Hyacinth leans her cheek on her hand and sighs. She and her neighbour, Emmett, are at a charity fundraiser dinner party for the church. She's watching her husband, Richard, and Emmett's sister, Elizabeth dancing together. Richard is laughing and smiling with Elizabeth. He never acts like that around Hyacinth anymore. She wonders why. They used to be like that. "Why isn't he like that with me, Emmett?" Hyacinth asks sadly.

"Do you want my honest answer?" Emmett asks hesitantly. She doesn't usually listen.

"Yes, I do. We can't go on like this. I don't know him anymore." Hyacinth says quietly.

"You're so stiff and formal, Hyacinth. You don't allow Richard to feel as if he can just be himself around you." Emmett says trying to be gentle.

"Well, that needs to stop right now." Hyacinth says firmly as she watches Richard walk towards her. She pours Richard a glass of water as he sits down. "Here you are darling."

"Thank you Hyacinth." Richard says sweetly. "Thanks for the dance Liz. It was fun."