Dean stood at the sink, washing the last dishes that they'd used for supper that night. He heard the boys playing games in the other room and smiled to himself, glad that they could enjoy a life like this. The world had taken to the supernatural quite well; they managed to live alongside each other without much issue.

He sighed heavily as he placed the last dish in the cupboard, slowly closing its doors. Lowering his head for a moment, he couldn't help but think back on all that had happened all those years ago. How could he help it? Someone he used to know had approached him with questions, asking him to retell his story. He couldn't very well ignore it, especially since it was Chuck who had been the one asking.

Dean lifted his gaze to stare out the window and watched night descend on their modest house. It had been a painful, distant memory before. But now... now it was at the forefront of his mind, he remembered so much and so recently that he couldn't push it back. Those blue eyes haunted him; he yearned to see them again. Tears formed a shimmering line beneath his eye, his shoulders trembling. "Boys," he called, keeping his tone as steady as he could, "I'm heading to bed early tonight, don't stay up too late."

"Okay dad!" he heard them shout back in unison.

Dean stumbled down the hall and into his room, quickly closing the door and leaning against it. He sobbed lightly as he slid down to the floor, bringing his knees up and holding them tightly. "Why, Cass?" he whispered, "Why'd you leave me alone? I miss you so much..."

The fluttering sounds he heard next almost stopped his heart. Dean's head shot up and saw the form of a man in a long trench coat standing in front of him. Slowly the figure squatted down and reached for Dean's face. "Hello, beautiful. Miss me?"

Author's Note: I couldn't leave it where I had lol if you liked the original ending of chapter 10 then feel free to pretend this epilogue never happened. However, if you're like me and became really sad after chapter 10's ending, then by all means, accept this as the real finisher.

And lastly, this story has been dedicated to my friend Pilali. Good luck, I wish you the best