Author's Notes: Hello all, and thank you for taking a look at my new story. This story will have little to do with the Full Court Press! trilogy, but will have some elements of it present. Don't mind it too much though, this is a stand alone story and I will write it as such! FCP! will be finished soon, but I decided to write a recreational series for you guys and for myself. Taking a break from your main fic does wonders in the long run, I guess. Anyways, I digress. Thank you once again and I hope you enjoy this story! Oh, and be sure to tell me what you think!

First Impressions

Chapter 1

My sister Ritsu told me once that whenever somebody thinks about something a whole lot, it means that that thing or that person is important or holds a special place in that person's mind. The examples she used that day were things like performing in the Budokan or a certain someone you liked and a lot of other things I can't really recall right now. However, there was a certain category of things that Ritsu must have overlooked when coming up with that theory of hers – pains in the ass. Problems like upcoming exams or threats from an infamous criminal organization or people who you don't like… or people who simply don't like you back.

Ritsu had been too confident about her theory when she said it, so I didn't point out that gaping hole in her proposal off the bat. Thus, I let her bask in her 'revelation' for a day or so. When I did decide to pop her bubble, her ensuing frustration was only rivaled by her intrigue.

"Would it be…" My sister hummed as she looked at me in the eye, "Would it be that there's somebody 'special' in your mind?"

If somebody special meant somebody you would avoid on the street, ignore during meeting or outright hate, then yes, there was somebody special in my mind. Her name was Jun Suzuki, the younger sister of my best friend Francis. My first meeting with the girl in question ended on a bad note for reasons I still find silly today. Let's just say that I had unintentionally stepped on her toes and she replied with stepping on mine. We had been stomping at each other's feet ever since then – yeah, that sounds about right.

Though she is the younger sister of my best friend and attends the same school as my sister, we don't see each other a lot. Whenever I go to my friend Francis' house, I make sure that his sister isn't at home. Also, she and my sister are a school year apart, so my sister would probably never invite her over to our house or anything. With all these precautions, our meetings are rare and our conflicts have been kept to a minimum. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I saw her. Today though, that long, pleasant period of evasion would come to an end.

It was a bright summer day in the suburban Western Osaka District when the hot sun threatened to evaporate any and every fluid its rays would come in contact with. Under orders from my sister Ritsu, I was at the convenience store to buy some ice cream and to bring it home. Somehow, I had been able to brave the scorching heat along the way and had reached the frozen foods section. Taxed by the summer heat, opening the sliding door of the ice cream freezer was like opening the door to heaven. When I closed my eyes, I really saw a glimpse of heaven. I couldn't help but savor this sensation.

Being a veteran of this store, I knew exactly where every sort of ice cream would be and where every flavor would be stacked. Peeping for a second, I found my target, a lone tub of strawberry ice cream. I trained my hand towards the ice cream tub then slowly reached out. Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel it coming closer. Soon I'll be able to feel the cool… warmth? What the…? This can't be right…

Quickly, I opened my eyes to see exactly what I had come across. It wasn't a tub of strawberry ice cream, that's for sure. It was something much less inanimate and many times less sweet. It was the hand of a certain bushy-haired brunette with whom I shared a sort of a hate-hate relationship – Jun Suzuki. I let go immediately and apologized, hoping that she wouldn't burst our angrily or do a judo throw on me or anything like that. Seeing the shocked reaction she had when she realized that I was holding her hand opened the possibility to either of those unfavorable outcomes. However…

"You were reaching out for the strawberry ice cream right?" She asked, folding her arms and pouting, "Well, go on ahead and take it!"

"Wait a second…" I replied, "Weren't you reaching for it too? You can have it; vanilla is fine with me too. Ice cream is still ice cream, Jun-chan."

Then, for some reason, her face grew red for a moment and her eyes turned away from mine. Damn it, I must have been sweating from the heat outside, huh? Well, she was a little bit sweaty too and all but… if I was sweaty, wouldn't she be laughing at me by now? Where's the usual teasing I remembered from a year ago? Seconds later, Jun too was able to notice her lack of sharp, bitter words and puffed up her face as she glared at me.

"Fine then, I'll take it!" She said in a more familiar tone, "Hmph, and it's not like letting me have this will make me think of you any better. It's just…"

Well… go on?

Rather than finish her sentence, she just took a tub and turned around, went straight to the cashier to pay then stormed out of the store without another word. Well… that ended better than I thought it would have. Shrugging, I just turned my attention to the ice cream freezer to pick up a tub of vanilla and… the strawberry ice cream tub was still there. Or rather, there was another one hiding underneath the one Jun had taken. Darn, my perception had failed me! Grumbling, I took that strawberry ice cream tub, closed the freezer door then marched towards the cashier.

A line had formed after Jun had left, so it would be a while before I got to the front. Standing there in line, I couldn't help but reflect on what had gone down just minutes ago. Seeing her blush then look away from me like that… it wasn't like her at all. It was surreal. She was pretty. What the hell am I saying? Bwwhhh… get a hold of yourself Satoshi. The summer heat is getting to you. Try as I might, though, I couldn't get her out of my head.

At that moment, Ritsu's theory came into mind. Don't tell me that that Jun… that person who has hated me since the moment we met… has a special place in my mind. Or worse… my heart. It doesn't matter… it's not like we'll see each other again. Right?

Meanwhile, Jun walked briskly through the heat with her grocery bag in tow. Her heart was racing as the scene from a while ago replayed in her mind. She shook her head then walked faster, hoping to get home before the ice cream she had bought melted.

She soon reached her home then went straight for the kitchen. She took out the tub of ice cream she had bought, revealing the flavor. She had bought a tub of vanilla ice cream.

"Stupid Satoshi…" she muttered, not sure of how she felt, "Saying my name like that…"

To Be Continued