Hey Everyone I hope you like it! It's my Dean Fanfiction and my OC Kara. Happy Reading! Sorry if there is any grammer or spelling! i did read it once over but you don't always catch it all! :)

Wicked Little Things

Chapter One

January 19th 2007

Kara sighed, as she pulled her red jeep to a stop. She needed a few minutes of silence for herself before she picked up her daughter. After the busy day of working just sitting here in the heat of her car was nice. The smell of coffee felt the air from her apron that she was still wearing- as Kara thought about the hectic day of trying to keep the new staff member they had hired up to speed, not to mention it was one of the busiest days they had during the week. After opening the door, Kara quickly checked herself in the mirror, having just come from work, her brown apron still hanging from her waist. Ensuring the door was closed, Kara pressed the lock button on her key ring, locking the car as she walked cross the road to the building in from of her.

Pushing her light brown hair off her face Kara opened the front door, instantly getting hit by the cool air from the air con.

As she went to say hello to the usual sectary, Kara noticed she wasn't there but didn't give it much thought pass that. As Kara turned the corner her sixth scent was telling her something was wrong that it was to quiet. There should be noise coming from all round her. Trying hard not to think about every horrible institution Kara kept walking but spread her pace up a little.

As she stopped in front of the door that lead to her daughters classroom the hairs on the back of Kara's neck stood at attention as she couldn't hear anything coming from the room and Kara knew it wasn't nap time. Her hand hovered over the door handle, too nervous to see what was beyond the door in front of her.

Taking a deep breath Kara gripped the door handle and slowly turned pushing it open. As the door swung open Kara was overwhelmed by the smell of blood hitting her nose

As Kara starred in shock at the room in front her, her eyes searched for any signs of life, something to tell her that her child or any child is alive in here. Kara's first instinct was to call out her daughter's name, and when seconds turned to minutes and Kara heard nothing tears began flowing out down her cheeks. The sight of the bloodied corpses almost made Kara spill her lunch all over the floor, but her emotions were too strong and the crying was too much for her to stand. In between all of this Kara heard a faint sobbing of another's and instantly went in to the room, stepping over toddler after toddler. In hope it was her daughter she choked out her name again.


A person no more than four years of age crawled out from the hiding place under the sink, eyes puffy from crying. "Mommy?"

Rushing over to the toddler, Kara swooped her daughter up in her arms, as happiness washed over her, having her daughter safely in her arms. Hugging her daughter tightly Kara checked Arden over quickly seeing if there was any damage. After asking Arden if she was okay Kara left the room quickly wanting to be as far away from the day-care as possible. With both herself and Arden safely in the vehicle she gunned the engine and pulled out of the parking lot as if the devil himself was after her.

Somewhere in Nebraska

"Alright so I found three cases," Sam declares glancing over at his brother Dean before down at the papers in front of him.

"Shoot" Dean replies.

"Well, one in Ohio a girl dies from-" Sam was cut off from the sound of his blackberry going off in his pocket.

"Hello?" Sam answers after a few questions back and forth Sam hung up.

"So what did Bobby have to say?" Dean questioned glancing over at his younger brother before keeping his eyes on the road.

"Bobby says there's a case in South Dakota and he thinks we'd be perfect for the job"

"Well what is it Sammy?"

After licking his lips Sam started to say, "Well daycare full of kids, and only two survived and there's no teacher in sight. Apparently all the kids just fell over and died, blood coming out from nose, mouth, eyes"

"Eyes?" Dean asked confused and paused before continuing "So what your saying is some messed ghost is going around and killing kids?"

"Maybe, looks like it" Sam replied.

"And why can't Bobby go himself?"

Sam looked over at Dean answering. "Bobby's away on another case, and that's why he asked and I said we'd go check things out there"

Nodding Dean asked. "So where in South Dakota?"

"Brookings South Dakota."

Glancing over at his younger brother "Well we better get moving, it's gonna be a few days before we even get to South Dakota" with that Dean pushed on the gas pedal of the impala.

EPA Biohazards Tent (Day care)

Brookings, South Dakota.

January 20th 2007

9:47 am

"Holy Crap…" Dean muttered dolefully as the sheet was pulled off the one of the dead bodies, showing a little boy about four years of age.

"What happen?" Sam asked looking over at the coroner that was standing cross from him.

Something you guys think is contagious and toxic or we wouldn't be wearing these stupid Biohazard suits. Dean thought that's a laugh, the only contagious thing around here is their stupidity. With that the coroner began to speak. "When I first was washing the body of the blood it seemed to be coming out of the mouth nose ears and eyes"

"How many dead bodies?" Dean asked glancing back down at the kid. He noticed the boy was quite pale and had discoloration from the where the blood had emerged from. He couldn't imagine having to see your kid lying on the table like this. He defiantly didn't want to imagine it being Lucas or Ben.

"twenty-two." the coroner answered. He looked to be about in his mid-thirties, late forties but with the biohazard suites you couldn't really tell much.

"So you think it could be Marburg virus?" Sam questioned. Even though he knew it wasn't.

The coroner nodded in response "The thing is when I did the autopsy on the boy there wasn't any of the usual signs; in fact all the bodies were complete healthy" Of course they were healthy Sam thought. But he and his brother needed to know as much about what happen as possible. So if it called to play dumb that's what he was going to do-

When Sam and Dean had got to Brookings it wasn't hard to find the day-care, as it had a big yellow Biohazard tent over the entire building. Sam remembered Dean saying, "Oh this should be fun. Sam where the hell are we going to get suites like that!"

Sam of course had a plan to get them in, knocking out to of the security guards. Sam was just worried they wouldn't have enough time to find out what happen before anyone knew they didn't belong there.

"Completely healthy" Sam said showing a mocked surprised look. "That's odd"

"So what do you think could be then?" Dean asked. "was there any signs of sulphur. Unusual marking maybe?"

Sam heard his brother say as he glanced down at the body though he was trying to keep his consternation on what the man in front of him was saying, but the little boy's body kept grabbing his attention.

When Sam looked down at the body again the little boys eyes opened, and grabbed on to Sam's Biohazard suit pulling him towards him. "Llod" the boy whispered. Within a blink of an eye the little boy's body was lying back on the table.


Sam looked around the room to see if Dean or the coroner noticed what he just saw. Blinking a few times he glanced down at the body. It didn't move a muscle.

Outside the Brooking South Dakota

Police Department.

10: 07 am.

Sam walked the short distant from the Police Department to the Impala where Dean was waiting. After opening the impala door, Sam slid in to the passengers seat.

"Took you long enough" Dean stated looking over at his young brother. Sam gave Dean a confused look, seeing has how he had only been about fifteen minutes in the Police Department, but Sam knew that Dean was an impatient person even five minutes was to long for him. Ignoring his brother comment Sam said. " Alright there are two families that are still alive it says that-"

Dean cut his brother off. "Skip to the good part Sammy, come on!"

Sighing Sam flipped though the papers to get to where the families lived.

"A women and her daughter and a father and his daughter" Sam stated looking over at Dean putting the papers down on his lap and loosening his black die around his neck.

"Alright so I get the hot mother and you can have the old man" Dean smirked, glancing over at Sam before putting the keys in the ignition. Frowning Sam turned to Dean.

"Wait, why do you get the mother and her daughter, besides you don't even know if she's hot your going on what I read off a piece of paper." Sam said.

"Well check the paper and see if it says her age, I bet you she a young mother." Dean smirked.

Sam sighed and picked the sheets of paper up, looking though each one to see if it read the young women's age. Sure enough there it was. It said the mother's birth date and year and Sam was smart enough to figure out her age. Flopping the papers back down in his lap, he knew by the laughing coming from his brother that Dean was right, but Sam wasn't going to give up that easily.

"All right so you were right, but Dean why do you always get the hot girls?" Sam questioned clearly not happy with his brothers answer.

"Because I'm the better looking one and cause I said so" Dean smirked at his brother, with that he turned the keys on the Impala and headed out of the parking lot. Sam knew a sure fire way to get Dean to bet on that. "I'll rock paper scissors you for her." Sam said.

Dean glanced over at his brother, and it looked like he thought about it for a moment before agreeing. Dean hadn't a clue where they were going anyways since Sam hadn't told him the address of the hot mother so he pulled over to the curb and pulled the Impala to a stop.

"Alright best out of three" He said to Sam as he turned towards his brother.

Sam grinned, knowing his older brother would lose, he always did.

A Few Minutes Later

"Damn it!" Dean cursed having lost the second time at this stupid game his brother suggested. He should have never agreed to such a thing. He had lost the hot girl over a stupid game of rock paper scissors and now he was stuck with some stupid father instead. Grumping Dean turned the Impala's keys and pulled out on to the road.

There was a smirk plastered on the face of the younger Winchester as the two brothers pulled out on to the road again. Sam was going to soak up as much victory as he could before he had to leave.

"Always with the scissors Dean."