((((((((((This is a bit of a drabble after watching Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 7. So if you have yet to see that then don't read this. Cause here's your one warning…


Big enough? Okay on with the drabble. Not really, just a written version of the all encompassing question of the season.))))))

The Doctor was angry with the woman standing before her. How dare she show up late! She could have helped him; she could have been there. River Song, how could she leave him when he needed her! He was always there for her always. There had never been a time where he didn't show up. She yelled at him calmly.

"Who are you?"

Making him angry. Now, he looked at her, in all her glory.

"Oh Look! You're cot. Haven't seen that in a very long while!"

River had said. She took him over towards his old crib and placed a hand on his. She was telling him who she was. He looked down and read the Gallifrian writing on the side of the crib. He looked up very slowly at the woman who stood before him. His River, a very impressionable girl she was. Tears formed in his eyes in his joy and happiness, knowing not all was lost.


He said with a smile. Oh, this wonderful crazy girl of his.


She said back with an all-encompassing knowledge. They stood there, looking straight into each other's eyes. Lost in that moment, it seemed that all time had stopped. The Doctor giggled while Amy and Rory peaked around the corner at the two of them standing there, both still unsure at how to react.

"But that means…"

River's eye lite up in laughter.

"I'm afraid it does."

The Doctor looked back to Amy and Rory.


A blush slowly crept onto his face as the recollection of what happened in the storm cage came to his mind.

"But you and I… we…we…we…uh…"

The Doctor made kissing motions towards her in a bit of a panic. Becoming a little bit wary.


River drawled out. The Doctor giggled and rubbed his hands together. He looked at Amy and Rory again. Making another sound in concern. Becoming a bit self-conscious of himself, knowing he was off to go see her again, he fixed his bow tie and straightened his jacket.

"How do I look?"

River looked him once over and smiled shaking her head in approval.


He pointed at her and smiled.

"I better be!"

She countered his remark playfully.

"You better be!"

He quickly moved about preparing to leave. He knew he had a mission to accomplish and said his good bye running off into the TARDIS. Amy picked up a gun and pointed at River. River explained to Rory and Amy about the gift she had received telling them that the forest didn't have a word for pond. Amy turned the leaf back and forth as the TARDIS translator kicked in. River told them.

"I am Melody…You're daughter."