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Dragon of the Spiral


Kage Summit, Tetsu no Kuni

Mifune, General of Tetsu no Kuni, and ninja leaders of the five great elemental nations; Gaara of the Desert, Kazekage of Sunagakure, Tsunade Senju, Hokage of Konohagakure, A, Raikage of Kumogakure, Mei Terumi, Mizukage of Kirigakure, and Onoki of Both Scales, Tsuchikage of Iwagakure, each sat facing the woman standing at the center podium, waiting for the response from the one man that they know would be essential to the Shinobi Alliance against Madara and the upcoming Fourth Great Shinobi War. Behind her stood two figures flanking both her sides. The woman herself was a very beautiful blonde-haired woman, her hair was short, but bangs reached down to her feet. She faced them message scroll in hand, no fear in here demeanor what-so-ever.. She opened it began to read, further grabbing the attention of all those present.

"Esteemed leaders of the elemental nations," she read, "I am deeply honored that you think so highly of the abilities of my compatriots and I enough to invite us to join you and your alliance. Regrettably, I could not attend, as there are other matters that demand my immediate attention, but back to the topic at hand. It is my decision, as leader of Lightning Road, due hereby refuse to join the Shinobi Alliance."

Twelve Years Ago...

A beaten, bloodied and disfigured blonde haired boy walks down a disheveled dirt path with a pleading more died than alive red-haired girl on his back. Every so often she would gather strength from her broken and malnourished body to let out a weak, rigid scream and beg her blonde gurney to end her suffering. Each time however he would refuse to grant her request. In his refusal he would think back the events that changed life.

One Week Prior

"I told you, I'd bring you back to village," Naruto grinned to the unconscious Uchiha on his back, ignoring the pained, blood flavored coughs and sharp, rapid spikes of pain in his chest that occurred every time his heart would beat. As Naruto entered the main gates his already hazy vision caught sight of a certain pink haired kunoichi.

"Hey Sa…ku…ra, told you I'd bring him," his words were interrupted by the sound of her screams. Unknown to Naruto the injuries he acquired fighting Sasuke were far worse than he could have imagine, but were quite obvious to her.

"Stay away from me!" Sakura shouted fearfully before her eyes caught the mangled husk slung over the creature's shoulder.

"But I," was all he could mutter before she grabbed Sasuke from the monster.

"How could you do that to him. He's your friend," she yelled letting all her fear and hatred lace her voice.

"You really are a monster," she condemned while gently putting Sasuke's head on the ground before rising again to face the blood soaked beast. Sakura hadn't noticed the clouded look in quickly overcoming Naruto, when she cocked her fist deliver all her hatred. Unfortunately, Naruto's body was already at its limit and he collapsed on top of the anger filled kunoichi, sending them both to the ground just inches from Sasuke.



Naruto fell unconscious listening to her seemingly endless array screams toward him. And just like that his connection to the girl he loved was broken.

Two days later, Naruto awoke to an all too familiar ceiling and the various smells of intertwined medicines and antiseptics. He knew immediately where he was, the Konoha Hospital. Felling unusually tired, being a first for him, not even bothering to turn his head to check the date or time, he decided to go back sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, he falls back asleep. Unfortunately his dreams were of the fight he and Sasuke had at the Valley of the End and Sakura damning him back to the fiery pit he came from. After hearing a few more curses he heard when he was barely conscious, he was awoken to find Tsunade entering his room with a downtrodden look on her face.

"It's good to see you finally woke up, Naruto," she greeted.

"Hey baa-chan," Naruto greeted as he tried to rise to a sitting position only to lowered back down to his pillow by well-endowed Kage.

"Take it easy. You haven't fully healed yet," she said calmly with a hint of melancholy, that didn't go unnoticed.

"Okay," he said since he was still felt far to sore and stiff all over, and had yet to feel any of his energy return.

As if on cue Tsunade asked him if he felt his energy return, to which he quickly answered no. He could tell she was trying to tell him something that likely wasn't pleasant, but couldn't tell what.

"Baa-chan is everyone okay?" he asked, guessing that it was about friends.

"They're all fine. They all suffered from extreme chakra exhaustion; Neji, Chouji, Lee, Kiba, and Akamaru were in critical condition, but worst is over. Shikamaru got off easy, he just had a broken a finger," Tsunade reassured him by flexing her pinky at him. The last part caused him laugh a little, but was stifled by a sharp pain in his chest and just continued to smile like an idiot, until his next question.

"What about Sasuke?" he asked much to his chagrin.

"He is recovering nicely in an ANBU controlled wing of the hospital," she answered sharply. Tired of beating around the bush, Naruto got straight to the point.

"What's wrong baa-chan, miss happy hour or Shizune did dump your secret stash again?" he said trying to cheer her up.

'If only,' she thought.

"Naruto, have you ever given any thought as to what you would want be if you weren't a ninja?" she asked dreading the answer.

"Not really, it'll be pretty hard for me to be Hokage if I wasn't a ninja," he answered her not really thinking of the question, but that was all she needed to hear. "What does that have to do with anything?" he asked not reading between the lines. Tsunade realizing there was no point in withholding the situation anymore told him flatly what was bothering her or rather him.

"Naruto, I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm about to tell you," she said, before he sat up ignoring the pain and nodding. "When you fought Sasuke, you used the Kyuubi's chakra didn't you?" she asked.

"It's not like I wanted to, it just happened," he stated, before she continued.

"Too much of the Kyuubi's chakra seeped into your body, normally that wouldn't be a much of a problem, but you exceeded your body's limit," Tsunade noticed she was starting to lose him, "Simply put your chakra network is completely destroyed." After saying this, his eyes shot open at the realization of how severe this was. He knew the chakra network was what allowed people to use chakra for jutsu and other abilities shinobi possessed.

"But there must be something you can do, like a re-plant or something," Naruto asked hoping for a positive answer.

"You mean transplant, and it's not that simple. The chakra network can't be replaced, even with the help of the Hyuuga doctors on staff," Tsunade stated.

"What about the fox, can it do anything about this. Fuzzy normally heals me pretty fast," he asked frantically.

"You didn't know how severe your injuries were when you returned, did you?" he shook his head in response. Tsunade took a deep breath. "You had a puncture hole the size of a fist in your chest," he mentally shrugged that statement, he already knew that, "so deep we could see your heart beating." The mental image made him cringe as she continued listing his injuries, "Severe fourth degree burns from head to toe, your skin was black as charcoal and it falling off on top of that, the tissue around your puncture wound that wasn't charred, was severly infected from prolonged exposure, and to top it all off you also had numerous lacerations and broken bones all over your body. It was a miracle you could walk at all, let alone carry someone with you." The image of himself his was getting painfully clear at this point and made him almost throw up the contents of his already empty stomach.

'Like a demon,' he thought, 'no wonder she reacted like that'.

"Using the Kyuubi's chakra to fight on top of healing all your injuries was just too much for your network to handle and burned it out," she explained as the severity of his condition slowly become apparent to him, "Naruto, your days as ninja are over." In that instant the fire that always burned in his began to dim, unfortunately though, the bad news didn't end there. "I'm afraid that's not all though," Tsunade never wanted to say these next words, "With all the added stress your body has from not being able to circulate or release chakra naturally, combined with your large reserves and the Kyuubi, ase slowly wearing down your body. It's possible that stiff/sore feeling you have is a side effect of that. When your body can no longer cope with the stress, it will forcibly expel the pint up chakra." Naruto thought back to a similar explanation he heard during the Chunin Exams preliminaries when Kurenai explained what Shino did to Zaku.

"So does that mean," he didn't like the image his mind put together.

"At the rate your body is going you won't live to see your 17th birthday," she said solemnly. That news hit him harder than Sasuke's betrayal ever could.

"I said I would bring Sasuke back or die trying, didn't think it would go like this," he stated calmly before grinning widely, "Baa-chan, can you do me a favor?" Wondering what brought about his sudden change agreed.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I was wondering if you could ask Ero-Sennin if he could teach Konohamaru the Rasengan," Tsunade was shocked he would ask that, "I promised myself I'd teach it to him when he had some experience as a genin. I know you're the first person he goes to see when comes to the village."

"No problem, Naruto. If you need anything Shizune's on call tonight," she said leaving through the door, "I'll be back in the morning to check in you."

Outside in the hall, Shizune was sitting on the bench placed right outside his room, waiting for her teacher to exit the room.

"Did you...," Shizune began, before the sound of glass shattering and low sobbing came from the room behind her teacher answered her question.

As Tsunade walked away, Shizune sat back down on the bench listening to the sobs and contemplating the inevitable loss of her little brother's life and his dreams.

Flashback End


"Hey, who..(ngh)..ever you are," Naruto was suddenly drawn out of his thoughts and back to reality by the red-head occupying his back. "Just kill (naah) me," she ordered weakly.

"Shut up," he simply answered in a hushed fatigued voice.

"It... hurts... too... much..., please," she continued begging, "No... one... will (naah)tice a little... more... blo(AAH)od on the road." Her breathing became extremely ragged as she spoke.

Naruto thought that if he gave her the same answer he did earlier, she might just bite her tongue with the next burst of energy she felt instead begging. He glanced back at her and looked directly into her worn eyes and suddenly remembered what happened after he was discharged from the hospital.

Noon the prior day

After being discharged from the hospital, Naruto hobbled along the start on his brand new crutch. He felt the stares of civilians and ninja alike as he walked to his apartment, dreading the idea of climbing all those stairs in his condition. Before he entered the complex though, he was approached by a bear masked ANBU.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you have been summoned to the council chamber immediately," he said plainly before disappearing into the ground. Naruto turned around hobbled towards the Hokage Tower. He reached the council chambers thirty minutes after being summoned, which angered the council members who didn't know of his condition.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you have been summoned here to recount your capture of Genin Uchiha Sasuke," as Koharu informed him, his face instantly fell, not wanting to remember the night that ended his life. As the council asked their questions, Naruto answered truthfully about what happened, or rather what he actually remembered. After answering all their questions, the council began drawing their own opinions; one man with an x-shaped scar on his chin seemed unsatisfied with the inquiry and began asking Naruto what was wrong with his flow of chakra. Naruto was taken aback by the question, as was the rest of the council. Hiashi, Head of the Hyuuga Clan, used his byakugan to quickly examine Naruto. He saw that not only was Naruto's chakra wasn't flowing properly, but also his network itself appeared to be missing altogether. This sparked a whole new series of questions after Hiashi voiced his observations. Wanting to leave as quickly as possible and get some more rest, Naruto reluctantly told them of his condition. He didn't expect them to instantly bring up the Kyuubi's imprisonment.

"What is the status of the Yondaime's seal?" the man now identified as Danzo asked.

"The seal is intact, so there is no fear of its release," Tsunade answered calmly attempting to kill the inquiry, but Danzo had other plans.

"My knowledge of seals is limited, but I do know they need chakra to fuel them, otherwise they are just useless scribbles. With the boy's network in its condition the seal we likely lose power resulting in its release," Danzo informed much to Tsunade's disapproval.

"But as you said you knowledge is limited, compared to that of a seal master, like the one who created it in the first place," Tsunade argued.

"There is credit to what he speaks of," Nara Shikaku spoke.

"The boy could potentially be a time bomb to the demon's release," Aburame Shibi advocated, "is there a way to restore his chakra network?"

"I'm afraid not, the damage is far too extensive for me to repair," Tsunade answered, masking her dejection.

"This requires further deliberation. Genin Uzumaki, would you await the decision of this council in the waiting room outside," Homura said leaving no room for argument. Naruto was perfectly fine with the rest, since his leg was starting hurt. Several hours past and the council finally came to a decision. Naruto was awoken from his slumber and escorted back into the council chambers by a cat masked ANBU.

Koharu stood up and announced their decision, "It is the decision of this council that we sentence Uchiha Sasuke to no less than 10 years in the Konoha Maximum Security Prison and Genin Uzumaki Naruto is hereby banished from Konohagakure no Sato."

Naruto's jaw dropped from hearing this and he instantly began to wonder what that would mean for him. "Knowledge of all missions, jutsu, and significant village intelligence shall be sealed and he is to remain a minimum of twenty miles away from Konoha and its allies. Your banishment will be effective upon the return of your new guardian, Jiraiya of the Sannin."

Naruto zoned out the was the second they said he was banished. His mind raced thinking of what he could possibly do to remain in the village, so much so that he didn't notice the councilors leaving the room. He was brought out of his thoughts when the cat masked Anbu placed her hand on his shoulder, before she vanishing in a swirl of leaves. Tsunade tried to console him, but her words couldn't reach him.

"Sorry, Baa-chan, but I need to pack, no telling when Ero-Sennin will be back," Naruto deadpanned as he limped away from her.

(Several hours after Naruto's mind was wiped)

Naruto wondered around the village going nowhere in particular. After a while, he thought he should began making his way home. He decided to take a shortcut through some alleys, since the strain on his leg was starting to get to him again. After a short trek, his apartment complex finally came into view. Relieved to finally see his home, he failed to notice the group of slightly drunk ninjas sneak up on him.

"Well if it isn't everyone's favorite demon," Naruto turned to address the bastard that dared to call him a demon, only to be knocked unconscious.

(Some time later)

"Raise and shine, sleeping beauty, or in your case demon," said the unknown Konoha ninja.

Naruto was awoken by a bucket of ice cold water drenching him. Naruto quickly realized he was tied to a chair in nothing, but his frog-printed boxers in a dark room surrounded by eight people, obviously chunin judging by their flak jackets.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, WHERE AM I, WHY AM I," Naruto demands were cut by a kunoichi's swift kick to his testicles through a hole in the chair he didn't know was there. He quickly emptied the contents of his stomach all over himself.

"Disgusting," she spat at him with a smirk.

"You know you've been mighty full of yourself lately, cozying up to the Hokage and Jiraiya-sama," said a ninja in a uncomfortably pleasant tone, "Me and everyone here got to thinking..."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH," Naruto shouted as another ninja stabbed Naruto's left leg with a kunai, before finishing the others sentence, "Its about time we put you back in your place."

"Oh... does the kyuubi want to cry for momma," another kunoichi said darkly, causing the others to chuckle menacingly. Naruto said nothing as he narrowed his gaze each of his captors, unable to make out their faces in the dark room.

"Look at that. Kyuubi brat still has some fight left in. Lets see if we can change that," said the assumed leader of the group as he and the others each grabbed a different weapon; senbon, knives, kunai, ninja wire, shuriken, sickles with chains, and a bunch of other weapons he'd never even seen before. Naruto's screams reverberated through the compound, filling his tortures' with a dark joy similar to listening to a orchestra flowing through an age old masterpiece created by some long died composer, late into the night.

"Ready to beg for your life yet," asked one of his captors rhetorically. Naruto answered by staring at him with those same high and mighty eyes signifying he still had the strength to resist them.

"Those eyes. I HATE THOSE DAMN EYES," he shouted as he grabbed one of the bloodied kunai off the ground, before ordering two of the others, "Hold him still!" On command the two ninja grabbed hold of him. Naruto struggled against them, his reward was another shuriken being lodged into his chest, and that same kunoichi from earlier repeatedly striking his privates with a heavy knotted rope. His eyes lit up as the pain coursed through his body. This gave the irate ninja the chance he needed and in one swift instant the right side of Naruto's world went forever black. Blood spewed from his eye as the ninja not so surgically relieved the blue eye of its socket. Naruto screams become quieter as he saw the bloody bobble that was once his eye haplessly tossed to the ground and stare back at him. He was slowly starting to lose consciousness again. He defiantly locked eyes with his captors believing he was about to die and was content with seeking his revenge in the next life.

"You still dare to look at us like that after seeing the results?" his captor said still hold the bloody, gore covered kunai.

"At...lea...st...I...do...t...af...ta...lo...k(cough)...at...your...ug...ly...ass," Naruto answered while coughing up blood. In a what he believed to be his last act of defiance he spat blood onto that ninja's face with a slight smile.

"You little bastard!" he yelled, readying himself to smash the monster over the head, when one of the kunoichi present stopped by grabbing his arm.

"Now now, its pretty evident we can't have our fun with him if you keep him all to yourself," she said with a sickeningly sweet voice, "Every good kunoichi knows a sure fire way to destroy a man's pride. Ladies." Following her signal all the kunoichi in the room pushed past the men and encircled Naruto.

"What do you mean?" he asked slightly calmer after composing himself.

"You break him," she answered matter-of-factly, as she approached Naruto with the other kunoichi. Two of them spread his legs apart while the last tore off his frog-printed boxers.

"You boys should leave the room, this may take awhile," she stated as the other kunoichi softly laughed. The men all left the room, getting the general idea of what was about to happen.

Naruto's screams once again filled the hall of the compound, with new vigor, as they continued destroy the young jinchuriki.

(The forest behind the Hokage Mountain, unknown time)

Naruto's captors stood at the top of a cliff overlooking a waterfall, holding his nude form by the neck.

"Well Demon-spawn, its been fun while it lasted, but sadly all good things must come to an end, justice always wins in the end, and all that other crap," he said sarcastically, "Any last words?" Naruto remained silent. "No, been nice knowing ya, blonde," he smiled as he let go of the semiconscious husk.

He fell head first into the roaring white rapids at the bottom of the ravine. Naruto had no strength to resist the water, what strength he did have was being used to hold his breath as his head bobbed in and out of rapids. His stamina thoroughly drained it wasn't long before the fatigue got the better of him and lost consciousness.

He continued drifting downstream with the rapids, until the current carried him to a calmer section of the river. He was awoken when his head hit a downed tree. Having recovered some of his energy, he used that tree to struggle to the muddy shore. He seemed to lose that when his body touched the earthen terrain at the trees former base. Not wanting to become food for the local wildlife, he forced his body to its feet, trying to ignore the immense pain it caused. His blurred vision caught sight of something familiar that washed up on the riverbank. As he focused in on it, he realized it was his own orange trousers, albeit ripped, torn, waterlogged, and slightly faded. Putting them on was taxing, to say the least, but well worth it in his eyes. He began walking into the forest each step more painful then the last.

Naruto followed the trail of destroyed of trees, until it became impossible for him pass and he took an alternate route to nowhere. He continued walking, when he heard crows calling and saw them picking at something ahead of him on the trail. As he approached their quarry, his presence scared the crows off and allowed him to get a good look at their meal. Laying down on the path was the young red-headed girl in tattered brownish tan clothing. Believing she was dead he walked past her, but her hand weakly reached out and grabbed hold of his ankle. Her action quickly caught his attention, but her what she said struck him most.

"Please Kill Me," she practically begged tearfully.

The way she said it made him want to oblige her, but he decided against it after taking a better look at her.

"No," was all he said as he bent down to lifted her up onto his back instantly regretting the strenuous activity. It was entirely understandable why the crows and he thought she no longer among the living. The smell she exuded was a combination of blood, excrement, and all the foulness the forest had to offer, much like himself. The only difference being he reeked of fish and far more bodily fluids. He continued walking down the trail, completely aware that they both would more than likely die before leaving the forest.

Flashback End


"Your a lot like me, we're both to stupid to know when to lay down die (cough)," he said as blood erupted from mouth. She weakly opened her eyes to try and catch a gasp of his half ladled left eye and slightly understood what he meant.

"Tayuya, that's my name," she started losing consciousness for likely the last time, "what's yours?" She passed out before he could answer.

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