Motor Ed was in love.
Just watching her made his mouth go dry and his palms turn moist.
It was by pure chance that they'd met. He had come out from Smarty Mart and that's when he saw her, just across the street.
Her curves sent shivers of desire coursing through him and the very thought of what they could do together made his heart beat faster.

Sure, she wasn't a young chick any more ,but hey, she more than made up for that in sheer hotness.
He thought back of the other ladies who'd drawn his attention. Although they'd been enemies, him and Red could have had something going, of that he was sure. She was an action-babe and he was an action-dude. She would have come around in time, it would have been natural.
And then there was Green. What a woman! Too bad cousin Drew had caught that bird. Ed had taken her on a totally sweet trip but Red had ruined his chances of getting some of that green magic. Jealous chicks were just too much for a man to handle. He should've known better. But Motor Ed wasn't the kind of man to hold things like that against a babe. It wasn't their fault for falling for him and he couldn't help being a totally awesome babe magnet.
Still, he felt a twinge of guilt when he admitted he had to break those poor girls' hearts.
"I'm sorry, Green. Sorry, Red, but you just can't compete. Seriously, you can't."
As he crossed the street to his new found love he whispered her name.
"1968 Dodge Charger".