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Chapter 1

New Friend

"Akari-chan, hurry up or you will be late for school !" A woman yelled from the kitchen.

"Oh God! Im late Im late!" Akari Hinomoto ran from her room, quickly to the kitchen, grabbed her toast and said good-bye to her mother.

"Great! I will get detention if I late from ." she ran through the street and got in time before the gate closed, reached her locker and grabbed her books

'Thank goodness the bell hasn't rung.' She thought relieved as she went in to her class and sat down at the corner near window, and saw an empty seat right of her seat.

Akari Hinomoto, the 16 year-old girl who was known as the loner and I-don't-care girl, she preferred with her books and novels rather than social, but she is quite teen with her best friends. Akari never shown any cry or mad at people, she is quiet and calm one. Her school, Tenshi High School was famous of high ranked cool guy or pretty girl. But she never cared of that.

"I wonder, if we having a new student." A student whispered with her friends.

"Yeah, I saw him, he soo cool !" Another girl whispered.

"Really? Oh wow! This will be great!"

Akari overheard her classmates talked, she shrugged. She wasn't really cared about new student, she just have to focused on her study or else her marks will go low.

She opened her text books and reviewed some of it, her first lesson was history after all. And that's when Mr. Ricky the one who had orange haired and with yellow eyes behind his glasses went in.

"Settle down students, we got a new student in our class. Make sure you greet him well and be friend."

Everyone was mumbled and murmured 'who is he?' and 'Wow! New student!' And Akari ? Well, she doesn't care a bit, she looked back to her text books that's when Zenjirou Tsurugi, one of her best friends turned to her. He sat just Akari's front seat.

"This is cool ! I bet he is one of the genius !" Zenjirou lifted up his fist.

"Yeah, maybe." Akari didn't even looked up at him and continued to her study.

"You may come in and introduce yourself." Mr. Ricky told the new student and everyone was in awe of the new guy, he had a brown haired with goggles and grey color eyes. The female students looked flushed when saw his handsome, and he just smiled there.

"Pleasure to meet you all, my name is Taiki Kudou, hope I can be friend with you all." He bowed and smiled to all of his classmates, the female students was screamed and saw something about making fangirls.

'Hm… So the new guy's name Taiki Kudou huh? Oh well, no big deal.' Akari thought herself without looking at the new guy.

"Well, whats wrong with you all girls? Screaming when class is prohibited don't too overjoyed with the new guy. Well, lets see empty seat… Ah! There is one beside ." Mr. Ricky pointed the empty seat beside Akari and Taiki nodded. He saw the red haired girl with a honey brown eyes and pigtails, looking at her notebooks and didn't even looking at him, he was confused by her act and tried to smile.

"Hi, my name is Taiki Kudou, and you?" Taiki asked her with smiled.

Akari faced him with cold eyes, studied him from head to toe, "Akari Hinomoto. Pleasure to meet you, Taiki Kudou." She bowed and studied her notebook, ignoring his confused.

'She is so loner there. Non-sociable girl huh?' Taiki thoughts as he sat down and opened his books, paid attention to Mr. Ricky's taught and glanced at Akari occasionally.


Lunch break time was awful to Taiki, he was interrogated with his classmates about his life and anything not so important, more over the girls, they were so infatuate with him and made him sweat dropped.

"Hey Akari ! Let's go to cafeteria! I bet Nene and Kiriha was dead waiting, you know Kiriha will be so mad if we making him wait?" Zenjirou made a Kiriha's scary face and Akari giggled. Nene Amano who had a brown hair and purple eyes, she was counted as the most beautiful and the most lady in Tenshi High School and Kiriha Aonuma who had blond hair and sapphire bright eyes, was the most cool guy and handsome around Tenshi High School, he never cared about his status as the most of whatever, all he knew that he just an ignorant brat and cold guy. But he kept his caring personality and didn't show to anyone, in fact he mostly cared to his best friends including Nene.

"Oh yeah, you will be dead by his kill." Akari chuckled as Zenjirou looked more frightened.

"Okay, enough chit-chat, let's go now!" Zenjirou quickly grabbed Akari's wrist.

"Yeah yeah, he wont eat you if I defend you, don't worry about it." Akari smirked, Kiriha treated Akari as his little sister and a bit possessive with her but not as a lover.

"I know it! Ha! Oh come on now Akari!" Zenjirou impatient as he grabbed Akari's wrist.

"A—Anou, you will go to cafeteria right?" Taiki asked them as the two of them exchange glanced and nodded.

"May I join?" Taiki still avoided any questions from his friends and quickly joined Akari and Zenjirou to cafeteria.

"Sure! I will introduce you our friends there!" Zenjirou cheerfully as he round his right arm on Taiki's shoulder like a good friend.

"That will be great!" Taiki responded cheerfully as they laughed together.

Akari couldn't help but smiled to both of them, she wouldn't know the new guy will become a good friend with Zenjirou.

"Come Akari ! Kiriha is waiting! And I don't want to be eat!" Zenjirou yelled.

"Okay okay." Akari ran as she followed them to cafeteria.

The cafeteria was always the crowded place ever and become an entertained female students seeing a new handsome guy, who else? Taiki Kudou who was quickly became popular among girls.

"Oh! Nene-chan! Kiriha!" Akari shouted as Taiki saw 2 figures with brown hair and blond hair sat there stopped chatting as they came.

"Akari-chan! Come here sit! And I guess you brought a new guy here." Nene smirked as she looked at Taiki who bowed.

"Taiki Kudou is my name." Taiki smiled at Nene and Kiriha, who looked didn't care and looked away.

"Kiriha ! Don't be so mean !" Nene scolded Kiriha as Kiriha grunted.

"My name is Nene Amano and this guy is Kiriha Aonuma, its good to meet you Taiki-san." Nene smiled.

The three of them sat the opposite of Nene and Kiriha, went chit-chat for a long time, even Kiriha who was so ignorant joined the topic and barely made a rare smile.

Everyone on the cafeteria looked jealous on Zenjirou and mostly on Akari who was the less popular and less unknown among them, in their mind they were questioned why the less popular girl could be friend with the most popular girl and guys include Taiki, the newest popular and minus Zenjirou who less popular but people knew him as a friendly guy but Akari was known as a loner and cold girl.

Akari barely talked because she was glared by everyone on the cafeteria with jealousy, she gulped and froze.

"What's wrong Akari? You look pale, is there something bothering you?" Nene asked worriedly, Akari was her very best friend and the one who knew her well.

"Nothing, I just—ya—well, um.." She couldn't continued herself and that's made Kiriha glared at the entire cafeteria. The glared soon fading and they quickly continued their things.

"Don't worry them." Kiriha spoke coldly.

"Um, thanks Kiriha.. but you shouldn't do that." Akari spoke hesitantly as Taiki glanced her.

"What's wrong? What happen?" Taiki asked them with a puzzled.

"Nothing Taiki, its just the entire students were a bit jealous with Akari." Nene looked at Akari with sad face.

"Well, I didn't really care them just because we hang out with the most popular students." Zenjirou groaned.

"Most popular students? You mean Nene and Kiriha? Wow! That's cool !" Taiki surprised and made a huge smile.

"Apparently you got counted too, new guy." Kiriha said heard the whispering cafeteria about Taiki.

"What? Me? Why?" Taiki asked confusedly.

"Oh goodness Taiki! You are handsome and cute one! How could they wont make you the most handsome and cute and charming in Tenshi High School?" Nene giggled and made a soft laughed as Kiriha shrugged with Taiki's dense.

"Woah! I cute? Handsome? And charming? That must be joking!" Taiki disbelief with Nene's statement.

"Oh please Taiki ! You will get fangirls in short time! Like Nene and Kiriha except Nene's was fanboys." Zenjirou laughed loudly.

Taiki laughed, "Oh really? That's… cool."

Akari silence as she observed her best friends talking, she actually quite surprised Taiki could be their best friends in short time, Kiriha admit he was a little bit interesting, Akari couldn't help but smiled. She maybe less popular than others but she have a greatest best friends made her grateful to her pathetic life.

'Wait. My best friend? You gotta be kidding. I barely talk to him or know him, why should I made him my best friend? Idiot.' Akari scolded herself for being so naive.

"We should get going to class now." Nene smiled to them and waved, she walked with Kiriha to the class. Apparently they were classmates.

"Yeah, bye Nene-chan!" Akari smiled as she waved to her and Kiriha.

Kiriha couldn't help but smiled and waved to her.

"Wow, that's one of surprise." Taiki grinned.

"Yeah, now lets get back." Zenjirou shrugged put his arm around Taiki's shoulder.

Akari walked behind them with silence as she observed the two best friends, she sighed, never thought she got another glared from every student.

"Akari, what's wrong?" Taiki turned and asked her.

"Nothing." She coldly spoke, went in to her class and sat down at her seat. Reading her books.

"What's wrong with her?" Taiki asked Zenjirou.

"Nah, don't worry her, she just act that with stranger. I know you two will be a good friend one day." Zenjirou patted Taiki's back as he went to his seat.

Taiki followed Zenjirou and sat at his seat, he was gazing or rather staring at Akari, he didn't realize she was quite pretty and smile suited her, but the fact ruined him, Akari rarely smiled in front him and she was cold blood one.

'Does she hate me? She is so avoiding me, even talk to me with Yes, no, nothing. Was I so bad?' Taiki though himself sadly.

"What are you looking at Taiki?" Akari caught him off guard, he snapped and defensive himself, "No, its nothing."

"Oh, I see." Akari nodded and continued her read.

Taiki smiled to her as he muttered something about friend. Akari arched an eyebrow and faced him, he made a huge smiled to Akari, she flushed and looked away.

'What does he want from me? I heard something about being my friend or what so ever. Oh, never mind.' Akari thought herself confusedly and looked at her book, tried to understood every single words.

While Akari read her book, Taiki couldn't help but smiled at Akari's flushed just now.

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