Zeta X Brendan

Zeta's POV
I am still wearing my old clothing. Not that I like this, but my white shirt and blue trousers just everything I have now. On top of them my purple scaly armor still in good condition, also my leg protectors which also purple and scaly still protecting me to my knees, and my arm protectors which purple and keep used as my shield still in good condition for protecting my arm until my elbows. My red hair also still hedgehog like, with my black eyes still in place when I saw at my reflection on water.

Guess what, I feel myself got into different manner. Normally I didn't really care about my surroundings even my clothing. I also didn't even want to talk or even to hop into anyone business. But my meeting with Kaistern has proven that I like to mess with anyone business. Is it because of synchronizing with Razer? Maybe… I can't complain about it now. What I want at the very beginning of my journey is to achieve my long forgotten power to full sync with Razer.

Now I am at Forgotten City. I was at Gaikoz Castle several days before. I plan to train more as I go back to Serdin. I really miss my friends. I want to tell them about my journey, but if I though again, that would not be possible. I mean, I must be at Serdin first. There are no guarantees I could go back without problem. I see some Paraminies already.

"You monsters really don't want me to have peaceful walk, do you?" I protest, of course they won't respond me except by attacking me. I unsheathe my Os Gladii, convert it to Os Falx, and start to rush at those Paraminies.

"Take this! Sorrowful Slash!" I shout my first upper skill, creating mirages with fast vibration and slash it together. The number of mirage just eye fooling, but the slashes are the real deal. My skill destroyed 4 Paraminies and I continue attacking the rest with my normal attack. I take them down one by one and for the last Paraminy, I give it a slash with fire element with my Fire Enchant.

"No challenge at all." I say.

'Of course, these Paraminies don't have much power to rival monsters at Gaikoz's Castle.' Razer says to me. Razer is my other self, a beast within me. His appearance at first just looked like a werewolf, but now, he looks like a dragon. Dragon like body full with scales, tail, wings, oops he don't have them, silver eyes, and his face exactly that of dragon.

"We can't test out Dragon Roar like this." I sigh.

'Don't worry; you have burnt out some monsters at Gaikoz's Castle using it.' Razer says.

"Now let's take some walks." I say and walk towards Serdin. On the way, I feel a human presence. I am sure this place not meant for human, but why is there someone here? I rush toward that person that I feel his presence. I find him, yeah a man, has destroyed several Paraminies and one Golem. He must be a strong one with spiky white hair, black headband with a phoenix sign, black polo shirt with white markings, black pants, and black shoes with white stripes. I can see he uses a pistol, I think… I haven't seen the real one.

"Hey you there, don't just peeking on someone." he says. So I go near him. But, I feel that this guy has weird aura and feel like he is dangerous.

"Hello there. Sorry to disturb you." I say. I don't really care if he is dangerous but, I'm sure if he really wanted to attack me, this will be a chance to test Dragon Roar more.

Brendan's POV

This guy is just weird. He appears from nowhere and bravely faces me. I also feel he has something. His aura is like a beast yet also normal, too weird…

"Don't worry. But I know something." I say to him.

"What is it?" he asks.

"You smell like a beast and I don't really like the wild one." I say and point my Magnum to him.

I can see he is shocked a little and he quickly grab his weapon. A bone like sword from his back and pulls it. I don't want to waste time to him. I only meant to mess a little, but it looks like he took it seriously.

"Phoenix Apollo!" I shout my skill.

Zeta's POV

I hear him shouting 'Phoenix Apollo' and from his pistol, there is a phoenix that directly towards my body, no my sword!

*clank* *blast*

That phoenix hit Os Gladii and exploded. That explosion makes me lost my grip to Os Gladii, throws it to distant and Os Gladii pierces the ground. Before I have a chance to take back my weapon, that man has come close to me. He is not using his pistol again, but he beats me with bare-hand.

Breandan's POV

I am sure I feel he has that beast aura and I won't let him unleash that beast. So I am decided to beat him hard until he can't move. After some beating, I see at his weapon. It also has some kind of aura but this one so pure and gentle. I walk toward it.

"Don't!" he tells me not to take his weapon.

Zeta's POV

Damn it! I can't even respond to his high speed punches and kicks and now he want to take Os Gladii. I won't let him. He ignores my voice and keeps on walking toward it.

'Zeta, I'm scared' I hear a girl voice; I know whose voice it is and its origin. It is coming from Os Gladii.

"DON'T TOUCH IT!" I shout as loud as I can. Then Ruby Elemental emerged from a fire coming from my hand. Ruby Elemental appearance looks like a female genie in red color.

"Stop!" she says and rushes to that man. But that man also ignores her and touches Os Gladii. That voice ring in my head again, 'Zeta, help me!' in that instant, I lost my mind and go into what I should not use, Dark Mode… A power that surpasses Dragon Roar's power but it is full of negative attribute and belongs to the darkness.

Brendan's POV

As I touch his weapon, I feel enormous power coming from him. His body gets surrounded by black aura, this is dark aura. Then he stands, unbelievable! I have beaten him so he can't even move, but now he stands before me.

"Mister, please beat him and make him unconscious now!" a woman in red that tried to stop me before says.

"What are you talking about?" I ask her. She only sees at that guy and says this, "Too late. Please run away, but don't bring Os Gladii, I mean, that sword."

"Huh? Run away? From what?" I ask her; I am so confused here. But my answer just comes into me with a pain from my check. He punches me hardly.

"Ouch… You'll get what you deserve!" I shout and take my magnum. I shoot him, but he can evade my bullet. Once again he… kicks me on my stomach and gets me away from his sword.

"This is what you mean, girl?" I ask her.

"Sorry, not telling you right away. Now he is in his Dark Mode and he lost control of his body." she explains shortly.

"Don't worry, I can take care of this. Transato!" I tell her and teleport to that guy side, giving him a hard smash. He gets thrown a little, but he recovers very fast. I can see his stance looks like a beast, like a tiger ready to fight with all-out.

'I must beat him fast, or else, I'll be beaten instead.' I think and start to shoot him again. He sure is fast; I can't hit him like this. Then I use my other skill, "Gale Glacier!" I release a giant icy blue lizard with wings that chase him. He runs away from the lizard, but after 10 seconds he gets frozen by it.

"This should be enough." I tell that girl.

"You're right, this is enough. Sorry…" she says.

"Not a problem. But you're so weird companion. A guy with two kind of auras, a weapon with different aura, and you, a spirit or something from his body." I say and fold my hands on my chest.

"Let me introduce us. That boy you just froze is Zeta, inside him, a beast named Razer. This is why you feel two kind of auras." she explains.

"I see…"

"Then the weapon… I can't say much, but it is have a deep relation with Zeta. As for me, I am Ruby Elemental."

"No wonder he freaked so much just by me touching it."

"Not only because of that. I feel some dangerous aura coming from you."

"Oh, c'mon. Don't be like that. I am a caring person you know. But I am easy going also."

She chuckles a little, "I will take care of the rest. Oh, yeah who are you?"

"I am Brendan. Just tell him when he regains his consciousness." I say and go away from the scene. I can see Ruby, I prefer to call her like this, start to melt him. I don't care about it. I walk away and go toward Serdin, to where the Grand Chase is.

Zeta's POV

I lost my consciousness. The next thing I know is Ruby Elemental brings Os Gladii and floats near me. I stand up and ask her about what has happened. I hear the details and decide that Brendan is not an evil person. I still feel wrath toward him, but I hope I could bury it deep inside. I sheathe Os Gladii and walk toward Serdin. Ruby Elemental still floats near me to make sure I don't catch a cold from being frozen before.

Brendan is OneLukeTwoHonesty's OC and can be found on Shining Abyss.

Zeta and Razer is my OC and can be found on The Knight With Two Souls.

Sorry if I OOC-ed Brendan. I still don't get what he will respond the situation.