The next morning when the two monarchs woke up their horrible headache was long gone and was ready to continue on their research. They looked down at Yugi and saw he was still asleep beside them. They were both on their way to leave the bed when they heard a low groan behind them. They looked back to see Yugi slowly waking up, holding a hand to his head and moaning in pain.

"What is it?" Yami asked carefully and started to pet Yugis ears, which he knew that he liked.

"I need some food, meat, anything" Yugi said, feeling his smelling senses go up the roof again, making him feel extra dizzy. He felt the bed dip a couple of times until it was still again. He looked up carefully and saw that Atemu had stuck his head outside, seemingly talking to someone. With his good hearing he thought he could make out what was said.

"Bring some meat, quickly" and another, most likely the guard, answered him. "Right away" and then there was footsteps quickly disappearing in the hallway outside.

"Try to sleep again and the food will be here really soon, ok?" Yami said and continued to pet Yugis ears. Yugi moaned lowly but lay down completely again, but couldn't quite fall asleep. His head was banging with the worst headache he's had in his whole life. His senses were on top, not really giving him a break from anything. It seemed to take forever for the meat to arrive, but when it arrived Yugi was on his feet in a second. A man came in and set the tray of meat on the table and not short thereafter Yugi pounced on the tray eating like never before. Yami and Atemu looked at Yugi sadly, Yugi had a wide grin on his face and blood running down his chin. They knew it was from the effect of the darkness trying to take over an unwilling mind. Truth sure slaps you in your face, hard. Judging by how fast the insanity was creeping up on him, he didn't have that long left. When Yugi was done with a shining clean plate the two other demons stood up. Yami set a hand on Yugis shoulder to get his attention.

"We need to go Yugi, but we'll be back before you know it, I promise you" Yami said and stroked his shoulder with his thumb in a circular motion.

"Is it about the marks?" Yugi said, licking the blood off his chin.

"Yes…" Yami murmured and let go of Yugis shoulder.

"We'll be back soon" Atemu said and opened the door.

When the two were out of the room they headed straight for the mages quarters. If anyone knew it would be Mahado or possibly Mana. When arriving they opened the door to reveal two dark clad persons. Mahado had a longer robe with red and purple linings in them. And then there was Mana, but she didn't have the usual pastel colors, this time around she had a cloak, the hood over her head. The hoods tip spiraled up a bit and ended in a little crystal ball reflecting in purple and pink. She too had red and purple linings on her cloak.

"Oh, it's not often we get to se you two here since you turned the boy! How's things going for you" Mana asked as happily as ever.

"We've got a problem, we need someone to translate this book for us. Do you think you can do it Mahado?" Atemu asked and showed them the book they found the day before. Mahado took the book and skimmed through the pages.

"I don't think I would be able to" Mahado said and immediately the two demons looked like they lost all hope.

"But!" At this they listened carefully.

"There is one that is wise enough to be able to remember such old writings. Do you know about the black and the white dragon of these lands?" Mahado asked and to this Atemu nodded.

"The two dragons have lived for millennia's, no one really knows how long they've been around. The white dragon knows the language of light. And the black dragon holds the language of darkness, you will need to go to him" Mahado explained.

"Do you know where the black dragon is?" Yami asked and nudged Atemu in the ribs. To this Atemu looked up at Mahado expectantly, clearly he had no idea. At this Mana took out an elegant staff decorated with a crystal on top and purple markings going down to the handle. In a cloud of purple smoke appeared a small wooden table with a chart over the land they were in. She circled the staff over the place where the dragon most likely was and a red marking appeared over the location. The circle was quite wide.

"The dragon should be around there" Mana said.

"We don't go there so often, but around that area is where we last saw him," Mahado explained.

"Thank you so much for your help, it is very important that we can translate this" Atemu said, he picked and rolled up the chart.

"What has happened?" Mana said curiously.

"His body is protesting against the shadows that were infused in him. So we need to translate this to see what we can do to help him" Atemu explained.

"Isn't there some other book?" Mahado inquired.

"Believe me, we read through books after books yesterday… to no use" Yami said.
"Mahado, I need you to do something if this takes too long" Atemu said solemnly.


"If we're gone for too long, Yugi will be going insane. 2 to 3 times a day he will need a plate with raw meat to hold back his raging senses. But if he does goes to insane, I regrettably need you to lock him away, securely. I have no idea what he could be capable of in such a state" Atemu instructed him. Mahado nodded and bowed curtly before the two demons left.

"If we leave now we should be there tomorrow at afternoon, with rest at night. We cannot fly for two days straight" Atemu said while they made their way over to the kitchen to get food ready for their journey.

"It seems to be quite far away, but I think we will make it in time" Atemu continued. When they got over to the kitchen Atemu instructed the chefs of what was to happen and what was needed. It took them some time to get it done. Once they were done Yami took the pack of food and tossed it over his shoulder.

"My king!" someone shouted from the other side of the corridor. When he came closer they made it out to be Mahado running towards them.

"I have important information regarding the dragon, you majesty" Mahado panted.

"Please don't tell me it's dead…" Atemu said.

"No, nothing like that" at that Atemu left out a sigh of relief.

"But when you do face the dragon, you must stay calm. No fear, no defensiveness, no offensiveness and most definitely never anger. He will kill you in an instant if you show anything like that towards him" Mahado instructed.

"Alright, I will keep that well in mind. Thank you" Atemu said. At that Mahado bowed and left.

"Ready to go?" Yami asked. At this Atemu nodded and they made their way outside. When they got outside they leaped into the air, in mid air both of them turned into their dragonic forms. And flew as fast as they could towards their destination. After hours of flying the golden sun started to set, making the black sky shift into a golden/red hue.

"We should land for today Yami" Atemu said over the wind. Yami gave a dip of his head in a nod and started to dive down towards the ground. When they were close enough to the ground they changed back in mid air to their demonic forms. Landing softly on the ground, letting their wings ease the short fall they had. When they landed Yami unpacked their tent. He took up a medium sized rock and pounded in 4 pieces of metal into the ground and one long in the middle. Taking out the actual tent he fastened it to the four pieces of metal, and centered the top to the middle stick, fastening it slightly from the inside. He picked out to bags containing some cooked meat with pasta. (Yes, they need to eat some other normal thing too you know xD)

"Suppose this is a kind of boring pasta meat mix" Yami said and threw one bag over to Atemu who sat beside him. They opened their bags and ate in silence. When they were done eating they took the bag, containing the rest of the food, and made themselves comfortable in the tent Yami set up.

"Won't be able to fall asleep tonight, that's for sure…" Yami said staring up onto the tent roof.

"I know it's hard, but you need to rest as much as possible. We have at least half way left for tomorrow," Atemu said.

"I know…"Yami sighed out, and eventually they both fell asleep after a while.

The bright red light woke them up next morning illuminating their tent with a dull red light. Atemu woke up a little bit before Yami and blinked the grain out of his eyes. He opened up the tent and let the red light or their sun shine in. At this Yami brought up the cover over his head and grunted out an complain.

"Close it, the light is killing me" Atemu shook his head and opened up even more and then dragged down the cover from Yamis face. He planted a quick kiss on his lips and then stood up as much as he could in the small tent.

"Up with you, lazy" Atemu said. Yami sat up slowly.

"Fine, fine" Yami said annoyed because he didn't get so much sleep. Atemu opened the bag and picked up two smaller bags with food, the same as yesterday. They sat down and watched the sun rise above the horizon while eating their food. Bathing the blackened world with red and purple hues. When they were done eating Yami quickly took down the tent and put it in their bag.

"Ready?" Atemu said, readying his stance.

"You bet" Yami said and leaped off the ground along with Atemu and shape shifted into their dragonic forms again. They started flying toward their destination leaving a black trail behind them, quickly disappearing like smoke. After two hours straight, of flying they were nearing a huge tree. Much bigger than the ones they had seen so far.

"We need to stop, I have to check the map" Atemu rumbled out and slowly dove towards the ground. Yami nodded and flew down. When they both were close to the ground they changed back to their demonic form and landed softly on the ground. Atemu lay the bag on the ground and grabbed the chart. He rolled it out and checked where they were in comparison to the red mark on the map. He found the big tree on the map which was very close to the mark.

"We're a walking distance away, so lets walk that short bit" Atemu said and rolled up the chart.

"Phew. Finally" Yami sighed and stretched his arms. Both Atemu and Yami was quite nervous, with their luck the dragon wouldn't even be there.

"Wouldn't even be surprised if there was a fucking sign saying 'out hunting, come back next year,'" Yami said dramatically. At that Atemu laughed.

"I have a hard time believing that" Atemu said smiling. He snaked an arm around Yamis wait and dragged him towards himself.

"But just remember, be calm" Atemu said.

"I think I've seen scarier thing than an overgrown dragon" Yami said, bored.

"I'm not talking about the size, but his aura might be very intimidating. Which may be why many have put up an angered offence against the dragon in defiance to the dragons power." Atemu explained. At that Yami nodded.

"Makes sense, but trust me, I'll be as calm as ever" Yami said.

"I wouldn't say this in any other occasion, but don't be overconfident in this situation" Atemu said carefully. At this Yami just sighed and kept silent for the rest of the walk.

After a short bit of walking they neared a very big slump in the ground. It seemed to be very bump and two geyser looking things steaming with seemingly hot air. They slid down the tilting ground until they got down to the bottom. When they got down they continued walking a bit, occasionally hearing loud cracking noises around them. After they walked past, what looked like a big boulder, it started to move and opened up to reveal a piercing red eyed. The size of the eye was about the height of the two demons that had just walked past it. The eye slowly followed them as they walked further down, towards the creatures' body. When the two men were at about the end of the neck of the creature, it started to rise up slowly. The two demons stopped dead in their track and watched in awe as a enormous body slowly rose up, the head staying low for a while. Two wings slowly spread and then folded against its body again, displaying his superiority. Two piercing red eyes scanned the two demons standing before him, then rose his head up to be at the level of where his throat started. Its features were very sharp and sleek, it's sharp teeth showing as it breathed out white steamy air.

Yami and Atemu bowed low on one knee.

"Why have ye come here?" Came a booming voice, almost deafening to the human ear, but for the demons there was no problem.

"We need your help" Atemu said loudly but carefully.

"What may it be" The dragon asked.

"We would like to ask if you can translate the texts of old" Atemu said.

"I can, and I will the dragon answered. At hearing this Atemu opened the bag and searched around for the book. Finding it he took it out and held it out for the dragon. The dragon stared at the small book in the demons hands and inspected it closely, bringing its head closer. Seeing the cover and just barley being able to read the small letters, he saw what it was.

"Aah, the book of old" The black dragon said.

"Yes, I will be able to translate this for you. But the text is too small" The dragon continued. The two demons put their head on their knees in defeat. A look of clear defeat on their faces. The dragon was engulfed in a black wispy smoke and morphed down to be considerably smaller than before, but still much larger than a normal human (or demon) being. The smoke began to fade away, revealing a tall, and unnaturally big man. He was heavily armored with black steel, just as sharp as his dragonic form. Under the plate armor were hard dragon scales, and on his hands were very big fist weapons. They were designed to be held and on the top, going over the hand, looked like a heavily armored dragon claw. A beautiful ruby diamond in the middle of it. His headpiece were quite big but leaved enough room for his eyes, nose and mouth. His eyes were, as in his dragonic form, piercing red. Behind him were two big wings, ruby diamonds adorning them. A long tail lay behind him, also adorned in ruby diamonds. The demons walked forward and extended his hand, asking Atemu to give him the book.

At seeing the unfamiliar hand, Atemus head snapped up in shock and gave the former black dragon the book.

"What is it you wish to know out of this book?" The demon before them asked.

"The case is this, we turned a very ill boy into our kind, a human boy. But his body in rejecting the darkness. We're hoping on an answer from this book," Atemu explained.

"Why not let the boy die? I know what will happen if something is not done, why not set him free from his misery?" The dragon questioned them.

"Because we love him," Atemu confessed.

"Aah, the great power of love. A power that can bring anyone to their knees" The former black dragon said.

"I do not need to translate this for you, I know what is needed" the demon said.

"But we need to go to my mate. She is not far from here, I will take you there. Climb onto my back" He said and morphed back to his dragonic form. Lowering himself so it would be easier for the two of them. Yami and Atemu quickly rose up, putting the book that was given back to him, Atemu put it back into the bag. They both used their wings and, half jumped half flew up onto the big dragons back.

"Hold on" The dragon said. He gave a few quick strong beats of his wings to lift himself off above ground. Yami and Atemu held on for dear life, feeling how they were dangling downwards. After a couple of more strong beats of his wings the dragon took off south. Due to his strong muscled wings they were flying much faster than the two demons had done before. Not long after the dragons had started flying, they were nearing a chain of mountains. When they got a bit closer the dragon started to slow down. Readying himself for landing, he landed with a heavy thump. Before them were a beautiful white dragon, adorned with azure crystals on it's wings and spine. It ended at the tip of her tail in a perfect round azure crystal ball. The dragon was very similar to the one they had fought against in the prison, minus the crystals. The two demons hopped of the black dragon, and as soon as the white dragon saw them she hissed dangerously.

"Do not worry, they are of no threat" The black dragon spoke and the white dragon quieted down.

"What business have you?" The white dragon asked, in a clear an melodic voice.

"We seek a cure of one who's rejecting the darkness infused in him" Atemu explained.

"Ah, so you have turned someone who cannot carry the darkness? I have a spell that can cure him. But I cannot leave" the white dragon said.

"My eggs will hatch if a few days time, he can wait that short time, no?" she continued, showing two eggs, one of them pure white, the other having a white base with black swirls on them.

"I'm afraid he doesn't, a human turned by normal standards wake up the day after. He believes he woke up the day after, but he woke up a week after his turning" Yami spoke up for the first time.

"Then why did you not look into the matter sooner" The black dragon answered, angered.

"We didn't know anything was wrong until he woke up, purple markings appeared on the inside of his wings, that's when we understood that something wasn't right" Atemu cut in, remaining calm as he spoke to the two dragons.

Back at the castle, in an enclosed area, with no light and a metallic door. Yugi sat chained up with his arms locked up above his head and his legs locked tightly together. He sat there growling and snarling at the metallic door, daring someone to walk in. Anyone, even if it were Atemu and Yami, he would rip them to shreds. Even if it was impossible for him, blinded in his rage and insanity and believed he could do anything. Even break the incredibly sturdy chains that held him down. A couple of harsh knocks reached his sensitive ears and he immediately began growling. Mahado, the only one knowing about this lock up, came in. He carried a big chunk of meat and walked to a safe distance and threw the piece of meat towards Yugi who caught it in mid air and bit through it. The rest of if landing on the floor. Mahado quickly left without a word and let Yugi eat as much as he could.

On the mountain:

"Then there is nothing else I can do, but teach you the spell you have to cast on the boy" The white dragon said. "The spell won't be as precise as when I would do it. The effect of the spell will either be cleansing him off the darkness. Or relieve him of his past, to turn him into the baby boy he was when he first was born. But this time around as a demon, he will stop aging when he is at the age of 16 to 18" The dragon explained thoroughly.

"Do you know which effect will be most likely?" Yami asked.

"The latter" The white dragon answered. "Who will preform the spell?" The dragon continued, looking between the two demons standing in front of her mate.

"I will" Atemu said taking a step forward.

"What is your name, young one?"


"Then come here Atemu, and I shall teach you" At this Atemu stepped closer. The white dragon raised her clawed hand and rested one claw lightly on Atemus forehead as he closed his eyes. A blinding light erupted and as soon as it came it was gone.

"Do you know what to do when you return?" The white dragon questioned.

"Clearly, I can't thank you enough" Atemu said and bowed.

"We must be going now. It's a far way home," Atemu said.

"I will take you there. If what you said is true, then he does not have that long left" The dragon said and lowered himself to the ground. "In which directing is it you live" The dragon asked as the demons climbed up.

"North-east of here" Atemu said. At that the dragon dove off the cliff of the mountain and starched out his wings. Catching the wind under its wings he set a straight course towards the castle. The travel there seemed to take forever in their wait. But when they saw the castle they sighed in relief.

"We're here!" Atemu shouted over the wind when they got closer to the castle. The dragon readied itself to land and landed safely a short distance from the castle. Yami and Atemu bowed before the dragon again.

"We cannot thank you enough for your help, we appreciate it really much" Atemu said. The dragon gave a bob of its head in a nod.

"Farwell children of darkness, I wish you luck" The black dragon said and beat it's strong wings and took off towards the direction it had come from. The two demons ran into the castle heading towards their room, hoping for the best. When they didn't see Yugi in there they ran out and headed towards the dungeons. On their way there they saw Mahado, on his way away from there.

"Mahado!" Atemu shouted, the mage spun around to face the two monarchs and ran towards them as fast as he could.

"He's this way!" Mahado said breathlessly and led them down a flight of stairs and towards a metal door.

"Be very careful" Mahado said and opened the door for them. The sigh made both demons freeze on the spot. The sigh of Yugi tightly chained up, dried blood on his chin and a dangerous growl spilling from his lips. The purple markings that were originally only in the insides of his wings were now spread over his body too. But they weren't purple; they looked like veins, but still the same odd patterns. Their hearts fell down to their toes and started to think that Yugi maybe never even wanted any of this. Maybe the black dragon was right, would Yugi choose death? When they walked closer Yugi started to growl higher in warning. Yami stopped in the middle of the room, but Atemu kept on walking. He stopped when he was right in front of Yugi. He took his head in a firm grip as Yugi tried to bite after him. He placed one hand across Yugis forehead and the other under his chin. Atemu murmured another language, one Yami didn't recognize, nor did Mahado. Atemu continued to murmur the language of the light he was taught by the white dragon. As he continued to chant the spell a growing white light erupted, but Yugis growling didn't cease. The odd looking veins on Yugis face started to pull back until his body was completely free from it. The white light got stronger and stronger making it impossible to see anything. But very soon the snarling and growling died down completely. The chains clanged against the wall, and in Atemus arms were a white cloth bundle with a baby face poking out at the top. A set of Amethyst, with a tint of Azure, eyes looked up at Atemu. Atemu smiled and kissed the baby Yugis forehead lightly.

"It's all over now, Yugi. No need to worry anymore. We'll take care of you" Atemu said softly, and Yugi brought up a hand and lightly grabbed onto Atemus nose which was close to him. On Yugis chubby wrist was a way too big bracelet, Atemu smiled at the childes gesture but took off the bracelet. Inspecting it seemed to say "Light" in the language of light he had just spoken. Yami walked forward and looked at the bundle in Atemus arms and smiled. He stroked the baby's chubby cheek with his finger and kissed him lightly on the nose.

"You'll be the most spoiled little kid in the whole world" Yami said and smiled.

"You bet" Atemu smiled and hugged the little baby lightly.

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