This is a missing scene from my story "Against All Odds." Inspired by The Hangover, this story is going to be slightly smutty and raw but it will still have a plot and premise… at least hopefully. It is rated Mature for language, nudity, sexual themes, whatever bullshit the movie raters try to throw in. I can assure you that there will not be an "intense epic battle" which coincidentally, Lord of the Rings: The return of the King is rated for.

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Sarah and Chuck walk into their honeymoon suite inside Caesar's Palace hotel in Las Vegas. The room is not incessantly large, but very homey. The king-size bed is thick with plush bedding and the view is of the opposite side of the strip. This doesn't bother him though, because he already has the best sight standing in front of him, Sarah.

"It's great," Sarah muses as she looks back at Chuck with a smile. He smiles brightly. "Reminds me of my old hotel room."

"We did have some good times in there," Chuck drops the two bags of luggage in the corner and then walks up to Sarah with a giant smile.

"But we're gonna have better here," she smiles deviously as she grips the collar of his shirt and falls back onto the bed; pulling him down with her. He falls on top of her, nestled between her legs as her lips meet his. The kiss instantly turns sensual and passionate as Sarah's tongue demands its allowance Chuck goodness.

"Mmm…" Chuck moans as he smiles down on top of her. "Why do I get the feeling we're not going out tonight?" He says knowingly as he plants a kiss on her lips. She wraps her legs around him and hugs him as the kiss becomes fervent and sensual once again.

She grins over joyed as she tugs his shirt up and shakes it as it catches on his armpits. Chuck breaks the passionate kiss and raises his arms as the shirt glides effortlessly over his face and off his arms. Her hands start roaming his manly chest as his lips lock back onto hers. She feels the subtle curves of his pectoral muscles and the light fuzz of hair along his body and she cannot love it anymore as she is in complete ecstasy with him.

Chuck decides it is her turn to strip off an article of clothing so he spins them so he is now on his back and she is straddling his waist. It's only fair after all. He starts tugging at the buttons on her shirt and she stops the kissing to help him unbutton her shirt. As Sarah's shirt is parted, Chuck gets to see the lacy black lingerie that Sarah is wearing. She came prepared; Chuck's smile intensifies as he sees her breasts nestled perfectly in the sexy bra.

"You like it?" She asks out of breath after all the making out.

"Oh god yes," he places his hands around the sides of her stomach as she sheds the shirt from her arms.

"I got it just for tonight," she smiles deviously.

"God I love this woman!" Chuck shouts to the ceiling with utter content and pleasure. Sarah giggles as his hands slide up and under her bra. His fingers slide over her increasingly perky nipples. She moans in arousal as she cocks her head back. His hands slide to cup her entire breasts and then lift; sliding her bra up and off, revealing her perfect bare breasts that feel the cool air as they are no longer hindered by the bra.

He looks at the masterpiece before him with awe and content. He looks upon the perfect canvas of Sarah's chest with the soft dark nipples that are perfectly encircled by her areolas. He leans forward and plants a kiss in the valley between her breasts. Her hairs raise and goose bumps start to form on her chest at the pleasurable feelings. He grins brightly at her reaction as he looks up to see her smiling with her eyes closed reveling in the pleasure. "I love you," he says more humbly in more of a sigh now.

She opens her eyes and their eyes connect. She feels the electricity charge between them and she admires her new husband. He is the greatest thing in the world. "I love you so much Chuck," she states with the admiration brimming in her voice.

He gathers her in his arms and pulls her down to him; her chest against his face. He guides her right nipple into her mouth and flicks it with his tongue before enclosing it in his mouth and sucking lightly on it. He teases her other nipple with his right hand by rubbing the pad of his thumb and forefinger along the protruding hard nipple.

Her hands go straight to his belt and unbuckle it with expertise. She quickly unbuttons and unzips his pants and pushes them down along with his boxers. She pushes them the length her arms can reach which is to his mid thighs but she doesn't want to let his hand and mouth detach from her nipples. She acrobatically grips the band of his pants and boxers with her toes and slides them down to his ankles. He kicks them off without even a hitch in his teasing on her nipples.

He switches nipples as her left one is now engulfed in Chuck's mouth and her right is softly teased. She feels his mouth tense around her left nipple as her hands grip his hard shaft that is between her legs. Her soft warm hands wrap around his hard member and slowly start to pump up and down in a piston motion.

He moans at the ecstatic pleasure as his right hand decides it needs to show this woman how much more it loves her. It slides south and under her pants and expertly under her panties. It's her turn to moan as his fingers brush over the front of her nether lips. She quickly releases his hard member and unbuttons her pants. She needs Chuck to devour her; defile her now. She quickly gets the pants undone and slides them down quickly along with her black patterned panties that don't really cover anything.

Her bare vagina is immediately met by two long gentle male fingers that gently slide inside her using her own wetness as a lubricant. Another moan escapes her lips as she pulls her chest away from Chuck's amazing massage on her nipples. He looks up at her to see why she stopped. She looks down at him and they lock eyes once again.

He reads the expression on her face flawlessly as he knows exactly what she wants. He sits up and holds her to his chest as she sits straddled over his legs. He holds her tightly with a firm hand on her ass as he stands up and heads for his luggage. She hugs onto him like a koala bear as he leans down and pulls out a strip of ten condoms connected by perforations. "You think we can use all of them tonight?" He smirks suggestively as he holds out the dangling strip of condoms.

"We may need to get some more tonight," she suggests with a giant playful smile on her face. Chuck's smirk turns into a full-blown smile that only Sarah could ever elicit.


The afternoon light seeps in through the tiny gap between the curtains as it finally rests on Sarah's face. The room is drenched in the golden orange light that only the afternoon sun can create. Chuck's pants and boxers are still on the floor at the foot of the bed alongside her panties and pants. Her shirt is on the floor on the left side of the bed. Chuck's shirt is lying lazily on top of the couch while her bra is dangling from the lampshade next to the right side of the bed.

The rays of the sun beat down on her eyelids and she instinctively squeezes them tighter before realizing she cannot defeat the natural occurrence and opens her eyes to see the blinding light. She quickly raises her left hand and blocks the direct light against her eye. She turns from her left where the balcony is and looks at Chuck sleeping to her right. Her eyes drift over the peaceful man to see the clock on the end table read '1:42pm.' Her eyes widen in surprise as she shakes Chuck lightly.

"Chuck," she continues to shake him as he groans from the interruption. "Sweetie, it's already past noon."

"What?" He asks groggily without opening his eyes.

"We've been in bed for the last seventeen hours," she informs him with a slight chuckle.

"Damn," he drawls in awe as a smile plays on his lips and he opens his eyes to see his blonde goddess looking down on him. She is resting on her knees and shins, and she is completely nude. He looks over her body from her firm ample breasts down to her clean-shaven vagina between her legs. His eyes follow back up to hers and he sits up. "How am I so tired still?"

"Maybe because we only slept for six of them," she deadpans with a playful smile.

"Looks like we missed that showing of Beatles' Love," he grins brightly.

"I think there's enough love between us," she matches his grin.

"Yes there is. I guess we have no plans then," he shrugs as he quickly hides his head between her legs.

"Chuck," Sarah drawls with playful warning as she feels his lips against her nether lips and his tongue sliding into her pink folds. "Chuck!" She nearly shrieks in the highest pitch Chuck has ever heard come from her. "We're," she calms back down as he pulls his head from the heavenly cavern, "out of condoms," she points to his end table.

He looks over to the table to see ten opened condom wrappers piled on top of the table. He smiles smugly as he looks back at Sarah. "I'm always prepared now," his grin turns wicked. "I'll never not be prepared again," he climbs out of the bed and walks up to his bag. He remembers that fateful time in the motel while on the run. That had to be the worst possible cock-block he has ever had. Sarah watches him bend over slightly and she has to bite her lip from jumping on him in a fervent sexual rage as she stares at his bare ass. "See?" He turns around with another strip of ten condoms.

"Oh god," she sighs with a humongous smile. "We're never getting out of this hotel room." He stalks up to her with the intent to use every one of the condoms.


Chuck is standing in front of the mirror of their bathroom completely nude. He wipes away the steam from their hot shower so he can see into the mirror. As he wipes away most of the condensation, a fully naked angel appears over his left shoulder. He looks back to see Sarah as she finishes tying the towel around her head to dry her hair quicker. She saunters up to him and plants a kiss on his cheek.

"I can't believe we're actually going to make it out of this hotel room tonight," Chuck muses with a big smile.

"Yea, at only seven o'clock," Sarah states sarcastically with a big smile as she looks into the mirror with him.

"Well you kept me busy," he turns to her with a playful smile as his left hand nips at her vagina lips.

"Hey," she steps back and the unexpected pleasurable touch, "I'm still a bit tender."

"Plus," he grins at her reaction, "it's Vegas. Nothing happens till midnight anyways." He states in a confident relaxed voice.

"Yea, what could go wrong?" Sarah states as she walks back up to Chuck and threads her arm in his.

"Yea," he sighs before realizing what she just said. "No, no! Sarah!" He looks at her as if she just ruined everything. "You never say that. Haven't you seen movies before?"

"Well, I finally watched the new Star Trek," she offers as she feels slightly guilty but not really sure why.

"Did you like it?"

"It was cool and the action was fun."

"That's great, but you never say things like that," he smiles apologetically for his slight outburst. "You're just tempting fate."

"Sorry," she smiles bashfully as she looks at her shuffling feet.

"It's fine," he hugs her tightly. "I'm gonna take a few hangover pills. I'm ready to get my drank on tonight," he says in a singsong tone.

"Pull some out for me," Sarah smiles as she steps out of the bathroom.

"Alright," Chuck gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and then walks out of the bathroom. A minute later, he comes back with two champagne flutes with a few tablets fizzing inside. He hands her one of the glasses.

"Thanks," she takes the flute and grins at Chuck.

"To spending the rest of my life with the woman I love," Chuck says happily as he raises his glass. Sarah glows with love and happiness. "Cheers."

"Cheers," she reiterates happily as they press their glasses together to make a subtle cling. They both down the champagne in a single gulp and grin at each other. They both think, tonight's gonna be a fun night.


Once again, the afternoon light seeps into the room and rests on Sarah's face. The brightness causes her to squeeze her eyes shut. She feels a soft hand plop onto her bare midriff and decides it is time to open her eyes. Her vision is completely blurred as she cannot even make out shapes for the first twenty seconds as everything is so hazy. The hand on her midriff slides up her body and squeezes her left breast. She blinks a couple times to try to regain her vision. The hand fondles her breast with a few uncertain squeezes and a couple pinches of her nipple.

Her vision finally clears enough for her to see everything clearly. She first looks down and sees the hand fondling her breast with a diamond ring on the ring finger of the left hand wrapped around her from her left side. She looks a little closer and notices how thin and feminine the hand looks. Her mind is in too much disarray to think about it as she starts searching from her left and scans to the right.

First, she sees a window where she could've sworn the balcony was. Her eyes continue to see the flat-screen television lying face down on the counter past the foot of the bed, and a framed painting that hangs crookedly above the television. She quirks an eyebrow as she doesn't know how that happened. She keeps turning to her right until she sees a door that is on the wall next to where the door was last night. Again, something is different in the room and there isn't a balcony anymore. There is splatter on the wall that looks like vomit. She is starting to freak out as the room she's in is not the same one they had checked out. She is absolutely certain about that.

She looks down to see she is completely nude except for a single black latex boot on her right foot that goes up to the bottom of her knee. She furrows her brow as she doesn't know where the boot came from. She didn't bring it in her luggage. Her eyes fixate on the hand as it starts descending down her body. Sarah tenses as she looks at the hand intently; still not sure whose hand that is. It looks too feminine to be Chuck's. She tries to pull her left hand down to investigate the unfamiliar hand.

Her arm doesn't budge as something is restraining her wrist. She hears a clatter as she looks up to her left to see her hand wrapped in a pink fuzzy handcuff that is also cuffed to the headboard. "What the…" she mumbles groggily through hooded eyes as she definitely knows she didn't bring those handcuffs. Chuck is already abundantly inventive enough for her.

Sarah's brow furrows in curiosity at what could've aspired last night as the hand quickly slides down her stomach and between her legs. Her eyes widen as the fingers glide over her clean-shaven groin and graze over her vaginal lips. Sarah's eyes widen even farther as the hand comes off and plops back onto her groin with a quick rub across the whole area. It comes off again as if it is expecting something to be there. One last rub up and down causes Sarah to tense up in pleasure. Sarah decides she needs to figure out whose arm that is so she follows the arm that is extending from behind her. She turns her entire body to see who is feeling her up.


Carina feels her heavy blanket shuffle on top of her and it lightly stirs her from her innocuous slumber. She feels her hand on warm flesh and she grins with her eyes still closed. She cannot remember the man she decided to bring home. She rarely ever pulls one night stands but she cannot help but be curious with the man she has chosen. She actually doesn't even remember as she tries to think about it. It offsets her slightly that the man's breasts are soft and fatty like a woman's. That shouldn't be right. It is a great feeling breast and Carina is jealous on how firm and busty it is, but that is only if it is a woman's breast. Everything from the size of it, the shape of the areola, to the length of the nipple leaves Carina thinking it is a woman's breast.

She hears a clattering noise of metal on metal but disregards it as her mind cannot process two things at one and is currently on figuring out who this man/woman on top of her is. The so called man's body seems quite well toned and lean. She knows there is one definitive thing that will give her the answer she is looking for and there is no point in playing a guessing game. She slides her hand down the toned body until it slides down the hairless groin between the legs. Her hand freezes as it glides right past the usual area of the penis and scrotum. Instead, she feels soft folds. That definitely isn't right. She must have made a mistake. She pats the groin as if her goal is there somewhere and she is only off by a few millimeters.

Carina cannot find what she's looking for so she decides she will see for herself. It is obviously some kind of misunderstanding. Maybe she is feeling the armpit or something. There is no way she neded up picking up a woman last night… did she? As her eyes slowly open, she gets a flash of blonde hair through her hazy vision. She blinks rapidly so her eyes can finally clear up. When they do, she sees Sarah Wal—Bartowski looking at her with the most frightened wide-eyed expression.

"AH!" Carina lets out a quick loud yell as she puts the pieces together. She just played with Sarah's breast and felt her vagina. She just felt up her best friend. That is just so wrong in her opinion.

A loud bang and the bed trembling puts her scream to a sudden halt. "OW! Shit!" A male voice hoarsely groans loudly. "Why're you yelling?" the voice whines with grogginess.

"What was that?" Carina whispers fearfully as she grabs hold of Sarah and squeezes tightly for comfort. Carina's hands grab onto the part of Sarah with the most surface area. It just so happens that that is Sarah's breasts.


Chuck is sleeping peacefully when a sudden scream wakes him with a start and he sits up suddenly. After only a quarter second of sitting up, his head collides with a hard surface. "OW! Shit!" He groans loudly as he puts his hand to his head. "Why're you yelling?" He complains groggily as he tries to assess his location. It is dark and cool. His back is against a hard surface. He looks to his right to see a blinding light seeping under and the bottom of a double counter set. He cranes his head back as far as he can and looks straight up to see more light shining in. The light is coming from a u-shape and he finally realizes that he is under the bed and on his back.

He rolls out from under the bed slowly by the foot area. He struggles to a single knee and then up to his feet. He instantly loses his balance and falls into the wall. He uses the wall to hold himself up. He runs his hands down his face and looks at the occupants of the bed. His slack jawed expression doesn't budge as all he can see is a blur of flesh color on the bed through his hung-over cloudy vision. Instead of figuring out what that is on the bed, he just splashes face down onto the bed next to them. He slowly lifts his head and looks at Sarah and Carina who are smiling sheepishly as they are both completely nude with Sarah still lying on top of Carina. His eyes instantly widen as his vision finally clears and he realizes that he sees a completely nude, except for a single black latex boot, Sarah laying there with her left hand handcuffed to the headboard. Carina is underneath her and completely nude except for a black latex boot on her left leg that reaches the bottom of her knee. Both of them continue smiling sheepishly at him.

He jumps back and falls off the side of the bed and onto the floor. A loud thump reverberates around the room and he slowly gets back up to his feet. "What…?" His jaw completely drops as he looks on in utter confusion.

"Nice package," Carina muses with a sly smile to try to ease the tension as she stares at his manhood while it starts becoming hard and erect from seeing his lovely wife caressed by a beautiful woman. Chuck looks down to see he is completely nude. He lifts his left knee and turns slightly as he covers his groin. His skin turns beet red as he blushes from the embarrassment.

"Chuck," Sarah states worriedly as her eyes fixate on white gauze and medical tape she can see on the edges of his back as he turns slightly in embarrassment, "what happened to your back?" Chuck tries to look at his back by pulling on his shoulder and turning his head but he just looks like a dog chasing its tail as he spins in a circle. "Oh my god," Sarah looks on in horror. "Your whole back is bandaged."

"What?" Chuck asks in fear.

"Oh my god!" Sarah exclaims with the same worriedness. "Your eye!"

"Ouch," Carina muses with a slight cringe. Chuck feels his right eye and it is slightly puffy and it very tender and sore.

"What the hell happened last night?" Chuck asks with disbelief as he looks around the room in surprise. He is standing over his completely naked wife and her completely naked friend while he is completely naked himself.

"I don't remember," Sarah says truthfully with a rusty voice. "Now please, get me out of this thing." She shakes her cuffed left hand.

Carina slides from underneath Sarah with a full-blown grin on her face. "Clean-shaven, huh? I always knew it." Sarah narrows her eyes at Carina for looking at Sarah's vulnerable body. Sarah impulsively looks up and down Carina's nude body to see her tiny dark nipples in great proportion to her areolas, and the small fiery red Christmas tree that starts at the start of the crease between her legs. Sarah is quite impressed with Carina's lithe body as she feels slightly turned on. "Seriously Sarah, you have one sweet sexy body," Carina states with envy as slight pleasure. "Chuck, you're a lucky guy."

"I know," Chuck smiles brightly at Sarah's nude form.

"Get me outta here now!" Sarah nearly yells as her patience is lost and she hates the vulnerable spot she is in. She shakes the handcuff violently. Both Chuck and Carina are just looking over her nude body like she is a famous painting or something and the bed covers are nowhere to be seen. Wait, there they are… tied to the bathroom door knob.

Carina huffs and rolls her eyes. She grabs a bobby pin from the end table and picks the lock in seconds. "Happy Walker?"

"It's Bartowski," Sarah states proudly as she stands up and looks around the hotel room. "Now where the hell are we?"

"I have no idea," Chuck nods in agreement. "Wait a second!" He blurts out in complete shock. He looks at Carina like she is absolutely insane. "Why the hell are you in Vegas? This is *our* honeymoon."

"You flew us out. You don't remember?" Carina now looks at him like he is crazy. "You won a bunch of money at blackjack and forced us to come by buying us plane tickets."

"Who's us?" Sarah demands cautiously.

"Me, Casey, Morgan, and Bryce," Carina answers nonchalantly.

"Why don't I remember that?" Chuck asks confusedly as he raises an eyebrow.

"I don't remember that either," Sarah shares a look of confusion at Chuck and then turns back to Carina as if Carina has all the answers.

"I actually don't remember anything from last night," Chuck muses with even more confusion.

"Me neither," Carina puts her hands up in surrender. "The last thing I remember was going to Planet Hollywood."

"What the hell, I don't remember that," Sarah says with annoyance as she finally remembers the bandages after the crazy morning; or more like afternoon. "Wait, let me see your back Chuck."

"Okay…" he trails as he turns his back to her. She carefully pulls the tape off the top of his back and peels the bandaging away. Her eyes widen and she lets out a shocked sigh. "What? What is it?" Chuck demands curiously at hearing her sigh.

"It's a tattoo," Sarah states numbly as she is in too much awe of the amazing artwork on his back.

"Tattoo?" Chuck reiterates worriedly. "Oh god, Ellie's gonna kill me."

"It's, it's of me," Sarah muses in the same paralyzed shock.

"Really?" Chuck again tries to look at it but only ends up looking like a dog chasing his tail.

"That's pretty hot," Carina muses as she licks her lips.

"It is kind of sweet," Sarah muses as a smile creeps up on her lips.

"What does it look like?" Chuck demands impatiently.

"It is of me holding a gun up," Sarah answers.

"And it looks exactly like her," Carina fits in.

"Let me see," Chuck walks into the bathroom. After a few seconds, Carina and Sarah hear Chuck state, "holy shit!"

The two girls quickly rush in to see his sudden curse. The bathroom is slightly trashed with the shower curtain torn down and toilet paper splayed around. His right eye is slightly swollen and purple. But those aren't what caused Chuck's profanity as he is mesmerized by the image in the mirror. His tattoo is of Sarah in a sexy black gown and she is holding a gun Timothy Dalton style from the James Bond series. She is winking at the viewer with a big smile on her face.

"That's so crazy," he sighs after inspecting it thoroughly. "It looks just like you and it's pretty sexy," he stifles a chuckle. "You winking like that and all."

Sarah smiles brightly as she looks at Chuck. She cannot help herself as she decides to look over her new husband in all his naked glory, but she notices something eccentric. "Chuck, why is your ass cheek so red?"

"What?" Chuck turns and looks in the mirror with alarm. His left ass cheek is red with multiple tiny fan shaped imprints.

Carina gets curious and decides to look over her body for anything different and unusual. She notices the same marks as Chuck has on her left ass cheek. "What the hell?" She exclaims in annoyance. "I have the same marks!"

Chuck and Sarah both look from his ass to her ass in surprise. Chuck quickly bends over and inspects Sarah's ass to see if there is any blemishes to the perfect backside. She blushes as his hands frame each cheek. "You don't have any marks," Chuck informs her and she quirks an eyebrow as she tries to contemplate what could've made the marks.

As she is in deep thought, her eyes drift towards Carina only for her eyes to rest on Carina's breasts. She quickly glances down out of embarrassment to see Carina's groin and quickly looks back up towards the ceiling. She finally realizes all three of them are completely nude except for the single boot she is wearing and the boot Carina is wearing. "Maybe we should get some clothes on and see where we are," Sarah suggests sheepishly.

"That's the first thing that's made sense to me this whole morning," Chuck huffs as Sarah and Carina look around the room for their clothes.

"Why am I wearing this boot and you're wearing the other?" Carina asks with a chuckle.

"I don't remember," Sarah states with slight resentment as she scolds herself for not remembering. She was trained to withstand high amounts of alcohol and blacking out makes her feel pathetic. "Just help me get it off."

The room is in complete disarray and the chairs are toppled over and their clothes are draped over random objects and areas of the room. After they are all dressed, Chuck peeks outside to see a private hallway with Roman columns that frame the entrance to the main area. Chuck cautiously steps over the vomit pooled on the floor and along the marble tiles in the hallway as Sarah and Carina follow close behind at an even quieter pace than him.

He turns the corner to see an acoustic piano covered in clothes by the glass wall that has a luxurious patio that looks over the entire strip. There is a hot tub on the patio and someone with jet black hair is sleeping with his head above the water and slouched against the corner. Chuck looks down to the couch where Casey is sleeping on the couch in a sitting position. Casey's head is craned back and he is fully clothed in black slacks, a fancy dark blue dress shirt, and a light blue tie. "Check on Casey," Chuck orders Sarah. She walks over and shakes him gently.

This room is a pigsty too. The couch has a hole burnt into it; there is food on the lavish white rug that now looks more like a Jackson Pollock painting than anything else, and the fifty two inch television has a huge hole in it. One of the panes of the glass wall is completely missing and there is a pair of bathroom bars with pillows duct-taped to each end.

"Casey," Sarah shakes him as his eyes flutter against his will.

He lets out a grumble like a sleeping bear before opening a single eye slightly. "What the hell, Walker?" He grumbles groggily through the squinted eye.

"It's Bartowski," Sarah retorts with slight anger as that is the second time they called her by her maiden name. "Are you alright?"

"Huh? What?" He looks around in confusion. "Yea, I'm alright. What the hell happened last night?"

"We were hoping you could answer that," Sarah smiles sheepishly. "Let me guess, you don't remember anything at all."

"Not since going to Planet Hollywood last night." He looks around again at the pigsty room. "What time is it?"

Carina looks at the digital alarm clock dangling over the counter that is only supported by the plug. She reads it out loud, "2:18pm."

"Fuck," Casey drawls as he rubs his hands down his face.

"Who's sleeping in the tub?" Sarah asks as she sees through the missing pane of the glass wall.

"We should probably check," Chuck decides as he looks over at the person in the tub.

"What happened to your face, Bartowski?" Casey asks.

"Beat's me," Chuck shrugs as he walks through the opening to the patio. He eyes it with curiosity and confusion as he steps through it and walks around the hot tub. As he walks around, he sees the profile of someone with a thick beard. He continues until he is looking at the snoozing face of his best friend, Morgan. "It's Morgan." There are about ten towels inside the tub with him. They are all weighed down by the water and sunk to the bottom.

"So, if that's Morgan, then where's Bryce?" Sarah asks Casey and Carina. "You did say we flew him out."

"I'll go check the other rooms," Carina states before running off.

Chuck kneels down next to Morgan and realizes he is only wearing boxers in the tub. Chuck shakes his head as he taps Morgan on the head. "Morgan, buddy," he starts shaking Morgan's head. "Wake up."

"I'm sinking in Dagobah," Morgan groggily complains in his sleep as he doesn't want to wake up. "Help me, Yoda."

"Morgan," Chuck lets out a tiny chuckle as he smiles at Morgan's silliness. "Come on, buddy. Wake up and put some clothes on." He looks up to Sarah and Casey, who was able to stand up and stand next to Sarah. "Can you get him a towel?"

"Sure, I got it," Sarah says before disappearing.

"Chuck?" Morgan looks at him like he is crazy through reddened eyes. "Chuck," he smiles as he remembers flying into Vegas last night. "What's up, dude?"

"Not much, except for waking up completely nude underneath a bed in a room I never been in before," Chuck states nonchalantly. "Other than that, not much."

"What? What do you mean you never been in before?" Morgan furrows his brow. "This is your suite, right?"

"Not that I remember," Chuck quips as he stands up.

Morgan looks around fearfully to see Casey standing there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. His hair is slightly ruffled and he looks like he hasn't slept in days. Morgan finally realizes the liquescent substance around his body and his brow furrows even more. "Why am I in a hot tub?"

"I would tell you but I don't remember anything. Do you?"

"I don't even remember leaving the suite," Morgan chuckles. "It must've been one hell of a night."

"You can say that again," Chuck grins as Sarah comes back with a bed sheet.

"Does this work?" She holds the bed sheet out. "I couldn't find any towels. It's like they've just disappeared."

"That's fine," Chuck says as he smiles at his new wife. "All the towels are the tub for some reason." He turns to his best friend, "Morgan, get dressed."

"Um… guys," Carina states apprehensively as she appears by Casey's side. "I can't find Bryce."

"Did you check every room?" Chuck asks.

"Yea and there's no sign of him," Carina answers truthfully.


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