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AN: This is for the Bubble's Tratie Bet Challenge! It's a continuation of bet number 21: Powers and Speed. If you want to read this, I would suggest reading her story, Some Bets That Katie Shouldn't Have Made, first. Enjoy!

Travis stretched in front of the Demeter cabin while he waited for Katie to come out. She had "lost" the bet, so he was making her go on a ten mile run.

Finally Katie came out and Travis was disappointed to see that she was wearing her tightest sports bra, but he supposed he deserved it after the remark he made.

"Hey Katiekins!" Travis smirked, trying to get under her skin.

"Go away," Katie muttered, still looking half asleep. He had no idea why, since it was already five in the morning. The sun was up and everything!

"Come on, Katie," Travis sighed and grabbed her hand, pulling her to the ground to stretch.

Sleepily she obliged, accidently landing on top of him. Travis decided he could get used to a half asleep Katie after all.

"Come on," he suggested, "Stretch Katie, you know you can do it."

Finally he got her moving, and they were about five minutes into their run.

"Now isn't this great…Katie?" Travis looked around and discovered that the brunette was nowhere to be found.

He started looking around everywhere, and then freaking out, since she wasn't in her cabin, the showers, his cabin, the big house, the pavilion…

"Hey Travis!" he heard a voice call happily, "Those runs are fun. You disappeared though, did you fall behind or something?"

"Katie?" Travis asked, his mouth dropping open, "Y-you…"

"What Travis?"

"I just spent an hour looking for you! What the heck?"

"You could have just kept running. I'm not a baby, Travis."

"But Ka-sorry," he said sheepishly.

"Now, I've got to go get cleaned up. Bye, Travis!"

Katie kept one thing from him…she didn't actually run. She hid in the bushes then went to sleep in the Athena cabin, since Annabeth had said that she could.