Tokyo Airport.

(Everything is in Japanese unless I write differently)

V, stood in front of the mirror, in the airport washroom, her face still pale from motion sickness. "As soon as I get to the hotel I am going to kill L." She thought, though she knew she wouldn't follow through with the threat. Looking at the mirror her finger lightly trailed over her sun burned cheeks given to her by the L.A sun. Stepping back she takes a look at her appetence, granted she didn't care and she wouldn't till she got over the jet leg, and motion sickness. She wore jeans, her batman converse, and a black sweat shirt that said 'Ask me about my Zombie plan'. Thought she was 23 she still acted and dressed like a teenager, since not a lot of people see her, V got used to dressing comfortable then properly. Grabbing her carryon bag, she went to grabbed her luggage and meet up with Watari.

"God I hate flying." V groaned as she lugged her suitcase threw the crowed airport-still suffering form motion sickness-but what else do you expect, when you take a trip to Tokyo on January second. Even as a detective and long time partner of L, she still couldn't get over her fear. No it wasn't of flying; she doesn't have control issues, but her fear of falling.

V lowered her black tinted sun glasses, hoping to see well. She knew the glasses were safety percussion for this new case. L personally asked for her help, and when he does something like that V knew it was series. Thankfully she found Watari, walking up to the man, Watari silently she toke her suit case and head for the car. Signing V fixed her sunglasses and followed. Wondering why she agreed to do this...oh right because she's in love with the paranoid sociopath.

V's pov

It was late when we arrived at the hotel; I followed Watari up to the room. Entering I saw L, huddled on the couch and three men in suits, Watari left my stuff by the door remembering that I like to put it away myself, he walked into the kitchen, already starting on my hot coco.

"V, these are the NPA officers I told you about." L said emotionless, and introduced me to the officers. "Also please addressee as Ryuzaki."

"Still paranoid as ever Panda," I replied, using the childhood nickname I gave him, I quickly got comfortable in the seat next to him, and soon was given my hot coco. "Thank you Watari." I said, then toke a sip of the hot drink, moaning as it settled my stomach.

"Wait, so you're V?" Matusda asked, "The second greatest detective?"

"Yeppers." I answered, "Oh, right fake me Masako, for now."

"Justice? Oh, Kira going to like that." L said, quietly so only I could hear.

"What is your opinioned on it?" I asked, just as quiet.

"Your name is not of important right know. Kira is." L retorted.

"Fine. So what are we doing?" I asked.

L brought me up to date, and after finishing my hot coco, I was ready to work.

"That's all of the security camera footage we managed, to find showing the murder FBI agents. We're lucky we found this much." Aizawa informed us; I blocked out everything and focused on to the screens when something pecked my interest. Same for L, as he asked Yagami to rewind.

"He enters through a turnstile on the west side of shinjuku station at 15:11. That matches what's printed on the back of his pass." I stated then added. "It's not the clearest image, but that's definitely Ray Penber. We don't have to send this to the lab to see that."

"Very strange," L though out loud.

"You saw it to?" I asked. "I thought I was still sick from the flight."

"Yes." He answered then explained to the officers. "He gets on the train-"

I drowned out the noise and closed my eyes, before Penber dies, he looks at the train. Something on the other side of that widow got his attention. Was it Kira? May be Kira need to be there for Raye and the other FBI agents to be's just a theory and with no evidense it would be stupid to tell L...and the pull to sleep was to strong. I fell asleep right there, gravity attacked my body making me leaned on L's shoulder.

I awoke a while after that, lying on the cough and a blanket over me. I searched for the beeping, to find out it was a cell phone. I couldn't repress a snort when L toke the cell from Matusda.

"Yes this is Suzuki, head of the information processing the Kira case." L answered, stopping for the other line to speak.

"Ray Penber's fiancée?" oh the plot thickens.

"Naomi, Misora? I've heard that name before." Correction know it thickens.

"Yeah, she was on the LA BB murder case with us." I answered without thinking.

"Yagami-san. There is no way of tracing a cell phone after it's turned off, is there?" L asked.

"No..." He replied.

"I could have told you that." I stated.

L hung up, "When Ray Penber entered Japan, and his fiancée was with him. She was staying with him in a hotel...and the day after Penber died, she went missing."

"Anybody would get depressed if her fiancée died. You don't think..." said Matusda

"She killed herself." Aizawa added.

"Not likely. I've worked with Naomi, she isn't the type to give up. If anything she'd trust any evidence to convince herself that Kira killed her Fiancée. She'd make in her mission to catch and kill Kira herself. She's problem already gone to the police with her own theories or to find a way to get on the task force." I said,

"She was with Ray Penber." stated L agreeing with my theory.

"I think we should focused on the suspect Ray was following. You saw the video of him dyeing something on the train caught his attention from what I saw his facial expression was defiantly shock." I explained, knowing L was think the same thing.

"Haley belle was the first person to receive the file. Penber called him minutes before that. Belle then sent Penber the file right away...So the one who wanted the file first could have been Penber. That's very significant." L mused. "And as Masako said his behavior on the Yamanote line, and now, his fiancée has gone missing."

"There's some sense in that..." Matusda stated.

"So we're going after the people Penber was investigating?" I asked, "Good...if one of them is Kira, we can't just question them."

"Our focus will be the NPA personnel, and their families, Penber reported there were "no grounds for suspicion" for any of them, but never the less, inside those two homes. We will place secret cameras and listening devices." L told the officers.

And to sum it up the officers were not happy about it, after they found out whom, deputy director general kitamura and his family and detective superintendent Yagami and his family.

We are in for a long night.