New Zealand skipped around the boat; which was her new home until they got to England. She had no problem with that; she loved to ship. She couldnt help but wonder what England would be like.

Her little fingers traced the dark brown wood railing. Everything was so wonderful, it was like a dream but she couldn't even dream of technology this wonderful.

Britain had given her a new dress. It reached all the way to the floor and was plain cream colour with a big back ribbon around her waist. She didn't like it because it restricted her movement but she didn't want to dis-respect her new brother. He said her old dress was 'un-lady like'.

She stared out to the open sea; which seemed to stretch on forever.

She climbed up on to the railing of the ship and leaned down to look at the water below. Her knees wobbled on the thin hand rail; it looked as if a small gust of wind could blow her in.

"Oi!" Australia shouted, he grabbed the back of her dress and roughly pulled her off the railing.

She fell to the wooden floor with a thud.

"What was that for?" she shouted at the boy who looked at least a year older than her.

"You could have fallen!" he clutched his mop like it was a life line; his eyes stared at her fancy clothes with jealousy.

She stumbled to her feet and stood in front of the larger nation. She rubbed her butt from where she fell. "Please don't tell on me..." he pleaded with her; she wanted to laugh at his accent but resisted. She tilted her head slightly. "Why?" she smiled at the fearful boy.

"Because...I'm a convict and you're practically his princess..." he said with spirte in his voice; so many new words she couldn't understand.

"Convict? I thought that was your name?" she stepped closer, he stepped back. "No...I'm Australia..." he said proudly but then quickly lowered his head.

"I'm New Zealand...there aren't many tamariki on this waka?" he just stared at her with a confused face; she was beginning to realise that Maori wasn't a very common language. "Children?" she asked plainly. "Kids...nah...only us..." he began to mop the floor.

"Okay then...want to play a game?" she smiled hopefully. He looked down and kicked his feet sorrowfully. "I can't...I have to work.." Australia turned away from her and walked off. She jumped after him; trying to miss every crack on the ground.

"I'll help you work!" she said cheerily.

He looked at her confused, he couldn't figure out why anyone would want to work. She reached out and took his broom from his cut hands; he winced as she yanked it away. She began to move the mop across the floor; she tried to copy a man she saw yesterday. She wasnt mopping; just smearing water around. Australia chuckled, "You have to push it, not just wipe it" he smiled at her. "Ok..." she began to mop the floor the right way.

"What's going on!" Britain yelled as he quickly walked over. Australia's eyes widened in fear; he quickly tried to take the broom off her. "N-nothing!" Australia shouted his voice shaky. "You were making her work? Filthy convict!" Britain's hand crashed against the side of the child's face.

He fell to the floor; New Zealand watched in horror. Australia clutched the side of his face and scrambled back away from Britain.

"Don't you come near her! You hear me!" he shouted at the little boy who nodded weakly; he had tears streaming down his face which left little trails through the grime on his face.

New Zealand stepped back away from Britain. "Sweet heart..." he spoke softly and turned to her; she watched him carefully. "I didn't mean to scare you..." he reached out and grabbed her hand, he gently pulled her forward. She looked down and said nothing.

"He's not like you and me...he's a criminal..." he said another word she didn't understand; criminal but she nodded anyway.

"You must be tried?" he picked her up and held her up against his chest. She nodded and watched as Australia began to work.

"Ok...I'll take you to your room..." he carried her into the captain's room. It was a huge room with a union Jack proudly hanging in the corner. It was barely lit by a few candles on the tables.

Her eyes lit up at the magical room. "This is my room but you will sleep here...ok?" he placed her down on the silk bed.

She gasped at the soft touch and how confortable it was. He lifted her head and pushed a pillow under it. She smiled widely and snuggled against the new feeling. "Good night my princess..." he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Pō Marie..." she whispered quietly and snuggled into the blanket.

"Sweetie...I would like you too stop talking like that..." he said softly but with an under line of strictness.

"In Maori?" she asked confuse; that's her language, what's wrong with it? "Yes...speak proper English..." he stood up and walked off. She stared into the dark room confused but she didn't protest, she didn't want to be treated like Australia.

I get a family if I give up my native tongue. It seems like a fair enough deal; she lay back down and let sleep take her.