Author's Note: I'm gonna try something new for me, this story is being narrated by Dean and only the narration will be from his point of view, kind of like they do movies XP So please bear with me on this one as I work out the kinks in my head. Thank you to my good buddy Pilali for the idea :) If there are any questions you want to ask me about it, review and I promise to reply :)

Chapter 1

It's been a long time since someone asked me to retell this story, to recall how hard life used to be for us back then. I remember him, very well. He was beautiful, smart, and one of the kindest people I've ever met. Heh, he gave me two beautiful children, as impossible as that sounds. I never thought two males could do that, but I had underestimated his abilities; he could do basically anything, you name it, it was possible for him to do. I've been asked how well I remember, I could never forget those eyes... that beautiful smile. I still remember the day he said goodbye, the look of his back as he walked away from us...

You know something; I think you deserve to get the whole story, from the beginning. Fifteen years ago, there were things called Reserves set up for us, us being 'the supernatural.' The humans decided it was easier to group us together into one category when describing the Reserves to others, less to say that way. I'm a demon; there are many different kinds of demons for many different 'occupations.' I believe I got the short end of that stick, I don't have any special abilities like a lot of the others do; I was told as a kid that when I grew up I would be very attractive and my job would be to 'please' others. That was it. They ended up being right about something; I did end up being very attractive and desired, however that caused a lot of problems and hurt more people than it 'pleased.'

Anyway, these Reserves are set up for anything supernatural, demons, werewolves, shape-shifters, vampires, ghouls, reapers, and many others. The scientists that studied us were actually particularly interested in the strongest species; angels. I don't envy those winged bastards for a lot of the attention they got, there were only six angels and by the end of it my Reserve carried all of them. The thing was, the scientists had an almost unlimited supply of every other creature living there, except for angels.

The way the Reserve was set up, there was an automatic hierarchy; the most dominant fought one another to prove who was in charge. After that, they had their pick of the submissive ones. Some of the dominant ones chose someone to court for the night and left them after that, others claimed them, forever. Considering my 'superpowers' I'm sure you can tell which one of these I was.

Okay, enough of me telling you the story, let me show you.

Dean growled as he walked down a clean, white hallway. One escort on either side, both holding guns aimed in his direction. Had they been normal guns he wouldn't care, he'd be able to fight back no problem. However they weren't normal, ever since that one guy named Colt something invented the gun that could kill anything everyone had one, at least these facilities did. Dean had just come from a session with the resident doctor or 'vet,' as he liked to call them. He hated seeing the vet, especially when there was nothing wrong with him.

Okay, he'd been a little ill lately, but that was normal for someone who locked themselves in their room and refused to eat. He was sick of this place and their rules, he wanted out. Though at least he was allowed to dress however he wanted to, none of those matching monkey suits or anything. He'd heard of a Reserve that forced everyone to wear the same white get up, like they were in a mental institute or something.

"Just try to relax," the doctor had said to him, "I understand how you must feel, trapped, stifled, stuck. But Dean there are so many possibilities for you here."

Yeah, bullshit. The only possibility for him here was to be fought over and then raped. He wasn't too interested in any of the men he'd seen here, and the only woman who would possibly be strong enough to fight for him was Anna, and she'd already been claimed by Balthazar.

Dean was lead through rather large doors into a much less impressively clean area, the escorts stopping behind him and closing off the only exit, leaving him to continue through the rest of the tunnel as he saw fit. He wrapped his arms around himself and walked along the dirt-ridden metal floor, staring down as he did so. The sunlight hit his face as he exited, causing him to look up, the landscape before him was gorgeous, there were many different houses, mostly large apartment-like buildings, plotted along the whole property. It looked sort of like any other town's residential area. However, when he looked at the edges of the property, where there should be something like an open field, he saw giant walls closing them in.

He sighed heavily and trudged down the paved road that lead to the residential areas. It was a long walk, as he stumbled along he noticed a large truck rolling up behind him. It was one of the habitat specialists, probably. He looked at the truck and glared angrily, he'd never forget an image like that. It was the same type of truck that haunted his dreams at night, the same one that had shown up when he was barely eight years old and took him away. An image flashed across his mind, the face of his four year old brother crying as they were separated.

Dean shook his head when the truck stopped beside him and an old, familiar head poked out, "Need a lift, boy?" It was Bobby Singer, the only habitat specialist that Dean had ever liked.

"Yeah, would be nice." He walked around the truck and hopped into the passenger seat, not bothering to belt himself in since they weren't going that far. "So..." He glanced in the direction of the holding tank on the back, "What's in there?"

Bobby smiled a little, "They caught another angel," he nodded, "That'll make six, including Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Balthazar, and Anna."

Dean stared in complete awe, "An angel? No one's caught an angel since that big ritual fiasco twenty years ago!"

"Ugh that was ugly," Bobby ran his hand along his tired face, "All five of them came through at once, what a mess that was."

"So how'd you guys catch this one?"

"It was sort of a cheap shot and a bit of a fluke. You know those angel blades that they carry?" Bobby looked over at his passenger, who just nodded slowly, "Well we found a way to duplicate 'em and make different types of weapons. One of which is like a crossbow, some idjit shot it into the air, what we thought was wastin' a bullet. Suddenly this one fell outta the sky and crash landed onto the idjit's truck."

Dean shook his head, "Some idjit? You mean Chuck, don't you?" he paused for a moment, "Just fell out of the sky?"

"Yeah," Bobby nodded intently, "The bolt went right through his wing, he can heal himself pretty fast but we netted him before he could get away."

Dean winced at that, a bolt through the wing? That's just awful, he knew how sensitive an angel's wings were, no wonder the poor thing tumbled to the ground. "Can I see him?"

Bobby made a face at that, "Ehh I dunno, boy." He glanced back briefly, "He was kind of pissy when we threw him in here."

"Come on, what harm can it do? He's already inside the reserve, can't get out right? So why not?" Dean pleaded, leaning toward the older man.

Bobby shoved him away, "Alright, fine." He grumbled, "Don't go telling nobody 'bout this,"

"Yeah yeah," Dean smiled as he hopped out the driver's door, running around the back of the truck. He knew from experience that those nets they used had a sort of de-powering effect. They stung to touch, which sucked because they were constantly draped over you, and they sucked your strength to the point you felt you couldn't move.

He took hold of the latch, flipped it and opened the door slowly, peering inside. He saw white feathers strewn about the containment cell, and a writhing form further back. "Hello?" He called inside, climbing up and cautiously walking closer.

It was dark in there, very dark, but from what he saw this angel had gorgeous wings, he'd seen the other angels' wings too but they almost seemed dulled by having been on Earth for so long. This angel was fresh, brand new to the area and the rules of this world. He watched as a black haired head slowly rose from its hung position, piercing blue eyes gazing at him through the dark lighting. At first neither moved, Dean stopped in his tracks and stared at the beauty before him. He'd never come across anyone so attractive, is this what he did to people when they saw him?

"Who are you?" the angel's voice washed over him, if he had to place a description on it, he'd definitely go with sexy, hands down.

"My name is Dean, welcome to the Reserve."

"This is one of those despicable reserves?" He responded immediately, a look of slight horror taking over his earlier curious expression. Dean gave him a short but definite nod, understanding how the angel must be feeling.

"And what's your name?" He asked, reaching for the net that obviously had the other male flinching.

"Castiel," He answered simply, eyeing Dean's hands untrustingly, not entirely sure what his intentions were. "What are you doing?"

"Getting this net off of you, that's what." Dean knelt down, it would be just like ripping off a band aid, the quicker he removed the thing and let go of it the less it would hurt in the long run.

Castiel stared at him, now that Dean was closer he could see his face a lot more clearly. He was suddenly taken with this oddly helpful creature, he couldn't help but stare. He hardly noticed the net being pulled from his body, though he couldn't deny the freedom he felt in his wings at that moment. The white feathers spread out briefly as Castiel stretched the muscles in his wings, a brief but noticeable shudder creeping down his spine.

Dean looked at the wingspan before daring to look the angel in the face again, "You alright?"

"As alright as I can be. Thank you." Dean felt like he could listen to that voice for hours, "How long have you been living here?" Castiel's question caught him off guard, though he felt it necessary to answer.

"Most of my life, I'm 26 now, they took me when I was eight." He sighed and shrugged his shoulders, "Haven't seen my dad, mom, or little brother since." He smiled a little at the thought of Sammy, "Wonder how he's doing."

"Probably not much better than yourself," the angel muttered, not realizing how insensitive his comment could sound.

"No, when these people hit a home they usually take the whole family of creatures, though putting them on different Reserves." Dean glanced at the door, knowing that Bobby was probably waiting impatiently for him. "Regardless of what we want though," he looked back at the angel, "We're stuck here, you can't fly out. The device they clamp around your neck when they catch you sends out a signal to the wall that surrounds this place. And when you pass by a certain level in the Reserve," he traced the thin band along his neck, "That signal is disrupted and the collar shocks you enough to stop all of your mobility."

Castiel ran his finger along the new band around his neck; he remembered them clipping it in place and the thing forming nicely to the right shape, fitting perfectly. "So there is no way out of here..." He sighed and sat down, his wings drooping as he slid to the floor. "I will have to accept my fate and live here like my brothers and sister," he stared disdainfully at the door, then turned his gaze on Dean, "Will you inform me of the ways of this place?" He asked in earnest.

Dean looked shocked, "You want me to tell you about it? You won't just go straight to your kind?"

The angel shrugged, "I do not get along with all of them." He refused to admit that he just wanted to spend more time with Dean, he had to figure out how this place worked, if it was similar to what he was used to or if he had to make an effort to learn how to top the others. Dominance and hierarchy always mattered, though now that he was in a location separate from heaven, separate from an omnipotent being that was the end all be all, he had a shot at becoming top dog. He remembered seeing these Reserves from his perch in heaven; some of the things he'd seen appeared barbaric, though many he wanted to take part in.

Dean glanced at the door again, "Well how about we meet up after your 'orientation' here? The driver is probably getting annoyed with me."

Castiel nodded, "Yes, I will seek you out later."

Dean smiled and headed for the door, feeling the angel's eyes on him as he walked. Hopping outside again he closed the door and flipped the latch back to lock it in place. He climbed into the passenger seat and gave Bobby an apologetic smile, "He's okay,"

Bobby, having had his notepaper and pen out, shrugged, "I didn't expect him to be in bad shape, just really grumpy." He lifted the paper, "And don't worry, I was eavesdropping. Couldn't let a moment like that pass by without taking some notes."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Of course," he muttered, looking out the windshield. Every human here was the same, research came first.

After that Bobby dropped me off at the edge of the living areas and drove off with the new angel. I remember standing there for almost an hour, wondering what on earth they were doing to him. They always showed more interest in the angels, and a fresh one from heaven was probably more than interesting material for the scientists. I never really asked him what they did, but that doesn't mean I wasn't curious to know.

It was late that night when I heard the truck return, I'd gotten out of bed to see which building they were dropping him off at. They actually stopped at mine; I remember how surprised I was. I lived in one of the many larger, apartment-like buildings and I know it was almost empty, a lot of my neighbours were being claimed by stronger, dominating creatures. Once a couple is made, after a submissive is chosen to be a mate for life, they get one of the houses meant for two, or possibly the ones meant for families.

I had been fought over numerous times, though only one being continued to win, and he didn't want me as a mate, just a fuck buddy I guess. So I wasn't taken yet, but anyone who wanted to try for me had to fight him, and he never lost. Only once I was claimed as a mate would I never have to sit through one of those stupid battles again. It had been years since it started when I first arrived, but the arrival of Castiel was the beginning of the end of it all. I wish I'd known that when I met him, I would have tried to brighten my spirits more than I did.