Quick fanfic for a friend who wanted a rue/mint- SORRY MINT/RUE! fic. Will write a better one after I've finished the game.. LOL;;

My name's Mint and I'm basically the best person in the world. I'm way better than my dumb sister and I'm also way prettier too. And smarter. Well, basically I'm a million times more everything than she is. But everyone's too dumb to see that because they kicked me out. Well, I'm not gonna bore you with my story even though it's a totally amazing one.

So instead I'm gonna tell you about how I, the great and mighty and beautiful Mint, went on a quest to find this thing called a Relic which would basically make me more amazing than anyone in the world.

So, I go to this hick town in order to find the relic, right? Total bum town, full of poor losers and stuff. And after a bunch of stuff happens that I won't bother telling you about but basically involved me being totally badass and wonderful, I meet this crazy old guy named Klaus who says he can find the Relic for me.

Unfortunately there's this other kid looking for the Relic too.

His name is Rue. What kinda dumb name is that? Anyway, he's got white hair-which is totally funny looking seeing as it's not like he's an old man or anything- and he's also really really quiet. This kid hardly talks, he just stares and nods. Totally annoying! I don't get people who don't talk. If you wanna say something, say it! Don't just stare at me, you freak! Anyway, he's totally lame, kinda like my sister only maybe not that bad.

So, like I said, this guy's going for the Relic too. Oh, he says he's only gonna use it quick and then give it to me afterwards, but I so do not trust him. He's got these real shifty eyes, you know? Like, I bet he's up to something. Totally not cool.

Well, you don't know how hard I laughed when this guy got crushed by a big ol' boulder! Too bad he came back later as if nothing had happened… Well, I guess that wasn't too bad seeing as he saved me from a monster… but.. no! I didn't need any help! Especially not from creepy kids with white hair like him! I don't need help from anyone! Jeez!

But you know what? I wonder if maybe he'll be useful. I mean, even though it's not like I NEEDED any help, I guess it was kinda good of him to help me even though I was so fine by myself. Maybe he'll prove to be really useful.. and maybe I can use him to get one back on Maya.

B-but I mean, of course once I'm done with him, I'm dumping the sucker. Not like I'm gonna keep that guy around or anything. No way.