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Wicked Little Things

Chapter Three

Kara's House

11:45 am

"Kara." Dean stamped looking ahead of him at the women standing in the doorway. "Wow Kara." Dean repeated as he tried to think of something else to say.

"Hey Dean." Kara grinned and stepped aside "Why don't you come in while your still thinking about what to say. next" there was a hint of amusement in Kara's eyes as she looked at Dean.

After closing the door, Dean followed Kara down the short hallway he noticed on the cream coloured walls there was pictures of a little girl from when she was a baby till the age of four. He was actually thankful for the short walk down the hall, it'd give him time to think. He hadn't seen Kara for four years, almost five. The only reason that Dean left was cause; he had finished the job he was working on with his dad up in West Virginia. Dean quickly ran his hand along his short hair and down to his chin before he had to face his little brother and the women he never thought he'd see again. One thing was for sure, Dean didn't know how he felt seeing Kara again.

Putting on a grin as soon as Sam came in to view that's when Dean remembered that Sam was the one that told him to come over here and the grin disappeared from his face. He headed over towards his younger brother who seemed to have largest amused smile on his face. Dean turned towards Kara, while he shoved his hands into the black pants he was wearing.

Kara gave him a small smile and she felt the same tension she saw in his awkward grin. Dean didn't know what to say, his mind raced around the memories of the women in front of him. His thoughts were cut of by the sound of a phone ringing throughout the quite kitchen.

Kara glanced over at the phone hanging on the left wall, it took her a moment to realize that she was suppose to answer the man made machine. Kara pulled herself away from the counter she was leaning against, tempted to look over at the man she knew five years ago.

As she picked up the receiver, she turned her back to the two young men occupying her kitchen. "Hello?"

As soon as Kara wasn't looking, Dean turned to his little brother a somewhat annoyed look on his face. "You are so dead," he whispered, but that didn't seem to change the pleased look shown on Sam's face.

"Can I call you back?" Kara asked as she tucked a piece of light blonde hair behind her ear, stealing a glance over at Dean, what she didn't know was that Sam had seen her doing so.

"Thanks you're the best," Kara answered. After hanging up she quickly took a deep breath, as new thoughts and ideas rushed to her., she didn't know what she wanted in the mixed thoughts she had swimming around in her mind but she was going to act on them, the best she could.

Turning back around to face the two young Winchesters, her mouth had a small smile which did not quite make it all the way to her lovely green eyes as she wrestled with the confusion of seeing Dean Winchester up close and personal once again. "Did you guy want to stay here? I'm sure it would be better than those hotels you boys stay in."

Sam piped up before Dean could tell Kara anything revolving around the word 'no.' "That sound great." Sam gave a warm smile towards Kara, as he noticed out of the corner of his eye the confused look he was getting from his brother.

"The stairs leading up are over here." Kara pointed with her index finger to behind her. "And then it's the last room on the right."

"Thanks Kara will just grab our gear and head up stairs." With that Sam headed down the same hall he came from. Dean started after his brother but paused before disappearing towards the front door.

"It's, uh good to see you again Kara." Dean said showing her a half grin. He seeming a little more like himself.

"Like wise Dean." Kara replied returning the smile.

Kara waited till she couldn't hear the sound of his boots on the hard wood floors before finally taking a sigh and leaned back against the light yellow kitchen wall, where the phone had rung. Kara closed her eyes taking a moment for herself before she reached for the phone and dialled a number.

A female voice answered and Kara smiled to herself as she heard her best friends voice on the other end.

"Hey Izzy, sorry I couldn't talk before. How's Arden? Is she doing alright?" Kara's fingers twirled around the old fashioned white cord. Though it was the 21st century, when she brought the house the old phone was here, Aside from it working perfectly fine she didn't see why she needed to go out and by a cordless, when she had a phone that was in working conditions along with she didn't have spare money to go out and by a new one she had a mortgage and more important things to buy than a phone.

"She's doing fine, playing with Tyler. I thought you were coming to pick her up. Is everything alright?" Izzy asked.

Kara could hear the concern and worry that had filled her friend Isabel's voice. Kara stopped spinning the cord in her fingers and let it go. Glancing around the kitchen she spoke up ignoring her friends last question. "Yeah, Would you mind if Arden could stay over another night, I'm sure Tyler would be thrilled to have Arden over again." Kara absentmindedly pushed her upper body off the wall half an inch or two and then leaned back as she heard Izzy's reply.

"Sure, Why? What's happened?"

Kara wanted to divulge everything that has happen in this morning, but she didn't know when the boys were getting back and she didn't want them to over here her conversation on the phone; so Kara summed the whole lot in to two words.

"Dean's here."

"Really?" Came Izzy's voice; she sounded surprised and shocked, and she should be Kara sure was. Though Kara didn't get why peopled asked "really?" even when you had just told them, She guessed it was more of just a word you use when your either in shock or surprised at what they just heard-which brings her thoughts to she really couldn't care less, cause she did it herself one in a while, but she still managed to wonder why everyone still uses the word "Really."

"Yeah." Was all Kara could muster up to say, she couldn't find the guts to her best friend that he was also staying in the spare room. Kara hated to cut Izzy of in mid-sentence about the thoughts she had on the information Kara just given her and she knows she should be listening but she had to get off the phone and figure things out before anymore surprises happened that she wasn't prepared for. "I'll see you tomorrow and then I'll tell you all about what's happening." Cause I need to figure out what's happening myself before I tell anyone. Kara thought. The only reason Dean would be here, and with his little brother was if there was a case of something Supernatural going on; which would explain Sam lying to her about being an EPA and the black and white suits they were wearing. The only reason Kara could come up with is the daycare. It still gave her shivers thinking about it.

"Bien." which was the Spanish word for 'okay' Izzy had said and thanks to Izzy Kara had learned a few words and sentences over the years. But her thoughts kept bringing her back to why the Winchesters were in Brookings South Dakota and she was still stressed about Arden being the only kid still alive and whatever the boys had to find out she wasn't happy that Arden probably had some sort of connection with all this.

"Thanks Izzy you're a life saver."