Love Crazy

AJ sauntered along down the street, an expensive-looking Les Paul strapped across his broad, perfect chest. I grinned and revved the engine of my 1987 cherry-red Camaro, and rolled down the window.

"Hey, baby!" I called through the open window, tossing a cat-calling whistle in his direction.

He turned and grinned, his eyes moving slowly along the frame of the car, the way in which he held his mouth indicating that he was seriously considering getting in the car with me.

"Like what you see?" I grinned as his eyes flashed mischievously.

"Only if you do," he said, smirking, his eyes flitting over my chest.

I opened the passenger door.

"Hey, Gorgeous. Take me to the places where your horses run free."

"Well, baby, if you know how to ride, you can ride me." His smirk got even bigger, amd I found him sitting next to me seconds later.

"Where to?" I asked as his hand inched toward my thigh.

"Your house. I don't care." His hand was now tracing the shape of my outer thigh, exciting me just a little.

By that point, my tires were already spinning, racing toward my house. His hand had moved to the top of my thigh, and was now working its way inward, massaging the skin there, pinching every so often, pushing all the right buttons.

I got out of the car and leapt into his hungry grasp as he carried me to the front door, our mouths glued together.

Reaching into my back pocket, AJ pulled out the keys, fumbled around with them anxiously, then handed them to me, his mouth beginning to work diligently on my neck. I turned to face the door, put my key in the hole while AJ's hands caressed my hips, and his lips nipped at my neck. Moaning, my hands pushed his harder into the flesh there, urging him to squeeze more roughly. He complied, and I couldn't get enough, moaning louder. He could've taken me on the doorstep, I was so aroused.

Finally getting the handle to turn, I