Really short one-shot, even by my standards. Here's a little something for the upcoming Father's Day (it's in two weeks, if you didn't realize that), and a tribute to Bardock, my favorite character of all times.

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No disclaimer, since obviously this is a FAN FICTION.

Sunny day, happy mood.

That's the description Son Goku put for today. But he was like that every day, so why bother even thinking about that? Besides, it was Father's Day so he should be happy.

Speaking of which, is his mood really happy? Goku couldn't really place what he was feeling in words. It was this strange emotion that was around for years, coming back repeatedly year after year after year.

It was more like this hollowness, as if he was missing something, which he just couldn't think of.

Goku's got a complete family, bunch of good friends, food, shelter, a great sparring partner. So why did he have this feeling.

As he rested on the grass, he began observing his surroundings. He smiled.

There was a family of birds, flying around. The parents were gracefully soaring in the air, while the two little ones flapped their wings desperately to keep up.

One of the little one faltered for a bit, and its mother turned back so it was at the same speed with her child.

As he saw that, his smile slipped away. That was what he was missing, isn't it? Parents.

He wasn't really complaining, of course, unless it was about food, but that's about it. Goku knew that he was sent away when he was just a day old to Earth, since he was third class and all.

Besides, he dimly remembered his eldest son, Gohan, saying something about how humans' memories don't start until they're three and a half years ago (A/N: This is real), and that also applies to saiyans.

So even if his parents visited him before he was sent away, he wouldn't remember them anyways. There was no point in brooding about this stuff and get all depressed.

But Goku really want to know who his father was, and what kind of person he was, since it was Father's Day.

All Goku knew was that he looked just like his father, courtesy of Raditz, and that his father's name is Bardock, courtesy of Paragus.

Was his father another ruthless planet purger like most of the saiyan race, or was he like Goku, a rare saiyan who was compassionate and selfless? He hoped his father wasn't a planet purger, but he really thinks so.

"Father, are you proud of me? I would still love you, even if you were evil like most saiyans," Goku whispered into the sky. Obviously, he didn't expect an answer. Goku got up and walked away, back home.

Unbeknownst to him, a figure was watching him through the trees. This figure just happens to look exactly like Goku, save the light tan and scar. He was Bardock.

"Of course I'd be proud of you, my son," he murmured. Someone rested her hand on his shoulders.

"It's time to go, Bardock," Fortuneteller Baba said.

"I know, I know."

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~Son Goshen (孙悟珍)