Ok, I'm back. I wanted to play around a little more with my favourite characters and also try a slower approach to a story rather than the rollercoaster of SSOH, so you'll have to be patient to find out how the thing unfolds.

twilight belongs to SM


Jasper's POV

She dropped into my life. My undead life. Literally.

I was streaking along a campsite in the dark, looking for prey, when I heard a cry and something dropped from an overhanging rock formation above me. It landed in a crumpled heap before my feet, and I heard the sound of a heart and smelt the scent of blood at once. The scent hit me with a vengeance and certainly not in the way it usually did. I was hungry as hell. My last kill had left me so depressed that I had been starving myself to the point of being almost out of control. In the end I had taken to running the desert at night, basically hoping that a fight would find me weakened, and this existence of death and terror could finally come to an end.

Of course, I had given in to the beast and had started looking for prey again, disgusting. However, now, with a bleeding human at my feet, I felt no thirst at all, but happiness and an overwhelming need to guard and protect the creature in front of me as best as I could for the rest of my existence. Confused I approached the human moaning at my feet. What should I do?

I was saved from any further thinking about that when running steps came closer and a worried voice sounded out in the night: "Bella? Bella darling, what have you done now? Are you hurt?" A pretty woman in a floating flowery skirt bent down to the other human on the ground.

"Maybe I should call an ambulance?" I suggested suavely. Then I stopped breathing, struggling to stay in control and not to just jump and drain her. Obviously she knew the person who was about to become my life, and I really did not want her first impression of me to be that of a killer butchering someone next to her. Getting away now was not an option after the woman had shone a flashlight straight into my face. "What happened?" I asked, sending trust her way. I did not want to explain why I was walking around here at night.

She pushed some hair out of her eyes and shook her head. "My daughter must have been sleepwalking again and stumbled off that cliff. Yes, an ambulance would be good, but my cell", she checked hers, "Is not charged, as usually. Could you pleaseā€¦"

Oh god, I had almost killed her mother. "Of course, no problem."

At that moment the girl on the floor sat up. "Mom? What's going on?"

"Shh, darling, we'll get you to a doctor soon, just lie back down." The woman wrapped her in her poncho to keep her warm.

I swallowed hard. The girl with the amazing scent had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes and wonderful long mahogany hair. I looked closer and started. I would have to talk to Peter, at once.