This is a bad idea...a really, really bad idea, almost as bad as when they killed Steven in Primeval or The Lighting Thief movie...I mean really that director really fucked up...I mean Annabeth is meant to be a blond a princess-ey blond and Clarisse wasn't even in that move and she is my favorite minor character next to Travis and Connor and Will Solance, and another thing Hades is not the bad guy it was meant to be Ares, Percy was meant to have a battle with Ares not Luke-okay okay, okay sorry I'm doing it again. Stupid ADD.

Right back to the bad idea which was L signing us up-yes us as in the both of us-to take the entrance exam at the same school as Light. I absolutely hate test, I just get bored. Luckily 'someone' made a large donation to the school, so either why I'm going to get in, L really doesn't need to bribe any one to let him in he'll past it with flying colors. So back to me the whole test is just boring.

Okay and so just out of boredom I'm taking you on a little field trip. Flash Back!

V stood in front of the mirror in her hotel room, still dressed in her pajamas when L walked in.

"Masako." He called.

"We have time chill. Frankly I can't decided, my name for the exam is Makimi Ootori (yes thank you Host Club) and I can't decide if I should be the preppy smart girl or gothic? Cause it's my first day at school ever."

"Like you care for my opinion you've already decided."

"Smart." I stated grabbing a white t-shirt and a low cut striped grey and black sweater a pair of skinny jeans and white trainers, way to feel like David Tennant.

Flash forward.

We sat in the large classroom full of desk and students, I pulled at the sleeve of my striped grey and black sweater, taping my foot to 'Sound Of Drums' as it played in my head.

"You may start." The teacher, professor? The man in charge stated, looking around he made a questioning noise before stalking over to my section, but he wasn't coming for me.

"You there...number 162," He stated. Wow calling us a number, L should feel insulted. "Sit properly."

I smirked, and looked back at my test and tried to focus on this test for the next hour and twenty minutes.

The next day.

2011 to-oh university entrance ceremony.

I looked around the abnormally large auditorium, everyone was dressed nicely, even me while L, L wore is over sized white t and over sized jeans, and sneakers...they were united.

I was listening to my IPod as the man probably some one important to the school.

"Next we have the freshman address, our freshman reprehensive Light Yagami."

"Here," Light said standing, this grabbed my attention and pause in the middle of Simple Plan.

"And our other freshman Representative Hideki Ryuga." I snickered; it was so like L that he would pick this name, so if somehow the pop star Hideki Ryuya, L would have narrowed down the list to people in this large room.

L stood up and I listened to the chatter around me.

"Huh? There's two this year?" one man asked.

"Did he say Hideki Ryuga? Like the pop idol?" A woman asked.

"As if the pop idol could get into to-oh come on." Another man laughed.

"Oh...yeah, wow, he's nothing like that Hideki Ryuga for sure." Another joked.

L and Light walked up to the podium and Light read the 'address' and the students around me still continued to talk.

"Isn't the address supposed to be given by whoever scored highest on the entrance exams?"

"Guess that means they had the same score."

Yeah but even if their total was the same don't they usually weight different subjects to decide?"

"What you mean a 90 in English counts more than a 90 in math or something?"

"I heard those two both scored a hundred percent in every subject." A third man injected.

"For real?"

"You mean people like that actually exist?"

"The guy on the right is so cute..." a female voice stated. My eyes widen I looked around to see the owner had a short bob cut and classes she was staring stary eyed at my L…I mean L.

"Whaat? What's wrong with you Kyoko? The guy on the left's way better looking." Her friend stated shocked. Yeah he may be hotter but Light's also maybe the psychopathic killer Kira. And L's a high functioning Sociopath, damn.

I looked back at L and Kira as I tried to block out the rest of the three men's conversation. They gave the address headed back to their seats, Light's eyes then wided in shock. L must have told him he's Kira, but it was my turned to be shocked. Light turned around and shock L's hand, they talked quickly then returned to their seats.

We sat through the rest of the ceremony before being relisted. The students all stood up and walked out, I caught sight on the one girl-Kyoko-starting at L and to put it simple I didn't like it, so as soon as we were close enough for her to see I linked my arm threw L's and rested my head on his shoulder yawning.

"I don't know about you but after that snore fest I want ice cream." I stated.

"I thought the sugar craving were my thing and you trying to get me to at least try to eat healthy." L supposed keeping his eyes forward on Light.

"Don't question, or I'll start singing." I threaten trying to get his attention

"Oh no we wouldn't want that," L joked. Any one would think L and joking would never work in the same sentence but hey I'm the exceptive to every rule.

"Yagami-kun." L called as soon as we walked out of the building to see Light. Light turned to use, and I lifted my head from his shoulder. "It was nice meeting you."

"Yes, it was nice meeting you and you."

"Oh...sorry I'm Makimi Ootori. It's nice to see you." I stated smiling, and silently thanking the goddess that I decided to wear over sided sunglasses. Maybe he didn't recognize me or maybe he did but didn't saying anything.

Watari stood by the car, and opened the door I slide in first, as L said goodbye to Light.

"So now what?" I asked, as soon as Watari drove away from the university.

"Now we go back to the hotel."

"After I get ice cream?" I asked, in a childlike innocence.

"After we get ice cream." He agreed.

"You got to know when hold 'em, when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em, when to fold 'em." I sang softly, after instantly thinking of David Tennant singing into and ice cream cone.

Sorry for the slope pace guys. I'm hoping as soon as I get to Misa things will pick up. As for the song it was in a scene in Black Pool I have no idea who sings it. Also, I do not own Death Note or Percy Jackson-if I did that movie would never have happened like that. V is the only thing I own