Logan was glad that Forge's jet had been large enough to carry his bike. He hadn't liked the idea of having to travel by cab throughout New Orleans. As soon as he rolled his bike onto Bourbon Street he picked up Ororo's scent, and he also knew exactly where she'd be headed.

He pulled up to the seedy looking bar just on the outskirts of town; he had only ever been there once a couple of years back. It wasn't anything fancy something that people in the south called a juke joint. The only way anyone would even know the place was there was the red neon sign hanging above the door that flashed 'Lebeau'. Logan parked his bike and quickly sniffed the air. 'Bingo'.

He entered the bar and the patrons parted like the Red Sea, and judging by the frightened looks on some of their faces they most likely remember the last time he had visited their little watering hole. Logan kept straight through the main area of the little club and headed to the back where the seedier things happen, mostly gambling. That was where he found his target.

"Look wot da meenoo dun drug in here," The thick accent of the young Cajun seated at one of the three poker tables bellowed out. "Logan, mon ami, its been too long, no?"

"Cut the shit Gumbo, where is she?" Logan said as he folded his leather-clad arms across his broad chest.

"Who this she you talking 'bout?" Gambit asked his red eyes displaying true confusion, as he dealt out cards to the other men seated at his table.

"Storm, and I know she's been here." He could smell her though he found it difficult with all the smoke, booze, and very cheap perfume floating in the air.

"Ah, Stormy, Gambit wish he could tell you where Stormy be but he can't.

"Can't or won't"

"There be a difference?" Gambit asked with a smirk.

"I had really thought you'd learned from that last time I was here." Logan threw out and his words of warning had several customers who did remember, getting up from the tables and leaving out.

"Last time, you came to Gambit looking fo' Marie, no?" Gambit asked as he casually looked at his hand. "You don seem to have much luck with de ladies Logan, Gambit sho can help you wit that if you like."

"Look I'm only gonna ask you one more time, then I'm gonna have ta hurt ya."

"Oh Gambit know you gon try," Gambit looked directly at Logan as he held up a card and fused it with energy. "But as I recall last time the only ting you hurt of Gambit's was his pockets. I still ain't fixed this place up completely afta yo las visit."


"We really gon do this mon ami?" Gambit asked but the reply didn't come from Logan.

"No, there is no need for violence." Ororo's voice spoke out and Logan cut his eyes to where she approached. With all the fumes swirling around him Logan wasn't surprised he hadn't been able to smell her scent well enough to determine if she was actually in the building or not. "Logan please put those away." She said gently and as if they were programmed to Ororo's voice, Logan's blade instantly gave into her command and retracted.

"'Ro," Logan whispered out as if saying a prayer, while it eyes took her in; roaming over her body from head to toe as if taking inventory to make sure everything was like it was suppose to be.

"I have a room in the back, come Logan." She said and then turned and disappeared around a corner.

"I better not find any of your shit in that room." Logan warned as he looked back at Gambit, who was in the mist of winning the hand he had just dealt.

"Logan kno Stormy and Gambit be like family," Gambit's red eyes glared and scowled at Logan for his implications. "Stormy, Gambit's petite soeur, and if Logan ever hurt her again Gambit gon make him real sorry."

"Fair enough Gumbo," Logan threw out as he followed Ororo's trail. He found her in the bedroom at the very end of the long hall. When he entered the room he saw that she was standing with her back to him, removing her clothing from the bureau and putting them into a duffel bag. "I thought you'd put up more of a fight than this darlin." Logan said as he closed the door behind him and moved to the bed, which he sat upon.

"There is nothing to fight over." Ororo said casually as she plucked, folded and placed her items from bureau to bag.

"So yer just gonna come home with me without a fuss?"

"No, I am not going anywhere with you." Logan bunched his brow in confusion.

"But yer packin…"

"I am leaving Remy because I know that if I stay 'you' will provoke a fight, and I do not wish to bring trouble to my brother. I came here for peace."

"You left me…and wit Forge." Logan spat at her even the words caused his anger at being abandoned to flare. Ororo stilled in her task, she could hear the pain as well as anger in his words. She found herself wanting to go to him, wrap her arms around him and reassure him. She turned to him and was met with hurt and mad eyes.

"Logan, do you love me?" She asked point blank and Logan simply sat staring silently, not sure if she were asking him a trick question. After a few seconds she continued. "I know that you are capable of love, I see the way that you are with Marie, you care for her as a father would care for his child. But I do not mean that type of love. I mean…" She paused again not sure she even wanted to know the answer to what she was asking him. "Your feelings for Jean…"

"No," Logan spoke out abruptly as he stood from the bed and moved to face her. Ororo's chest tightened a bit at his words and she bowed her head not wanting him to see the tears that had started to form. She had always suspected that Logan did not and could not love her, as he seemed to love Jean, yet still having him acknowledge it was quite painful. "I ain't in love wit Jeannie." Logan continued and Ororo snapped her eyes back up to lock with his in surprise. "I ain't never loved her or been in love wit her."

"You do not have to lie to spare my feelings Logan, I went into our marriage with my eyes open." Ororo said not believing his claims.

"You know me, probably better than most, when have I ever lied to ya?" He asked and waited. She didn't have to think on the question because she knew he never had lied to her. "I know I ain't never loved Jean because the moment I had you, that first touch…taste, I haven't had one single thought about Jean." He reached out and brushed his right hand against her hair and she closed her eyes to his touch, freeing the tears hiding there. "Not once, I swear it. Yer all I think about, Jean don't make me burn wit lust anymore, you do that ta me, just you." He used his thumb to wipe away the tears gliding down her face. "I already told ya, it's only you 'Ro but if you need me to say 'those' words then…I love you Ororo Munroe." Logan said in a low voice as he fused his forehead to hers and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Say that again," Ororo spoke in a pleading quivering voice, her lips trembling from the emotions his words caused in her.

"All of that?" Logan asked playfully as he lifted his head a bit. "Sorry darlin, my memory ain't that great." He said around a smirk and a smile spread across Ororo's face as she gripped his forearms. In response Logan swiftly placed his eager hands on her hips.

"Just say that last part again." She corrected.

"I love you." He said sincerely as he leaned in and placed a soft kiss upon her mouth, but before she could deepen it he pulled back. "I love you," Logan said again as he lowered his head and kissed the curve where her neck and left shoulder merged, causing Ororo to gasp and then moan. "I love you." He moved on and placed a kiss upon the rounding of her left shoulder. "I love you," He trailed his tongue from her shoulder up across her neck and stopped at her earlobe, which he took a moment to nibble. "Now let me take you home, so I can show you over and over and over again just how much I love you." He spoke into her ear. Ororo throbbed with need for him as she breathed in deeply and felt light-headed.

"Home, must we wait that long. There is a perfectly good bed right behind you." She asked as she looked at him with lust filled eyes.

"Darlin, if you could smell all the foulness coming off that bed like I can, ya probably wouldn't have slept on it." Logan stated and Ororo frowned up at the thought as she looked at the bed. "Now lets go home, ok?"

"Ok," She agreed with a nod and a smile.