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"So..." Yoh blinked once and tried to ignore the gut-churning feeling that told him he didn't like what was happening. He should have just stayed home today.

"What are you doing?"

Yoh stared blankly as Haruna's head swerved around like an owl, one foot already off the ledge of the school building. Below them, he could hear the crowd of students below, gawking and pointing. Yoh frowned, disliking the exposure.

He really should have just stayed home today.

He took one step back when he caught sight of tears coming out of her eyes and snot coming out of her nose.

"Yoh!" she cried out, twin tear tracks an angry red on her tanned cheeks. "Don't try to persuade me! I'm jumping and you can't stop me!"

"..." Yoh frowned. "Well, if I can't stop you..." he grumbled before pivoting on one foot to the roof's door.


He made a full circle to look at his... his girlfriend. Haruna snorked up some snot in a rather masculine manner. Yoh didn't wrinkle his nose. That was what being her boyfriend was all about.

"I failed one of my classes!" Haruna blubbered loudly. "So... so...!"

"So...?" Yoh deadpanned. He could feel a headache coming on

"I have to go to summer school!" She waved her hands about dramatically. Yoh took a step towards her to catch her in case she tripped over the edge or did something as clumsy.

"I won't be able to see you!" Haruna turned back to the ledge. Yoh was mildly panicked then.

"Wait..." Yoh frowned as he processed her words, any feeling of elation over her devotion was ignored, as always. He was aggravated now. Not that he wasn't aggravated before, but now he felt even more aggravated. "You're going to jump because of something like that? I'm going to see you after you're done classes."

Haruna looked confused. "B-but, I'll have homework. Lots and lots of homework!" she wailed out.

Yoh resisted the urge to slap a hand to his forehead and briefly contemplated why he was with this person again.

"I'll help you with the homework," he told her. He cringed when he heard a teacher below screeching. "So, please..." he stressed out. "Get down."

Haruna sniffled.

"We'll..." A hiccup. "...We'll really see each other? Promise?"

Yoh could hear banging on the locked metal door behind him, hollering for them to open up.

"Yes, just get away from the edge," he said hurriedly, unsure if they already had keys to the door. Haruna looked at him for a long moment before her face broke into a grin.

"Okay!" she chirped and then practically skipped over him to hold his hand. Her palms were sweaty and callused.

Her hands were smaller than his own.

"How about we go downtown this week-?"

The sound of a door slamming open interrupted Haruna's boyfriend-like offer of a date.

"You kids are in a lot of trouble!" a flustered-looking teacher proclaimed in between his wheezing.

Yoh didn't say a word as Haruna stepped in front of him.

"I won't let you lay a hand on Yoh!"

Yoh watched as his girlfriend and, coincidentally, his homeroom teacher argued and did much hissing. He sighed and could feel a full-blown headache now.

He really shouldn't have come to school today.

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