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The Jackson Legacy

"In memory of Percy Jackson, brave champion and loving brother."

Part One. Nameless Finder.

- One -

I Hate Pinochle

Peter was starting to hate his dreams about his childhood.

He would dream about his brother, and because of that, he would wake up in tears. The dream he just had was a blurry memory. He didn't remember much at that time, but it was the day his family discovered that he was a clear-sighted mortal, just like their mom. His brother was worried about little Peter, knowing the fact that he could see things that weren't suppose to exist. Those are just myths, Peter would think. But everything was true. All of his brother's adventures were all true, not silly (but awesome) bedtime stories he used to tell Peter every night.

"Well, here we are," the taxi driver announced, "are you sure this is the place in the address?" the driver said nervously. Peter shifted on his seat, looked through the window and saw the large Pine tree on top of a hill. It was the same one in the stories.

"Ah, yes, this is it.…" he quickly wiped the tears away from his eyes, hoping the driver didn't see him crying in his sleep at the rear mirror.

He paid for the fare fee, stepped outside, and watched the taxi drove back to the city. Whatever it was that he had to offer, Peter hoped it was worth the trouble going to this place. He climbed towards the top of the hill to the pine tree, where two figures waited for him. Peter wasn't the athletic type, so he felt like he was carrying the world on his shoulders just by climbing.

When he reached at the top, he was greeted by the sight of a large dragon (which was sleeping soundly, thank goodness), and a woman around her late 20s (or early 30s, Peter couldn't tell). She was tall, with wavy blond hair, and wore an orange t-shirt under a traveling coat and jeans. Her face was familiar, but it didn't ring any of Peter's bells. "You've grown," said the woman. Then it clicked.

"Anna?" Peter said timidly. The woman smiled in a welcoming way. "You can call me Annabeth, but I wouldn't mind."

It had been a long time since he met any of big brother's friends, much less than a former girlfriend. He called Annabeth "Anna" back when he was little, because he was having a hard time saying "Beth" when all he could do was, "Bell" and "Bed".

"I got your call," Annabeth started, holding out a cell phone, "what is it that you want to tell me, or rather, us?" Peter swallowed. Here it goes. Keep yourself together, Pete!

"I…" he hesitated, "I…think I know where Percy is."

"Oh, who's this, new camper?" a kid approached Annabeth on the way to a big building.

She shook her head and put a hand on Peter's shoulder. "This is Peter. He's a special guest here at Camp Half-Blood," She said to the kid.

The camper gaped at Peter, and then sheepishly smiled. "Well, make yourself at home, Peter. I'm Leon, nice to meet you." Leon took Peter's hand and shook it. Peter didn't know how to respond. He might say something that might offend the kid.

"Ah, well…nice to meet you too," he said carefully. Leon chuckled. He looked like he's around Peter's age, maybe a bit older, and wore the same orange tee Annabeth was wearing. His brown hair looked like it wasn't combed for a century.

"I have something to catch up, but I'll see you around!" Leon waved and jogged away to the strawberry fields. Peter breathed a sigh of relief. This place was making him nervous.

"Leon's a nice kid. He isn't going to blast you into smithereens." Annabeth said with a slight chuckle. But then she saw the expression of his face and frowned. "Is something wrong, Pete?"

"Huh? Oh…no, it's nothing. It's just that…I'm not one of you." He just then realized his mistake of saying it aloud.

Annabeth stared at him then smiled sadly. Her hair seemed to glow when it faced the sunset."I think you're lucky that you aren't one of us." She said, "Many of us even wish to have a normal life. You know, any typical life where you wished you wanted to be someone you wanted, and doesn't have fighting monsters in the what-to-do-when-grown-up list…"

Peter shivered. Monsters, they existed too. He could see them. Peter thought he was just imagining things back then, but it was real. So could the monsters notice him too? Was this why big brother was always with him? Was it to protect him from the monsters? His brother was, of course, one of them.

"This is the Big House," Annabeth announced. They stopped on their tracks, and Peter stared at a large farmhouse painted purple. On the porch, four people were sitting around a table, playing cards.

Annabeth approached one of the players. "Chiron, he's here," addressed Annabeth. One of them, a man on the wheelchair, looked away from his cards and smiled. He had scruffy brown beard, thinning hair and wore the camp tee under a winter jacket. There was a blanket over his lap. He doesn't look like it, but I think he's friendly enough, Peter decided.

"I know that you feel, err, out of place," the man said, "but, of course…welcome to Camp Half-Blood, your brother's second home." A man in a tiger-patterned sweater snorted while looking down at his cards. Everyone ignored him.

"Umm, thank you…" was all Peter said. He only hoped any upcoming conversations about his brother wouldn't just pop out of the blue. "Sorry about this…" Annabeth whispered at his ear, glancing at the small group. "…I think they're in a middle of a long game."

"No, no…we're fine here," the tiger-shirted man chimed. He seemed to be in a pleasant mood. "Go on, Chiron, continue on where you left," he hand waved.

The bearded one called Chiron sighed. "Would you like to join us? It's Pinochle."

Peter quickly refused. Besides, he didn't know the game much. He was though offered a seat beside Chiron.

"I'll go get some hot chocolate for Peter." Annabeth said, and then went inside the farmhouse. There was silence as cards shuffled and players coughed. Peter sat on his seat awkwardly. He got the feeling he's not just seating beside regular players. There was something…powerful in each of them.

"I guess you have already heard the basics, but you wouldn't mind if I could explain a few things?" Chiron said through the silence.

"No…sir, I…don't mind," Peter said in a small voice. He was curious, excited, and frightened to hear more of his brother's other world. He hated it if he felt so many emotions at the same time.

Annabeth handed him the chocolate—perfect for any cold winter day—and Peter listened to the details his brother left out in his stories. It was only a few things about Camp Half-Blood, the gods and the explanation of western civilization. Peter felt like a trespasser to know all of these, and yet…he couldn't help but feel so special. Only a few lucky mortals could gain such knowledge as this, but Peter knew that if he tried to insist the facts to his classmates, they'll think he's gone to Cloud Ten.

"So Peter," Chiron started, staring at nowhere, "we heard that you knew where Percy is." The Tiger-shirted man, who wanted to be called Mr. D, suddenly sneezed and blew the game cards away from the table; the other players were too stunned to notice the disruption. "This…boy, he knows it?" one of them chided, "A mere mortal like him?"

"Shush, Atalanta!" another one said, "Just because he's male doesn't mean he's garbage…"

"Oh yes, this coming from a guy who brings coffee to the gods," Atalanta sneered. The coffee guy's ears went pink. "At least I'm doing a favor to them," he argued back, "unlike a certain Artemis maiden who likes wrestling."

"By the gods, be quiet, you two!" Mr. D exclaimed after blowing his nose from a snotty handkerchief. His pleasant mood had vanished. "And you, boy," Mr. D glared at Peter, who cringed, stood up from his chair and took a few steps back. According to his brother, it was not cool to anger this person, no matter how angry you were to him. "Boy…what do you mean you know where he is?"

"W-w-well, I think I know where h-he is…" Peter stammered. He knew one thing though: he just got into Mr. D's bad side. And they've just met.

"You think?"

"I…I had a dream, a few days ago." Peter continued, trying to muster up the courage to speak straight, not stammer. He had to tell them appropriately. Correctly. "I thought it was just one of those 'mortal' dreams, but…he really was there, and I knew this wasn't a memory. He…called out and told me he was 'there'. I wanted to talk to you personally, he said to me, I'm at the place where no one knows, not even the immortal beings in the stories I used to tell you. I'm somewhere unreachable to others except a chosen few. You are one of them. Well, thanks a lot, bro…for the clue…" he mumbled in the end. Then silence fell towards them again. The sun had set and stars started to appear at the sky. Peter knew these people know where he was. He was right all along to approach them. He knew how delicate his brother was to these people.

"But, how will the dream end up to you, child?" Atalanta said.

Peter looked down at his feet. "It's because I'm his brother…half brother, to be exact."

"Unreachable…is he talking about that place? Impossible. It doesn't exist."

"That's why it's called Nameless, Ganymede, you imbecile!" Atalanta retorted, "It was considered the graveyard of the heroes! They say that those who found the dwelling never came back. No contact or anything. They had disappeared completely. Their souls never arrived to the land of Hades. But this…"

"We are not sure if Percy Jackson is in there," Chiron interrupted, "we cannot confirm it. But this coming from his family…" he looked at Peter; there was something in his eyes Peter couldn't explain. "…we must not take this matter lightly,"Chiron finished. Then he turned his gaze at Annabeth, who nodded at him. They must be agreeing on something secretly, but Annabeth said clearly, "It's going to be one of those quests, right? The one that happens only every one hundred years and…it's led by a mortal."

When all eyes were on him, Peter's heart froze. No…he didn't expect that it'll go this far. He told them what they needed to find Percy Jackson, and then he'd leave it to that. He didn't want to be dragged into something bigger. Peter wasn't prepared for a quest. He'll just have to turn it down and…

"Being a half-blood is dangerous," Percy once said to his little brother. He remembered the lines well, because it was said in the time when Percy first told his stories to Peter. "It's scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways."

Would Peter be fine if he went on a quest? He wasn't a half-blood. But…he wanted to be one. He loved Percy's stories about his quests to retrieve the master bolt, to find the Golden Fleece, to carry the world on his shoulder, the tale where he explored the same Labyrinth in the Greek stories, and then, his brother defeating the Titan Kronos, lord of time. Peter wanted to experience them all. He wanted to go on an adventure like his brother's. This could only happen once, and he might miss this chance. He didn't care if it would kill him in painful, nasty ways. He wanted to be like Percy. Peter became determined to find Percy Jackson. He was shaking in excitement. He was going to see his big brother again.

"But it is still unclear to me," Ganymede the coffee guy mumbled, but all ears were on him, "…Percy Jackson died a long time ago, right?"

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Next Chapter: Plants are Evil, I tell you. In which the narration gets a bit humorous, we get a sneak peek of the Oracle of Delphi's cave, we learn a bit about Sally Jackson, and a certain forest tree hates Peter.