Well, hi! This is BlitzPrinzessin and 2hippie4u, teaming up to write a fanfiction for:

X-Men: First Class, which is so ttly one of the best movies ever.

There are three main original characters in this, so if you don't like OC/Canon person, then this isn't for you. It usually isn't for Blitzie either, but I'm doing this anyways. :) I hope you enjoy it. And I really hope that this doesn't seem too out of character. Or OOC at all. Please review and tell either of us if it is!

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we own Briana Thompson, Kahlin Charles, and Hadley whatever her last name is.

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ohyeah. if charles's wheeeeeelchair doesn't make it obvious enough, this is about a week or two AFTER the events of x-men first class.

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For such a large school, the dorm Charles Xavier was in front of seemed too tiny to be a part of Princeton University. He pressed two fingers to his forehead, searching, and nodded when he struck what he was looking for.

After making sure no one was around to bother him, Professor X wheeled into the dorm, pausing for a split second to look around at the doors surrounding him. First floor: not what he was looking for.

His eyes fell on the stairs and a disgusted expression crossed his usually optimistic features. "Damn those stairs," Charles muttered, wheeling over and surveying his obstacle.

"Excuse me, do you need some help?"

Charles' target was standing in front of him. A freshman at college, he had learned while searching for recruits. A girl with straight brown hair, a wide smile, and, he noted, one green eye and one brown. "No, thank you," he told her. "I've found what I needed."

Her puzzled look made him laugh. "The first stair?" she asked slowly.

"No, actually." Charles paused and smiled. "Heterochromia," he told her, "a genetic mutation. Although, I do believe you've heard this before, Miss Thompson? Or do you prefer your nickname, Bree?"

Bree's face paled. "How do you know me?" the freshman stammered. Why, you're just like me, Charles said in his head, directing the thoughts toward her.

You can do this too? Bree replied back, not realizing they were communicating nonverbally until her eyes widened. "Shit," she whispered. "I guess so." Professor Xavier laughed. Language, Miss Briana. I was just wondering if you have any other tricks up your sleeve?


STILL 1963

There was a plane parked on the beach. Beast really had nowhere else in close proximity to put it, so the regular humans were stuck without sand and sharks for a few hours.

He was standing in front of a small house and was about to knock on the door. Charles had directed him here, explaining about a female mutant.

Beast knocked once on the door, then a second time when no one answered. After a minute or so, he rapped his knuckles on the door a third time, growing slightly impatient.

"King Kong?"

The voice came from behind him, but when Beast spun around, he was met with scenery. No humans.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I guess you're not King Kong. He isn't blue. Or is he? I don't really know; I saw it in black and white, after all."

The air in front of Beast shimmered, and a girl with long, curly blonde hair smiled at him. "Kahlin Charles," she said cheerily, sticking out a hand. "And who are you, Charles Darwin?"

After hearing the name Darwin, Beast deflated a bit, but took Kahlin's hand and shook it. "Hank McCoy," he told her. "But my fellow mutants call me Beast."

Kahlin looked down at his apelike feet, then back up at his furry blue face, and laughed. "I can understand that, Hank." She turned to walk away, and the air shimmered again. She was gone a minute later.

Two blue eyes stared at Beast from the scenery in front of him. "That's pretty nifty, Kahlin," he said slowly, surveying the human chameleon. Every time she shifted, the colors of her body would morph to adapt to her surroundings, hiding her completely.

He held a hand out, and an invisible one clutched it. The hand holding his automatically turned the same shade of blue as his skin. "Do you think you could come with me?" Beast asked her, tugging the chameleon along. "I need to show you something."




Bree and Charles were sitting in a diner, called 'The Grahm Cracker', eyeing each other warily. "So," Bree said casually, "you're telling me there are loads of people with differences? Mutants, you said?"

Charles nodded, then glanced around. "Why did you pick this particular diner to eat at?" he asked. Bree smiled. "Remember when we stopped and I got marshmallows and chocolate?" He nodded. "Well," the college student laughed, "I was hoping I could get some grahm crackers. S'mores are the best, you know!"

Shaking his head, Charles sighed. "What did I get into when I decided to track you down?" he asked dryly. "A whole lot of fun!" Bree said cheerfully. She turned around and smiled. "Look," she noted, "our waitress is coming with drinks."

The waitress, a redheaded young woman with piercing grey eyes, was holding two drinks. "Here you go," she said with a slight Brooklyn accent, "a Coke for the girl, and a coffee for the man."

With the coffee set in front of its recipent, the waitress went to set the Coke down. As she put it in front of Bree, a small spark shot out of her hand and into the glass. The soda immediately started bubbling and fizzing furiously as another spark shot out, adding to the mix.

The Coke, turned into almost complete fizz, practically exploded as it shot up out of the glass, splattering anyone within a ten foot radius with sticky liquid.

Bree, Charles had two fingers pressed against his temple, eyeing the girl in front of him suspiciously, what was that? Bree smiled impishly, head tilted to the side. I read your thoughts, she mused, and I saw something about an electrokinetic. You honestly couldn't have believed that story about crackers, could you?

The two exchanged a look, and Charles nodded as the waitress began rambling. "I am so, so, so sorry!" she squeaked. "My manager is going to kill me! I'll clean it up!"

Wait. The waitress stopped in her tracks as she pivoted around slowly, staring at the table of two. The girl, she noted, had her head tilted to the side, while the man had two fingers against his temple, looking as if suffering from a migraine.

Electrokinesis? The voice spoke again, startling the waitress. Hadley, it's fine.

Hadley shrieked under her breath, covering her mouth with her hands to muffle it. "How do you…" she whispered, taking a step towards the two. Bree smiled. I'm smart. she thought. If I said I could, say, read minds, would you believe me? The voice inside your head is pretty convincing, but do you believe now?

Hadley shook her head. "No way," she muttered. "That makes no sense. Powers don't exist. My shocks are just static electricity."

Bree raised an eyebrow. "Static electritity?" she asked, smirking. "I'm pretty sure I can make it real enough for you."

Her eyes bored into Hadley's, who stared back uncertainly. Suddenly, a sink in the back turned on and water began pouring out of it at an extremely fast rate. Hadley's head whipped towards the noise of the pouring water, shrinking slightly.

It kept going, pushing forward, until a torrent of liquid reached her ankles. It wrapped itself around her feet and sparks began to fly, her own natural power trying to protect her against the invading substance. "No," Hadley shouted as she electrocuted herself. She gripped her hair and shook in fear as sparks flew and she felt flashes of sharp pain. "NO!"

Her breathing was heavy, and the man at the cash register was eyeing her weirdly. "You okay, Had?" he asked as she let go of her hair and flexed her fingers. "I'm fine," she muttered. "I'm fine."

She walked over to the two telepaths, who were smiling, and bent over. "I'm taking the bait. What the hell was that?"

Charles smiled at her. "We're a group of what you would call mutants. Your electrokinesis seems like a rather strong power. Are you interested in becoming one of the," he paused for dramatic effect, "X-Men?"

Confidence returning, Hadley grinned. "Sure," she told the two of them. "Am I allowed to bring my cat?"