Rags and Riches

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Warnings: If you are easily bothered by topics such as sex, drugs, alcohol, swearing, obscene gestures or even offensive words, then I urge you to go far, far away from here as fast as you possibly can… NOW!


Chapter One: Bad First Impressions

Edward's point of view:

Tan and slender arms wrapped around my waist from behind me. Expert fingers followed the trail of hair that led from my belly button to the top of my unbuttoned jeans, dipping down until they came into contact with my erection.

I had to lean my hands, palms flat, on the wall in front of me to stay balanced, as one hand wrapped around me firmly, the other making leisurely circles on the sensitive skin of my hip bone.

I groaned deeply in the back of my throat at the sensations that one touch brought me. Hot breath ghosted over my ear, causing a shiver to take me over.

The vodka and rum ran through my body, warming every inch of my skin and my insides. I looked down at the arms and hands that were wrapped around my body, trying to remember who the hell it was that I brought home with me tonight. The touch was familiar, but my dazed and confused mind couldn't put a face or name to the girl. I find it easier to get off that way. I don't need to see the fake pretty and too made up face of the most likely sluttish girl hanging all over me. I just need to feel her.

Her hands were hot as they moved slowly over me, stroking my shaft in a pleasing manner. Her hand would speed up just to slow down, and then grasp me harder or softer, all at the right moments.

I was so consumed by the feelings taking over me and the drugs coursing through every fiber of me, that I didn't notice the girl had somehow worked her way to stand in front of me. My eyes were closed tightly, but the feel of her breath nearing my lips was a clear indicator of her closeness to my face. I knew what she was planning to do. Her lips were closing in on my own.

Hell no.

I don't kiss.

I don't know where the hell these mouths around here have been. I was almost too late to stop it. Before her lips could touch mine, I grabbed her hands from me and turned her around to face the wall. Her back and ass pressed against my chest and groin. I opened my eyes to the dark room, lit only by the moon shining through the ceiling to floor window, to see a head of blond hair in my face with extensions that held the exact texture of dolls' hair.

Hair like this could belong to any girl I have fucked…

I ignored the unpleasantness of her fake mane and focused on the soft and naked curves of her feminine body. My hands traveled from under her ass to her hips and up to grab her perfect mounds. Too perfect with nipples of a rubbery texture.

Damn… I know exactly who this is.

I could feel myself losing hardness as images of the face played in my mind. Memories of her voice, too high-pitched and nasally rang in my ears. I shook my head to relieve myself of it all. Instead, I put all of my attention into a happier place. My hands left her breasts and skimmed the skin of her flat stomach to the smooth and hairless heaven that lay between her thighs. I worked my middle and index finger into her, while my thumb made tight circles around her clit.

This girl in particular took quite a bit of preparation. She has been used to the point of having to break your back to get her to the point of release. I have yet to fail, even with the alcohol and drugs running through my system. With determination, I worked my thumb around her harder and pumped my fingers into her faster, as she exaggerated her moans. I had to use my other hand to cover her mouth. I didn't need my family waking up. Once she was as ready for me as I could wait for, I pushed my pants halfway down my thighs, grabbed her hips and plunged deep within her.

I didn't wait for her to adjust to my size before pounding into her with all I had in me. Our skin made a dry slapping noise that echoed through the otherwise quiet room. Usually my strength and stamina could last for a good half hour, but tonight, that wasn't the case. I moved one hand around to her clit, pulling and twirling it. I felt her walls begin to close in around me and her moans start to sound more real and less porno, so I doubled the speed of my thrusts and my fingers.

I was so far gone that I didn't really care if she came or not. All I cared about was my own release. Luckily for her, she exploded around me just three seconds before I jerked inside of her violently and filled her.

Both of our juices dripped down her thighs, as I pulled out of her and took my pants the rest of the way off. I left her panting against the wall and made my way to the bathroom.

"You can let yourself out, Tanya," I called quietly over my shoulder then shut the bathroom door, separating me from her.

I listened to her scurrying movements and the slam of my bedroom door. It wasn't long until I heard the front door to the house slam loudly, shaking the foundation. I rolled my eyes at her tantrum.

They never learn, do they?


"Who the hell was in our house last night, Edward?" Alice turned to look at me from the passenger seat.

I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. I almost laughed at the fierce glare she was sending me. She was too tiny to take seriously.

"What the hell makes you so sure that I had someone over last night?" My tone was mocking.

She just turned around in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest with an huff of annoyance.

"Because, dear brother, whoever it was slammed the damn doors on their way out. Only your guests depart so angry in the middle of the damn night! Now, tell me who the hell it was so I can kill them for cutting into my nine hours of sleep," she spat through her clenched teeth, a murderous look crossing her big green eyes.

Alice is the sweetest person you will ever meet… as long as you don't mess with her clothes, makeup and beauty sleep. She is also my very hyper and optimistic twin sister, though we couldn't be more opposite from each other. Where I am tall, she is short. I am a pessimist; in most cases, she is always the optimistic one. She believes in love and marriage… I don't. The list goes on and on.

I ignored her question and pulled into the school parking lot. Just as I was about to pull into a parking space, a beat up piece of shit old Chevy stole the spot from the other side. My jaw locked tight, applying painful pressure on my teeth.

My Aston Martin V-12 Vanquish did not just get beat out by a fucking oversized toaster!

I looked through my windows and checked my mirrors to see how many observers we had to this embarrassing shit. I was happy to see that only a few people occupied the parking lot at the moment. Then I remembered that I was Edward fucking Cullen and talk would spread by the time lunch rolled around. All I could think was that I needed to save my damn reputation.

I hopped out of my car, ignoring my sister's warnings and protests, zoning in on my target. The car's windshield was too dirty to see who was behind the wheel. I made it two steps to the car when the drivers' side door opened. I stopped dead in my tracks, as a head popped out, revealing messy mahogany shoulder length hair.

Fuck! It's a girl. That just makes it ten times worse, and now I can't even kick the person's ass!

The girl stumbled ungracefully from the car, slamming the door, causing the whole truck to shake unsteadily from the force. She turned toward me and I was surprised at what I had seen.

Her face is a creamy white with light circles under her wide brown eyes. A little bit of black makeup she was wearing around her eyes smeared to the apples of her cheeks, showing that she had been crying, for whatever reason, I really do not care. Her chapped lips were almost too plump for her thin face.

I couldn't help my eyes from roaming over her body. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a baggy red and black plaid long-sleeved button-up shirt that left everything to the imagination. Her light washed skinny jeans were torn in random places and were stuffed into a beat up pair of high top black chucks with dirty laces. The toe of her left shoe was wrapped in clear duct tape.


I have no words for this girl. She is as beat up as her damn truck. I looked her over once more and noticed that she had a black cast covering the middle of her right forearm to the bottoms of her fingers.

I decided that I did have a word to describe her.


The very definition of grungy. I looked up to her face to see her glaring at me. She obviously hasn't been told of me yet.

Might as well fill her ass in on where the hell she belongs.

I stalked over to her with my most intimidating look. She watched me approach and crossed her arms over her chest. Her lips were set in a thin line, but no fear was shown. I towered over her, opening my mouth to speak but was cut off by her own words.

"Can I help you?" she raised her eyebrow in a show of irritation.

Her tone of voice didn't match anything about her. It was calm, quiet and indifferent. I was momentarily taken aback by her but recovered quickly.

"Yeah, you can. Move your crappy piece of metal out of my parking spot!" I shouted and took another step toward her.

She backed away slowly. At first, I thought I had scared her, but I noticed that her face showed no fear. Her expression was contemplative as she backed up to the front of her car. She took her eyes off of me for a few seconds, examining the parking space.

What the hell is she doing?

I heaved an exasperated sigh, shoving my hands into my pockets.

Is this girl stupid?

Her eyes finally landed back on me, a small smile tugging at one edge of her mouth. What she said next almost made me laugh. It was so obvious but so fucking irritating.

"I don't see your name on it."

She shrugged her shoulders and leaned over the trunk of her car, pulling a green camouflage backpack from it.

I was too shocked and too pissed to speak. I am not used to being spoken to that way. Not even teachers cross me!

The infuriating girl brought her middle and index finger of her broken arm to her forehead and gave me a salute before slouching toward the main doors.

I stood there, shell shocked, until a small arm linked with my own. I looked down to see my sister beaming up at me. Her eyes shining and she had a shit eating grin that took up most of her face.

"I like her!" She nodded excitedly, dragging me back to my car.

I don't fucking like her.

That girl better not come near me once or so help me, I will make the rest of her high school life a living hell.

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