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The morning was already off to a bad start. Naturally, any requests you put in would get glanced over and normally sent to the assistant, who accepts your request; unless you get the principal while she is in one of those moods and accepts it herself. Today seemed to be the day that they chose to actually view the request and decline it. No, this wasn't the first time they declined the request. But it was becoming apparent that they only viewed the requests for certain people.

I huffed angrily as I stormed through the empty corridors of the school, gripping a sheet of paper tight enough that you could see the whites of my knuckles. There was a reason why I was angry. For two whole years of being in this school, I have tried to get away from that bastard—my roommate. But, to my demise, no matter how hard I tried to get away from him… I had everything with him and this also included the fact that we did truly share the same dorm room as well.

For maybe the tenth time since obtaining the paper, I lifted it up and skimmed through it while praying that maybe I was seeing it wrong. Nope… it was still the same as when I first got it. I shoved the piece of paper into one of my pouch pockets that hung loose on my belt—as if I was some character in a game. I stopped at a door before pulling out a different piece of paper and entered the classroom, giving the teacher the paper. Thank god this time around, they gave me the slip that stated why I was late, or else I would have to deal with detention yet again and then later be told that it didn't count due to the office finally telling them that I was there. I shook my head, mainly to my mental thoughts, before sitting down where I did not want to be—next to the bastard himself.

The thing is; anyone would what to be in my place, except me that is. I would love to be able to trade it with any of those people, but you know what… that is life; you can't do what you want. It was because I hated him more than anything in the world that everyone said it would be perfect if I sat next to him. Hell they brought that factor into how they roomed us too. 'Oh it'll be perfect to keep you two together since you hate each other!' The hell it is! There is not one day that I can think back to that made it seem perfect to keep two enemies in the same room! I grit my teeth as I held my hand in a tight first—soon it would end up getting cut by my nails but I didn't care. I tried so damn hard to avoid any and all contact with this asshole but to no avail, it never would work my way.

The only thing I could be thankful for about the office is that they had called me down during my last class of the day. However it didn't seem as lucky when they handed me my new schedule. It was the same exact one I carried on me already. Did they not even take into consideration the words I said to them when I first put in this request? They didn't even bother to listen to me anymore it seems. We fight, both with words and with fists. How is that even allowed at this school? You are supposed to separate a bully from the victim but apparently not at this school…

The instant the bell rang, I bolted out the door. Thanks to that office call, my books were already gathered in my bag. Though honestly, it was only because I took a pit stop to make sure I had everything and ended up spending a good portion of time kicking a wall before coming back to class.

I let out a long sigh. Without much hesitation, I decided to take the longer way back to the dorm. I only made that decision since no one took that route due to the ridiculous distance. Seriously, it was like a maze going that way. Easier to explain that when I state that how this school is set up… well it is very odd to put it simple. It doesn't just confuse the students though, even the teachers get confused. Konoha High is one huge building all on its owns which is where it got its fame for being the largest campus in the world. If you ask me, I believe it is since it consists of 26 buildings, which is really just one building. Not just that but the school also has dorms which are a good distance away from the school itself. There is actually a forest between the school and the dorms.

Now I know what you are thinking, that's not that bad… you are wrong. There is a smaller path that was found, that everyone takes. It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to walk that route and depending on how lucky you were on what building section you got also determined this. There is a total of 7 dorms, well that is according to what I know but I know there to be only 7 dorms. Not everyone stays at the dorms though; I mean a lot of children actually have family in Konoha's suburban area which is only 5 to 10 minutes away from the campus itself. In short, you are better off living in the suburban area than in the dorms.

Now this short path is way better than anything. You cut through a part of the forest, which funny enough also has a part of the town that cuts right through it. In that small part, there are two stores and one dining area. Of course this area is crowded after school due to the low prices and the famous selection of foods that they sell. I only really know about this because I was walking back through the shortcut and got dragged into there by a girl named Hinata, who insisted that I had to try the shops there. At the time I felt I didn't have enough money but my god! When I found out how cheap everything was, well I was shocked to say the least. And this is coming from someone who gets their money whenever the town saw fit. Which, was pretty much never but still, the place was a great stop off spot.

I hated my decision only because my stomach pleaded for me to take that route to get some onigiri and ramen, but instead I kept ignoring it and went to the longer route, which was going through the town itself. Though my stomach would win in the end, I made a rash decision to take that path when I got close to it in that long walk there. It would be better than taking the full path, least that was what my stomach told me when it pointed out that it would take me way too long to get to the dorm to feed it. I let out a low growl as I entered the sidewalk right outside school. It was so damn crowded; I know I'll end up regretting this decision. I pushed my way through the people, trying to at least cut a good part of time instead of patiently waiting for people to move.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, I reached the street where the cheap shops were. I made my way down that strip only to find myself greeting the ground. In doing so, I could feel my arms scraping against the gravel road. My eye twitched. I knew who it was. I turned my head slowly and glared up into the face of the boy who had just tripped me. "Oh I'm sorry dobe, I didn't see you." He said as he walked down the bath that I had just turned down. I grit my teeth, still glaring at him before I forced myself up. I didn't care how weird it seemed as I growled in response before turning around to continue that long path back to the dorms. I had to ignore my stomach that pleaded for me to ignore him and get food instead. I'm sorry stomach.

I lifted my keys from my pocket and unlocked the door to my room and tossed my bag onto my bed before slamming the door shut. I made my way into the bathroom, knowing that I had to take care of that problem first before I even thought of feeding my crying stomach. I began my hunt for the first aid kit. I heard the door to the dorm open and close, but I ignored it because my anger was only rising as my attempts to find this damn first aid kit was going downhill. I was seriously about to lift up the toilet and throw it out of the room. Gritting my teeth I let out a low growl. "Where the hell is our first aid kit damn it." I kicked the wall by the door in frustration. I watched as a pebble fell. I let out a sigh before walking over to the sink to clean out the cuts on my arms since I knew it could end up in a bad infection if I didn't. I hissed when the cuts began to bleed worse as I washed out the rocks and sand from inside.

"Great…" I muttered as I watched more blood drip out of the cuts than before. "Now I need to go all the way back to the school just to have the nurse treat me." I kicked the sink before turning off the water. I stormed out of the bathroom, nearly crashing into the target that caused my current pain and problems. Just what I needed on a 'great' day I'd say. Sarcasm guys… I'm being really sarcastic when I'm saying all of this.

He raised a brow as he watched me skillfully evade crashing right into him. I turned to yell at him but was halted by the sight of him holding out onigiri that was placed right on top of a sealed bowl of ramen. I completely forgot my anger as he held it out more towards me. "Grab it dobe, it isn't exactly cold you know." I quickly took the hint and grabbed the hot bowl and onigiri from him to place on my desk. Watching blood land on my desk as I did this caused me to remember why I was even out here to begin with. I turned towards him as I held up my bleeding arms to show him the cuts. "Where the hell is the first aid kit, so you know, I can treat what youdecided to do to me?"

He let out a snort then held up the kit I was looking all over the place for. "I got more supplies, since a certain someone can't seem to avoid getting hurt all the time." My eye twitched as I growled. I really wanted to punch that damn smug look off his face! "You know I wouldn't get hurt so much if a certain smug asshole didn't hate me so much to literally go out of his way JUST to trip me." I snatched the kit from his hand and made my way to my bed. I flopped down on my bed as I fumbled with the zipper to the bag only to hear a sigh.

I felt a sudden hand grip my arm, pulling it away from my body. "Ouch! What the fuck teme! That hurts you know!" I held back the tears as he ignored me then unzipped the kit. He pulled out everything he needed before he began treating the wounds on both of my arms. I could only watch in dumbfounded silence. When I snapped back to reality, he was done tending to my injuries and was throwing out the tiny things before zipping up the bag to place it back in the bathroom. I blinked a few times before watching him come back out to sit in his chair. In my shocked state I didn't know what to say. I turned my gaze towards my desk then remembered the ramen and onigiri he gave to me when I came out of the bathroom.

"Oi…" I said, finally breaking out of my state of shock. "Why did you get me that stuff after you hurt me like that?" I heard the chair creek a little causing me to look over to see onyx orbs staring at me. I felt uncomfortable under his gaze. Who knows what he could be thinking with everything he's done.

"You were heading down that path to get food, right? When I turned around, I noticed you didn't come down the path. So I went and got you your normal pickings." He turned his gaze away from me before pulling out a simple salad from a bag that was on his desk. He then pulled out some onigiri next to the salad before throwing out the bag in the can next to his desk. I shifted my gaze away from him and back to the food. I was unsure if it was poisoned but I was mentally reminded that he wouldn't even be able to poison it so easily when it is sealed up like that. I let out a sigh, finally getting up from my bed only to sit down on the chair at my desk. I would break my pride only this one time. "Thank you, Sasuke… I guess." A simple grunt was the response, and I knew that was the only response I'd get from him.

You see, it was normal for Sasuke to hurt me every day, and hell, he'd even torment me in the dorms. I'm used to knowing this and that I would have to face at least one of those things when I was coming back from class. But today, it was different you see. He tripped me, yes, but he expected me to still go down that path? He got me my normal meal when I didn't… that was the weird thing. I shook my head before I got anymore frustrated from these thoughts. It wasn't even worth looking into and I knew that. I opened the lid to the onigiri and began to eat.

Sasuke knew I was always hungry after school. Of course that would be the case when he is my roommate and in all of my classes, so he knows that I end up skipping lunch. It's not that I'm anorexic or anything close to it, though I swear the food there makes you want to be. I skip lunch with a good reason. The thing that really makes me not eat those lunches is the cost of it. All the kids with money get free food from the school, but god forbid you are me; you get screwed by the school. And this is even though the principal is one of the people that is close to you. Tsunade may be the principal at that school but the damn board states that because I get my money from the town that I myself, have to pay for my own needs. Honestly that is still and ongoing battle between the teachers, Tsunade, myself and the board.

I let out a sigh of satisfaction. I threw out the wrappers and the bowl with the lid after I finished eating. I glanced over to my bed, staring at my bag. I got up to grab it before returning back to my chair. I pulled out all of the books and placed it on my desk before putting the back on the floor. I did most of my homework while at school, but sometimes I don't finish the work. Normally that depended on the lesson though and if I decided to pay attention in class. I pulled out my algebra homework to finish the last 9 problems I didn't get to hit due to getting called to the office. I closed the book then checked the other books to see if I had any more homework left. When I saw all was done, I gathered them up and returned it to my bag. I zipped it up then placed it on the hook by the door.

I stretched before turning my gaze over to Sasuke, who was scribbling in a notebook. This was normal, seeing as every day after he was done with his schoolwork, he would end up pulling out that notebook to scribble in it. Honestly, I never really cared much for what he could possibly be writing in it. Mainly because of the first time I asked him… He had simply replied with a sneer of a remark, closed that notebook, and then left the dorm. Ever since that happened, I never asked him or even bothered to try and sneak a peek. I stopped caring towards the end of our sophomore year.

I honestly was surprised to see him pulling out that notebook once again, during our junior year. Though this could be a new notebook… since he would get new notebooks every year and they would end up looking exactly the same. It made it hard for me to tell if he was writing in a new notebook, or if it was the same one from before. I shrugged it off, like I said I didn't care anymore. I looked around the room for my laptop—if I had to be stuck in the dorm with an asshole, I'd rather be doing something with my time than sit there and do nothing but realize how much of an ass he was.

My gaze landed on familiar hardware. It was my laptop… and it was by Sasuke's desk. I narrowed my eyes as I snatched it. "Hey, why is my laptop by your desk?" He looked over to the laptop that was in my hand then up at me. "It was on the floor, in a bad spot. I moved it to the side, not bothering to place it by your desk since I was in a rush this morning." He turned back to his notebook to continue with his scribbling. I decided to leave it at that, as I let out a sigh and brought my laptop over to my desk to boot it up. You see, this laptop was special to me. Jiraiya had given it to me, encouraging me on trying to write stories with it. When Tsunade found out about the laptop, she encouraged that I should start using it to do my homework because, as she says, my chicken scratch can't be read by everyone.

I snorted inwardly, not really wanting to gain the Uchiha's attention. My handwriting wasn't really chicken scratch! It was just too small for anyone to read… I couldn't help it though, I mean ever since I was 4, I taught myself how to write based off text that was so darn small. Writing big was just not going to happen, not anytime soon anyway.

After a few hours of constant typing, I saved my work before turning my laptop off. I looked over to the clock and read that I was already midnight. Where did the time go? Seriously, where did it go?

I looked over to Sasuke, who was still scribbling away in his notebook. I shook my head, getting up from my chair before walking out of the dorm to make my way to the small market to grab us something to eat.

I made it to the market after practically running here. Normally I wouldn't look around, but because I know they restock by midnight I decided to see what they had. I crossed my arms in though before reaching out to grab three containers of Konbu onigiri. Only one of them was for me, the other two were for Sasuke since he wasn't a fan of ramen. I looked over to see the elder standing behind the counter, right where he would normally cook at. He waved to me as he held up a bowl of ramen. I smiled as I grabbed it from him. "You never came by here earlier like you normally do, Akuma. Did something happen?" I gave a small smile to the silly nickname before shaking my head. "I just had a simple problem cross my path. That's why that bastard of a roommate of mine came here and asked for my normal order." He laughed, already getting his next question answered before he could ask it. He looked up at the clock before nodding over to me. "Stop by tomorrow morning if you can. Ayami is going to make you and your roommate those yakiniku onigiri for you two to have for breakfast. That is, since she missed seeing you today." I nodded before I grabbed everything off the counter after paying for it then left to go back to the dorm


I kicked the door open; thankful that I kept it unlocked when I left. I closed the door in same fashion before walking over to my desk to pull stuff out. I placed down the hot bowl of ramen on my desk then walked over to Sasuke to place down the two containers of Konbu onigiri on his head. Before he could knock it over, I grabbed it once again then placed it on his desk. His gaze landed on me before shifting to the onigiri. He let out a grunt. "Thanks dobe." I waved him off before I sat down to quickly eat my food. It was already late and a school night.

I stood up from my chair to throw out the trash that remained from my meal before I went to gather my clothes in order to take a shower. I entered the bathroom and locked the door, not wanting an uninvited guest to enter. I turned on the water to let it get ready while I took off my clothes. I cringed when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I removed the bandages from around my arms, legs and my upper body. When I was little, all I could remember was the old man would always be like "Naruto, never leave these wounds uncovered." Yet after saying that he would never tell me why. It just looked terrible, and if I had money, I would get this all fixed. I stared down at my arms; reading all of the kanji that scarred my skin. There were deep gashes that complimented the kanji scars though, and I still hated them.

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts, before I jumped into the shower. I reached out to my shampoo. I read the label, making sure it wasn't Sasuke's shampoo. Strawberries and crème; yep that was mine. I know so girlish right? But it was my favorite scent, because for some reason it reminded me of the scent of my mother… who I honestly never got to meet personally. It was just something that stuck to me as a remembered scent.

I turned off the water and dried off, before putting bandages on my legs again in order to put on my underwear and pants back on. I stared at my arms once again before quickly doing both sides to best of my ability. I groaned; the last part to bind was my chest. That was the hardest thing to bind, but I wasn't going to ask my roommate for help. I mean, who the hell would? I'm a girl, stuck in a room with a boy. Hell, the right wording for that would be a girl stuck with an asshole with a magic rod stuck so far up his ass. My train of thought was stopped by a knock on the door. "What?"

"I would like to get in there too, Naruto." I snorted, as I attempted to bind my chest as fast as I could. It was actually rare to heart Sasuke call me anything other than dobe or Uzumaki. I was more used to everyone calling me 'Akuma' than I was being called Naruto. Then again I did go around telling everyone to call me Akuma, before I realized how bothered I would be by it. Sometimes I would forget that Naruto was my first name, and that Akuma was just a silly middle name… or was it only a nickname? Only a few people would call me Naruto; Tsunade, Jiraiya, and apparently Sasuke now.

I grabbed my shirt from the hook on the door and tossed it on, before kicking the rest of my clothes into my hamper. I walked out of the bathroom, buttoning up my shirt. "There, now it's all yours…. Teme." His brow rose but he ended up not saying anything as he entered the bathroom with his clothes in hand.

It was odd to see me walk out of the bathroom with my shirt unbuttoned, but damn it he wanted me to hurry I didn't really have an option. I stared at the closed door to the bathroom, frowning. "Where did he even learn that name…?" I muttered to myself before my gaze slowly shifted to the clock hanging on the wall right above the bathroom door. Oh shit! It was already 2AM and I wasn't even asleep in bed yet! I quickly finished buttoning my shirt then fell onto my bed. I fell asleep to the sound of running water from the shower.


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Konbu is a type of seaweed.
Yakiniku is a popular filling (grilled beef in sauce)

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