The day was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, the grass looked a magnificent green, birds sang their songs of happiness and love, and today was the day Jade was supposed to fly in.

Dave was ecstatic, checking his outfit once, twice, and once more in a effort to look like his look was effortless. Slicking back his hair once more, adjusting his aviators, he composed a straight face and admired his look in the mirror. Discreetly of course. It would be rather uncool to be caught staring at himself.

Presently, the doorbell startled Dave out of his self-study. Recomposing a straight face, he nonchalantly strolled to the front door. Opening it, he was pleased with how fantastic Jade looked. Slightly stunned.

She was wearing a short blue dress, with a simple black jacket. It complimented her eyes and hair, and really fit her personality well. He kept a composed face as she hugged him rather forcefully, and then cooly returned the embrace.

GG: are you ready to go? :)

Hand in hand, the two made their way through the apartment building Dave resided in, and outside. It was no harder to talk in real life than online, and it felt no different either. Dave loved every second of it though, having her right there squeezing his hand with excitement at all the things in the city. Turning into the park, Jade slowed their walking.

TG: what is it
GG: ...
GG: you said once we were away from the apartments... :)

Dave froze slightly, a light blush coming to his face. However, he quickly dispelled it with a mental shake.

TG: stay cool stay cool, damn it

Giving a coy smile, Jade gazed at his lips. Returning a slight smile of his own, he leaned in to make the physical connection, the first kiss of two internet friends that were blossoming into something much mo-

"Arm's length apart, kids." Bro called from the bench behind them, adjusting his newspaper.

TG: gdi bro
GG: :o


A really short, completely un-thought through fic based off of a image I saw. It was Dave and Jade, holding hands, with Bro's back to them reading a newspaper, each saying their respective lines of the last three. is 4:30 in the morning and I can't let myself draw more Gamzee in a towel. Please review! I want to do more short fics, but need to know how to improve.