"Let me go!" a woman gasped at the end of a damp, dark and narrow street, filled with cold crisp air and the undeniable smell of salt.

The woman was struggling against her captors. One was a pirate, brandishing his dagger across her smooth tanned neck, forcing her to stay still. The other was worse, with a leering smile and piercingly cold blue eyes.

"Ah you delirious wench stay still!" the one holding her soft and intoxicating body against his.

She cried out as the dagger pressed into her skin and caused blood to fall in tiny droplets on her white blouse. "Hold 'er still" the one with the sinister smile answered back took a few steps forward and placed his grimy hand on her delicate chin, lifting her face upwards. He was met with two fierce chocolate eyes, seductive pouty lips and a beautiful face framed by soft dark hair.

"Ahh" he sighed, his eyes full of lust, heightened when he saw her chest, straining against the meager buttons of her blouse. She was pushed up against a wall now, waiting for the worst to come. She was alone and at the mercy of two bloodthirsty and lusty pirates.

"What do you miscreant scoundrels think yer doin'?" came a voice, clear in the darkness and sounding to the woman cornered by the two pirates like warm chocolate, rum, the sea and velvet all at once. She managed to look up.

"Cap'n Sparrow" the first pirate who only a few seconds ago had been hitching the woman's skirts up.

"We was only havin a bit o' fun with this wench" the second one replied uneasily.

"Well that may be, but is the lady having fun? Are you luv?" he drawled. The woman softly closed her large orb like brown eyes and refused to answer. For all she knew this pirate was here to humiliate her too. But something in his voice made her trust him.

"Well it appears she is not and I hardly blame her therefore I suggest you insipid dogs leave" he drawled,'a large hand with various rings reaching unsteadily for his sword. The two pirates walked away cursing. They had been denied their treat. The woman stared in the darkness at this man who had helped her. She straightened her long dress out and smoothed her hair.

" I was absolutely fine on my own" she exclaimed haughtily , daring the silent pirate to say otherwise.

"Yes you looked like you were managing the situation rather well, what with a knife pressed to your throat and all"' he shot back with a devilish grin.

"Angelica Cruz" she said resignedly, holding out an elegant hand "Captain jack sparrow" the man bowed courteously, although slurring some of his words.

Angelica stared. She'd heard enough stories of a mythical Pirate who practically ruled the seven seas. She was about to interject with a witty response when he raised his hand in a farewelling gesture.

"Well luv, happy to be of service. I can hardly see you in the dark but I have a strong feelin' that if you stay for long in this alley those men willl come runnin' back. If you'll kindly excuse me I have a brothel to seek out"'and with that she could barely make out a man stumbling through the darkened alley. She felt a look of confusion cross her face, and then she broke out into a seriously unexpected smile, and breathed in the salty sea air, steadying her racing heart.

Angelica gathered her skirts around her and walked quickly through the deserted street. She wondered if the Jack Sparrow she had just met was the one she always heard about. She wondered how he looked like, imagining a thousand different faces. She walked for ages until she reached the large ivory gates, her convent.

When she was a little girl, raised by her beautiful Spanish mother, she was told of legends of the sea, and that her father was an evil man but the love of her life, a fearsome pirate called Blackbeard. The other children were fascinated by the beautiful stories her mother weaved, but all Angelica could think of was her father and whether his soul would ever be redeemed. Which had lead her to choose a path of God. The convent.

She gently pushed the gates opened and walked past the nuns. In just two days, she would take her vows and be a nun forever, locked away and serving God. Maybe then her prayers to help her father's soul pure again would be heard. She walked past the cold stone walls and made it to her dormitory. She had to be in silence for the next 24 hours to meditate on her decision to take her vows. She entered her room and securely locked the door. A cool breeze filtered through the large stone windows and she could grasp a hint of the salty sea air and the sweet heat that accompanied a Spanish summer. She walked over to her mirror and looked in, trying hard to suppress any doubts she had about the convent and life as a nun. She tried to mute the passion in her eyes and ignore the sea air that seemed to call to her. She was not a pirate.

As she was lost in her thoughts and her reflection, she saw a shape move in the large stone window. She quickly turned around.

"Spanish brothels are decidedly not what I had in mind" came a husky murmur. Angelica stared at the tall, dark and charming man standing on the window ledge. His voice was familiar, like honey and-

"This is not a brothel!" Angelica reprimaned fiercely, cutting herself off from her inner thoughts.

"Yes well luv its an honest mistake" he replied smoothly, a smirk playing upon his lips.

Angelica was determined to remain cool and calm.

"Dios míoeressuciopirata!" she cursed under her breath.

"I don' know much espanyole but I am not a dirty pirate senorita I am Captain Jack Sparrow." he protested indignantly.

Angelica let her eyelids shut in frustration. No wonder she recognised the voice, it was the man who had helped her in the alleyway.

"You have to go, Captain Jack Sparrow," she said sarcastically, "because this is not a brothel, it is a convent."

"What in the worl' are you doin' in a convent?" he said confusedly, his face morphing into a comic look of utter bewilderment, almost causing Angelica to laugh.

"I am to be a nun" she said simply, her Spanish accent lilting her words. They sounded wrong even to her, and the look on Jack's face made her feel even worse.

A knowing smirk had crossed his seductive features. "A nun eh?" he growled, coming closer, having stepped off the window and into her room.

Angelica refused to show him any emotion. She narrowed her eyes in disdain, and crossed her arms, which accentuated her chest even more.

"Truth is luv, I don' think you'd make a very good nun" he murmured, getting closer still.

"You don't even know me" she almost whispered, entranced by his chocolate eyes, almost identical to hers.

His large, calloused hand reached up to her collarbone, and traced up to her cheekbones, pushing a lock of silky brown hair back. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, she could smell his musky, salty scent, traced with rum.

"You touch my neck and think I am going to run away from my convent?" she remarked drily, desperately hoping to ruin the moment. Of course, her voice came out a little husky and shakier than expected, causing the knowing look in the pirates eyes to intensify.

"Aye you like that don' you" he grinned, showing several gold teeth.

"Do not touch me again" she warned menacingly.

"Angelica, don' be like that luv" he complained, all while pressing her incredibly soft body against his muscled chest, and felt the strangest feeling deep inside him as he looked into her stunning chocolate brown eyes, framed by beautiful lashes.

"How do you know my name?" she asked, trying to steadily catch her breath. She had never been so close to a man before, let alone a pirate.

"Come on luv, we met earlier, I introduced myself like a proper gentleman an' everything" he grinned down at her.

Angelica merely nodded coldly. Jack wasn't about to tell her that he had smelt her intoxicating scent, remembered her melodious voice and soft skin and hair and-

"Leave, please" Angelica whispered.

Jack nodded, his wild hair and beads shaking. His hands waved an elaborate farewell.

"Very well, its your decision. Enjoy being a nun" he added darkly. He strutted over to the window, hoping desperately that she'd call him back.

"Jack!" she called out, just as he was about to jump from the window.

He turned, regarding her seriously.

"Come here" she gestured. Jack was again enveloped by her beauty. She was as beautiful as the sea, so wild and free.

He walked over to her and wrapped her in his muscled arms and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back with equal passion and felt like she had never before, burning with lust, as if her whole body was on fire. He kissed her neck and his hands roamed on her body, causing her voice to catch in her throat, making her moan. Her fingers quickly removed his shirt and she ran her hands down his muscled chest, revelling in the heat emanating from him. She felt his lower half harden, and she stopped, remembering suddenly what was happening.

"Jack" she gasped.

He continued to let his rough hands travel up her white skirt, feeling the soft, smooth skin.

"Jack!" she called out. He looked up, his eyes bright and wide with lust, and something else which she couldn't quite pinpoint.

"What?" he murmured

"I've never done this before" she said, blushing furiously. She was normally in control, of everything. To blush while in a convent with a lusty and fierce pirate half naked on her simple bed was enough to make her laugh incredulously.

Jack looked at her seriously, and she felt like he could see through to her very soul.

"I know" he answered simply, and Angelica felt safe, comforted and her lust kicked in again. They felt their bodies ignite at every touch. His hands touched her in places she never even dreamed of a man touching, causing her to moan in pleasure. He became increasingly hard and she felt that if he did not place himself inside her she would burst into flame.

She gripped his shoulders and gasped that she was ready.

Jack with surprising gentleness removed her innocence and they gave into their lust, allowing pleasure to consume them as Angelica moved her body in ways she never knew were possible. His moans turned her on so much and together they reached dizzying pleasure.

After they were done, a long time later, Jack was asleep, exhausted from his encounter with the fiery nun to be. Angelica, glowing, looked at him sleeping, and marvelled at how peaceful he looked. Then she looked in her mirror once more. She was naked, flushed and red everywhere. She looked back at the naked Captain Jack Sparrow sprawled on her bed, with scratch marks on his back caused by her nails, and then at her messed up hair. She was no longer innocent, but as she looked over at the man on the bed, she knew she had no regrets.

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