I'm having slight writer's block for Why is it Always Him? Results of my poll: 6 people wanted me to continue the Seiichiro fic first. 3 people wanted me to write the crackfic first. And lastly, 0 people wanted me to write the tragedy first. Which is kinda sad, since I've been thinking about the tragedy the most. :P

Disclaimer: Rima and Nagi are glad that I don't own Shugo Chara, because they would've ended up together A LONG TIME AGO if I did.

Amu's POV

Today's just a regular school day, with the Guardians' meeting and whatnot. Even so, me, Tadase-kun, Rima, and Yaya all experienced a mini-surprise. Here's what happened:

Tsukasa-san came into the Star Class classroom. Nikaidou-sensei looked up.

"Tsukasa, what are you doing here for?"

"Oh, Yuu…I came to ask the Guardians to my office. I want them to do a favor for me." Tsukasa winked at me, Tadase-kun, and Rima.

Nikaidou-sensei sweatdropped. "You know, you could just announce it on the loudspeaker…"

"But that's no fun! If I do that, I won't be able to see my dear nephew over the microphone!"

Everyone else sweatdropped.

The three of us followed Tsukasa-san down the hall to Yaya's classroom. After we picked her up, we went to the Moon Class, which was Nagihiko's classroom.

However, once Tsukasa-san opened the door, we saw…a weird sight.

What we saw was the Moon Class girls and the Moon Class boys all having a tug-of-war game, with poor Nagihiko as the rope.

The girls pulled Nagihiko over to their side. "Sexy!"

The boys pulled Nagihiko back. "Sporty!"

…They didn't even notice that the rest of the Guardians and the principal were watching them. Do you want to know what our reactions were at the moment?

I was totally confused. Why was this happening?

Tadase-kun was sweatdropping. Guess he wasn't expecting what he saw, either.

Yaya was shocked at first, but her eyes started gleaming and she started taking pictures for…I don't know, goofy memories?

Tsukasa acted like the scene before us was totally normal. He was still smiling that cheerful smile on his face and was just watching what happened like it was a comedy movie or something. Rima wouldn't be happy if she knew what I was thinking.

Speaking of Rima, I have no idea what she was feeling at that moment. She had the usual emotionless expression on her face, but since I'm her best friend and all, I could tell that it was a façade. She was feeling something…but what?

In fact, the only sane person in the Moon Class (besides Nagihiko) at that moment was Kirishima Fuyuki-kun. He was the only one who actually noticed us come in. He walked over to us.

Kirishima-kun decided to break the awkward silence. "Hi."

We all waved at him. It was an uncomfortable atmosphere, and the fact that he had confessed to Rima before wasn't helping.

Rima decided to voice all of our thoughts out loud, "What is going on here?"

Kirishima-kun merely shrugged. "Oh, this happens all the time."

My jaw dropped. This happens all the time? "W-why?"

Kirishima-kun replied, "The guys and girls all fight over whether Fujisaki is more sexy or sporty. The girls say he's 'sexy', because…I'm not sure why, and the guys say he's 'sporty' because he's like the best guy at sports ever since Souma."

While Kirishima-kun was explaining it to us, Nagihiko managed to break free from everyone else.

"Okay, okay! First of all, that's enough! Second, all of you made me lose feeling in my arms!" Nagihiko exclaimed, rubbing his shoulders.

The girls swooned. "Oh my gosh, he was talking to us! Nagihiko-sama is so cool!"

The boys just rolled their eyes. "Yeah, who cares about that? Just wait till you see the way he plays sports!" one of them retorted.

They all started arguing, and trust me, they were quite loud.

Nagihiko put his face in his hands. "Ugh…"

Kirishima-kun sighed. "Yo, Fujisaki, the other Guardians plus Tsukasa-san are here."

Nagihiko looked up and saw us. "…Please tell me that none of you saw what just happened."

Rima rolled her eyes. "Oh, only all of us saw all of it."

Nagihiko sighed and turned to Kirishima-kun. "Kirishima-kun, will you please calm the other students down please?"

Kirishima-kun looked at the chaos. "…Okay." And he left.

Nagihiko turned back to us. "Before you ask, the reason why Sakura-sensei isn't here right now is because she refuses to teach us when this kind of stuff starts up." He pointed to the ruckus going on.

Rhythm suddenly appeared. "Well, if the boys want sports, then why don't we give them what they want? Character change!" He snapped his fingers, and the headphones appeared around Nagihiko's neck.

Nagihiko yelled out, "Hey, guys! If you really want me to play sports, then I'll do it! Come on, let's go!" And with that, he ran out of the classroom, with the boys pursuing and screaming in excitement.

Nagihiko started punishing Rhythm for making the situation worse than it already was, and flicked him several times. The boys were wondering why Nagihiko was "flicking the air". After he was done with that, he sat down on a random bench and started muttering, "I so totally suck…"

Tadase-kun decided to lighten up the atmosphere. "Tsukasa-san, why did you call the Guardians together earlier today?"

Tsukasa-san snapped his fingers. "Ah, that's right! I wanted you guys to volunteer to keep the Moon Class in control! They've been acting like this for a while now, and the teachers have been complaining that they were too loud. So I decided to let the Guardians fix the problem!"

Well…that explained why he was acting so used to the insanity…wait, WHAT? No way am I going to help out! I can tell that all of them are very capable of tearing us apart! "Heck, no!"

"No way." –Rima

"I don't really think that's a good idea…" –Tadase

"Yaya doesn't want to!" –Yaya

We all walked off before Tsukasa had a chance to react. I mean, why not keep things the way they are now? Kirishima-kun seemed quite good at managing the Moon Class earlier.

Rima's POV

So that's why Tsukasa called for the Guardians so suddenly. I mean, I understand why he would ask for something like this, but nobody wants to manage a bunch of fangirls/fanboys. That's like you're about to commit suicide.

Even so, that doesn't mean that I don't care about the fact that Nagihiko had fangirls. If those fangirls think he's 'sexy', I'm going to fight for him. Two can play at this game. And I'm going to win it.

Ohohoho, Rimahiko FTW! I'm awesome, aren't I? :) I'm just kidding, but seriously, RIMAHIKO FTW! I AM AN AGGRESSIVE RIMAHIKO FANGIRL! …Okay, enough of that.