As a forewarning, this story will probably disappoint you if you search for a story with perfect grammar and sentence structure. This will probably not have any of it. Since I'm not very good at English grammar.

A lonely man sitting in the corner of his prison cell, completely covered by darkness, you could easily see a set of crimson orbs boring into your soul as long as you showed any fear. This man would feed of said fear and slowly growing insane in that cube formed cell. Two guards stood outside said cell to keep the man in check. The man in the cell feared the guards for one thing, they wore copper, if the crimson eyed man would do anything out of place they would drove said copper into his chest and let him die from poisoning. The man had killed many people and that was the reason he was now in prison. It wasn't an easy fight, this man is not a normal human, he is a demon. The prison he is placed in has been made especially for demons, since they are about ten times stronger than a normal human being. This man had been here for a couple of thousand years along with the man who turned him into this beast. Though it was his own choice, for he wanted to bee with his lover.

I know it's short, but it's only a prologue, and this story will be Mubiumshipping only.

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