Life Led Me Here

Written for the prompt : Blake's 7, Avon, the real reason he was in it for the money

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Avon had led an affluent life, an alpha grade life, but he was intelligent. He'd had distant parents and unforgiving nannies and lived in a world where it was easier to send a child something to occupy him, rather than pass the time of day with him.

He'd felt the burgeoning loathing from delta grade nannies who'd resented his wealth and superiority, heard vivid and gruesome tales of 'real' life as they saw it, as if he lived in a fairy tale. Expectations had always been high, a burden of letting his parents down if he wasn't top in his class, of being disappointing on top of unwanted. He'd grown up isolated, sent to boarding school young and signed up for extra classes because young minds need to be kept occupied, filled with the right information. Yes, his parents had been well aware of Blake's rebel predecessors and so he'd been submerged into a world of endless study of what they wanted him to believe.

No connections not sanctioned by his parents, no interests not agreed and directed by trusted staff, no self. Avon had learnt early that the only thing he could trust in life was money and that money would buy him the freedoms he so craved. Money Avon understood. Money and its consequences.