch. Suddenly the opening title of the movie "Free Willy" flashed on the screen in big, bold letters. Upon seeing this, Marik's excitement was once again aroused and he burst out like a child again saying "It's starting!" A huge spastastic smile on his face. Bakura then put a finger to Marik's lips, saying "Shh, just be quiet." After removing his pale slender finger from the boy's lips, Marik had a slight blush on his face again replying with an almost inaudible "Ok…"

Together they sat there watching the movie as the opening title sequence began to fade from the television screen to the beginning of the movie. However, there was something off about the beginning that even Marik noticed. There were no scenes of jumping killer whales that lasted for about two minutes, but instead there was fade into a scene with a sandy beach, and two men who were walking down the shore as the waves clashed against the land. The two men on the shore were considerably hot, their Hawaiian shirts unbuttoned way passed the point of douchey looking, showing off their bare well chiseled chests.

"I don't remember this part…"Marik said looking at the screen mixed emotions, predominantly confusion. "Um," Bakura started, trying to think of a good excuse to distract his blonde partner with so they could continue watching. "Must be a remake, or something." The Brit admitted later to himself that he probably could've done a lot better with coming up with a more convincing lie on the spot, but it seemed that the Egyptian was willing to buy into anything he said. With a hesitant nod the blonde continued to look at the screen at the two men as they continued to walk down the shoreline now seeming to get closer. "Yeah," he said practically to himself. "That must be it." And with that Marik let out a few nervous sounding laughs while staring at the two men on the screen.

Through his purple eyes with his perfect anime 20/20 vision, Marik watched the two guys on the screen got real close. He witnessed the younger looking, more playful of the two have a mischievous smile curl up on his pink lips. The younger one then got closer to the slightly older one, faces closer than ever. It was very predictable what was going to happen next, and Marik began to become more and more nervous, yet he refused to look away from the T.V. To Marik's relief however, the younger man had set up the closeness to be a distraction from his true intension, raising his hand, the boy-like one tapped the back of the other man's head, laughing as he started to run away down the beach crying "You're it!" The other not taking too long to register what had happened, sprinted down the beach to catch up, only to be alluded again and again by is agile and sleek beach buddy. Their chase lasted for awhile, like friendly a game of cat and mouse.

Finally turning his head from the screen for a bit, Marik looked toward Bakura, perhaps to find some reassurance to continue watching if he was just as nervous as him. To his dismay, Bakura seemed to be enjoying himself as his dark brown as stared at the screen, his pale head resting on his knuckles, a satisfied smile could be clearly seen on his face. Looking at the television again, it was clear to see that the man who had been pronounced to be "it" had now finally caught up with his prey. But he didn't just tag the other back, oh no that wasn't good enough. Like an American football player, the older man tackled his young companion into the sand. Both were wrestling, laughing as they struggled for dominance over one another. Obviously becoming more unsettled over all of this, Marik began to fidget a little while wrapped in the blanket. "So," The blonde began awkwardly, a frown now forming on Bakura's face as he heard the nasally boy interrupt the movie. "I wonder when that whale is going to show up." Attempting to with hold another sigh, the ancient spirit looked to his young Egyptian friend. "I'm sure it'll show up soon," he replied back, brown eyes rolling a bit with annoyance. "Now shut it and just watch the movie."

Silence filled the room again besides the sound of the two movie characters still playfully wrestling over who was topping. Bakura almost let himself believe that maybe Marik had listened to him for once after a few moments of blessed peace and quiet. But as usual, this was short lived as the tan boy insisted on opening his mouth again, perhaps deciding that he had been silent long enough. "You know, maybe I should go make some popcorn," Marik began to say, his voice sounding a little uneasy. "I mean what's the point of watching a movie without snacks?" He was starting to sound like he was justifying his excuses to be valid. "…And I am getting kind of thirsty, so I think I'll go grab something from the fridge too." Unwrapping himself from the blanket, Marik tried to put his escape plan into action. Unfortunately for him, Bakura grabbed his arm before he could get away quick enough, his plans being foiled once again. Smirking up at him, Bakura looked at Marik, getting some satisfaction out of seeing his surprised expression. "No, don't trouble yourself," the Brit said to the blonde, smirk growing bigger as he spoke. "I'll go get the snacks. You just enjoy the movie." Standing up, Bakura removed himself from the blanket and placed Marik back on the couch. The white haired teen then made his way over to the kitchen to go acquire the appropriate snacks.

Marik sat there on the couch frozen for a second, and then watched as Bakura left him behind to suffer through the movie alone. Hysterics now taking over a little heightening his voice Marik called out to ask the albino. "Aren't you going to pause the movie?" From the kitchen, Bakura simply chuckled as he could clear hear the weakness cracking through Marik's voice. "Well I don't see much point in that." He replied, now opening the pantry and scavenging through it to find a pack of microwavable popcorn. "But I got this movie so then you could enjoy it with me." Marik responded, refusing to lose the argument.

Still continuing his search through the pantry, Bakura didn't mind butting heads with Marik again, seeing as he had the upper hand. "Correction," He began as he grabbed a pack of buttery popcorn cornels. "I got the movie. Besides you said it was your favorite movie, so you should enjoy it." Marik sat there in the living room for about a few seconds trying to come up with a good come back; the result was not too brilliant. "But it's a remake." He whined weakly. Bakura sighed as he placed the popcorn bag in the middle of the microwave carefully then closed the mini-door, sealing it in the small contraption. "Exactly why you should watch it without interruption," the silver haired spirit retorted, as he pressed the buttons on the cooking machine, making it come to life as the small light popped on and began rotating the package. "Now just shut up and watch."

Sitting all alone in the living room defeated once again in the banter, Marik turned his attention the screen. "I'll just tell you what's going on then," the blonde said loudly so then Bakura could hear him. "Just so then you don't feel like you missed anything."

Grabbing a pair of tea bags out of the cupboard above his head, Bakura sighed as he began brewing some tea with Ryou's personal tea kettle which the innocent host had made during one of his therapeutic pottery sessions (If living with Marik caused Bakura to have mental stress, you could only imagine how poor little Ryou could barely fair having to live with both of them constantly). "Fine," the old thief said as he began brewing the tea over the stove. "What do you see?"

Awkwardly watching, Marik began to describe everything he saw on the screen. "Uh," he began, not sure where to begin. "Ok, well those two guys on the beach, they're now wrestling each other on the ground. I mean, this is kind of a violent for a children's movie. Though, I personally think that that one guy who hit the other behind the head totally deserves it." Settling in more, perhaps the communication now soothing and breaking the tension for him, Marik became more relaxed with his speech. "That's just crazy, who goes around hitting people on the back of their heads and then runs away screaming "You're it!" That's just ridiculous, it's just asking for trouble. Especially since the other guy is way bigger than him-"Stopping him in mid-sentence, Bakura decided to interrupt Marik before he could turn the conversation into another one of his random rants. "We get it Marik," he said hearing the microwave beep indicating that the popcorn had been cooked. "Anything else you'd like to report?" asking as he removed the popcorn, letting it cool on the counter before opening the package to empty it of its contents.

"Oh right," the Egyptian blonde continued his narration from the living room. "Well the bigger guy seems to the tagging guy pinned down on the ground. I guess that makes him "it". Wait, what the frig is he doing?" Marik then stared intently at the screen, purple eyes glued to the two men. "Why did he take that guy's shirt off? I mean they were already wearing those button shirts even more douche than normal. It wasn't even unbuttoned on the top, no; they were opened all the way. Wait, now the bigger guy took off his own shirt." Marik then shook his head a little in disgust as he noticed how badly tanned the bigger guy actually was. "Man, you can really tell that tan is fake." He said his voice filled with exaggeration. "It's even worse than min- I mean that girl from the first two transformer movies, Shia Labeouf."

Hearing Marik almost admit to having a genuine spray on tan, Bakura began to chuckle. "Really?" he asked. Even though he knew he wouldn't see it, Marik nodded his head vigorously still looking toward the screen. "Yeah," he said, his voice rising again. "You got to come see this. It's like he's an orange." Marik started to laugh, like he had just heard a joke about foxy boxes. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was orange scented. Oh gee, now what are they-"

Nearly done brewing the tea, the ancient thief took note of the Egyptian boy's sudden silence. Pulling out two mugs from the cupboard Bakura became more concerned as the silence continued for longer than ten seconds. Pouring the boiling hot tea into mugs (These were also special mugs that Ryou had made to go along with the teapot he's made during one of his sessions by the way) he decided to inquire the boy to make sure everything was alright. "Marik, are you alright?" waiting anxiously for a response. It took some time (and that I mean only about 5 seconds at most) for Marik to reply back. "I think we got Twilight by mistake…" was all the blonde could say as he watched in horror at the screen.

Raising his right eyebrow high, Bakura looked toward the direction of the living room, confused by what the heck his partner could've meant by that. "Why would you say that?" the Brit asked as he tea bagged the two mugs. "That bigger guy with the ridiculous tan just started eating the other guy's neck." Marik answered back, his voice coming out slow as he said it like he was in a daze. "He must be a Vampire!" Upon hearing the blonde make that determination on his own, Bakura face palmed as he placed the contents of the popcorn bag into a large plastic bowl. "Marik that doesn't make sense." The spirit tried to use logic with his ditzy companion, a feat which might as well prove impossible. "You just said that guy had a tan, and that they're at the beach in the middle of the day. The last time I checked, vampires were pale, blood thirsty, creatures of the night." It was then Marik finally came up with something witty to say. "Like you?" He asked Bakura, laughing at his own diss. Bakura couldn't believe he'd just set himself up for that one, if Marik were in the Kitchen with him, he would've given him a sharp glare. "Sod off." Was all he managed saying without losing his temper, grabbing a tray from one of the counter cupboards.

"Anyway," Marik continued to talk, now waiting impatiently for Bakura's return from getting the snacks. "Just because he's a vampire, doesn't mean he can't be tan. I met this one vampire on my video game that was tan. He also had a funny accent. Sort of like yours but more annoying." Bakura rolled his eyes; this was in vain though since Marik wasn't able to see it. "Like you're one to talk." He said as he used his pale hands to place the food and drinks on the serving tray. "Hey!" Marik shouted toward the Kitchen, not happy with Bakura making fun of how he talked. "I don't even have an accent. Besides, even if I did, it'd be way better than yours and it would make me even sexier than I already am." Bakura was now shaking his head in disbelief, barely believing the conversation he was happy. Why couldn't they ever have a nice, decent, and relevant subject to talk about? But then he realized that Marik would be required to grow a well developed brain under all that pretty sandy blonde hair in order for that to ever happen.

"Anyway," Marik decided to take Bakura's silence as an invitation to continue on talking about tan vampires. "So yeah, the guy had a tan. I swear he must've had the tan gene. And Twilight vampires can go out in the day time. They just sparkle a lot." Picking up the tray, Bakura finally started making his way back to the living room, walking slowly over there so then he wouldn't spill anything. He decided that he might as well continue the conversation during the trip back. "Well is the guy sparkling?" He asked, blowing a few strands of silver hair out of his face. "Well no," Marik answered back sheepishly, sort of shrinking in his seat. "But he was sucking off that guy like a vampire." The British teen found it difficult not to laugh at that last statement, the tray sort of shaking from his struggle to not let out a few chuckles.

Tapping his tan finger on the edge of the couch and biting his lip, Marik was starting to become more impatient with waiting for Bakura; he didn't enjoy being alone for so long. "Would you hurry up?" He called to the pale teen. "I'm on my way," Bakura said, still making slow progress over to the living room. "Just be a little more patient." Practically bouncing on the couch, Marik looked anxiously around. "Well get over here, I think something is about to happen!" A smirk then curled up on Bakura's pale pink lips. "Oh, I don't doubt that." He said, allowing himself a few quiet chuckles.

Violet eyes glued back to the T.V. Marik let out a slight gasp."Ok, maybe he's not a vampire." Marik said correcting himself. "He might be a cannibal! He just went from that guy's neck and is now making his way down. He's trying to find a weak spot I think. He's just biting and licking the poor guy all over the place. The other guys letting out these terrible screams of pain and his hands are in the cannibal's hair. I think he's trying to pull him off before he can eat him. He's even cursing and dropping F-bombs a lot." Excitement pumping through the boy again, he sat up in his seat, fidgeting more as he continued watching. "This is a really inappropriate remake. Seriously, what kind of person would expose children to this? What happened to the media these days Bakura?" Bakura shrugged a little at that. "I wouldn't know." He said practically sighing. "I don't usually pay attention to the media, unless there's something about things I enjoy. Like mass murder, or even better genocide."

A look of disturbed disgust showed on the Egyptian's face as he crinkled his nose at the thought of his best friend's interests. "Eh," making a sort of gagging sound at the thought of all the gruesome sights of a messily killed person, along with the smell of death. To distract himself from these thoughts, Marik looked at the television yet again. "What the heck are they doing now!" He exclaimed in shock at what he was suddenly witnessing. "I don't know," Bakura called out to him. "You're supposed to be telling me remember?"

"OMG!" The blonde gasped. "He's taking that one guy's trunks off! That must be like…totally embarrassing. If someone ever did that to me, I wouldn't hesitate to stick my rod in them!" Not being able to hold it back any longer, Bakura finally let out a long hearty laugh that he'd been saving for awhile now. Marik didn't appreciate Bakura's sudden burst of laughter however. "There you go laughing again." Crossing his arms, you could tell that Marik was obviously not amused. "Is there something I'm missing out on? I demand you tell me. I hate it when I'm on the outside of an inside joke." Clearing his throat, Bakura was able to choke down a couple of his last laughs. "It's nothing," he said trying to assure Marik as he controlled his laughter. "You probably wouldn't find it that funny anyway."

"You have a really bad sense of humor don't you?" Marik asked, not exactly satisfied with the Brit's answer. "Just go back to telling me what's going on in the movie." Bakura said, starting to regain his annoyance toward the boy. "You know we wouldn't have had this problem if you had just paused the movie to begin with." The sandy blonde pointed out. A scowl now on his face, Bakura growled in a lower more threatening tone saying his name. "Marik..."

"Ok, ok, no need to get all mad fluffy." Marik said, understanding that he was in the warning stage. "So back to my movie narration. The Cannibal got that guy's trunks off. I can't believe they didn't even bother to censor that guy's junk. Lousy editors were too lazy. I bet they weren't even thinking of those poor kids, rotting their brains." Almost back to the living room, surely taking his time, the popcorn and tea probably near the point of being cool by now, Bakura decided to add his own comment. "Perhaps it's an uncut version." He suggested, adding another lie about the true contents of the movie. "This movie is terrible!" Marik interjected. "They haven't even gotten to the whale yet. You see, this is why they should never remake already perfect classics-…"

Finally, after spending so much time returning from the kitchen with the tray of snacks and tea, Bakura made it all the way to the living room. However, instead of seeing an impatient Marik who would pester him about why he took forever to get back, and that he was starving for popcorn, and then proceed to complain over the tea being cold, he was met with a frozen Marik, purple eyes staring blankly at the screen. Putting the food down on the coffee table, Bakura waved his pale hand in front of Marik's glassy eyes. "You ok in there?"

"My eyes," Marik said through a traumatized tone. "They're burning." Confused over what the blonde meant, he turned his head to follow the purple clad teen's gaze. Following Marik's sight, he saw what he had been hoping to get too since checking out the movie. "This is definitely NOT Free Willy." Marik said, if he wasn't in so much shock of seeing the two men now EFF-ing each other, he would've shouted. Bakura didn't seem to care (as usual) about what was happening on their T.V. screen. He simply sat next to Marik as he had done previously and took a sip of almost cold tea. This earned him a bewildered look from the purpled eyed boy. "How can you be so calm about this?" He questioned the white haired teen. "We got the wrong EFF-ing movie!"

Bakura thought it was about time that he let the cat out of the bag. "I know," he said calmly as he continued to watch, grabbing the plastic bowl of popcorn and handing it to the Egyptian. "Popcorn?"

Marik just stared at the bowl of popcorn, neither taking it, nor refusing it. In fact, Marik didn't say a work for longer than ten seconds (a new record). Bakura released another sigh, putting the bowl back on the coffee table. "You know," he began, running one of his slender fingers through his long white hair awkwardly. "You don't need to continue watching if you don't think you can handle it-"To his surprise, he was cut off in mid speech again. "Who said I couldn't handle it?" Marik asked him, sounding a bit insulted at the almost completed statement. Bakura eyed the tan boy curiously. "Oh well I just assumed-"

"You should never assume things about people." Marik once again interrupted his British friend. "Especially if it's me. Now give me that popcorn." The blonde then plucked the popcorn from off the coffee table and began noming on some of its buttery contents. Bakura's expression was filled with confusion; this was not the type of reaction he had expected out of Marik at all. "You're seriously going to watch the rest this movie?" The old spirit of the ring asked the young Egyptian. "Yes," Marik answered back, continuing to eat the popcorn. "But don't get the wrong idea. I'm only watching this because I'm here to show my support." This farther confused Bakura, his expression clearly stating it. "I know that you're…well you know." Marik continued awkwardly, trying to make his explanation a little more clear, though it was obvious he was trying to bail himself out of saying one simple word. "So I'm going to watch this movie with you to show that I accept you." Marik's normal goofy smile then appeared on his face as he looked at his white haired friend. Blush rose on the albino's cheeks as he heard all of this being said to him. Bakura, too embarrassed to face his partner in crime, turned his face away and sneered a little, grumbling a simple "Whatever…" to hide his true feelings. Though he was a master at hiding his emotions on the outside, Bakura could not deny the fact that he felt butterflies fluttering around in his stomach at that very moment…