The child of two nations

'Why did I do this? Why didn't I just tell Aang the truth? How could I do this to him..' Katara gazed into those beautiful golden eyes and couldn't find any more room in her heart for regret. This was her son, how could she feel anything but joy when he smiled at her like that. When he laid there, waiting to be held by his mother, reaching out to her. She gently picked up her son, supporting his head and started slowly rocking him in her arms.
"Have you decided on a name yet?" Suki asked her as she walked in. The waterbender's son was starting to drift off, to his mother's relief. She hadn't told anyone her secret and she'd been lucky her son was such a heavy sleeper.
"No, I wanted to wait for Aang to return.." Katara replied and smiled faintly. It wasn't hard to see there was something wrong and it worried Suki.
"How are you?"
"Fine, just fine." It was a quick response and had become her automatic reply to that particular question. Suki placed a hand on Katara's shoulder.
"It's best to talk about it if you feel a distance between you and your child. I felt the same with my first child, but I managed to get over it once Sokka took her off my hands more often." Katara looked at her sister-in-law and smiled faintly.
"I didn't know. I'm sorry. Nothing's wrong, I don't feel a distance between him and me," She explained to Suki, smiling a bit, hoping she'd drop the subject.
"Do you miss Aang then? He'll be back tomorrow. I know it must've been hard delivering this baby on your own and taking care of him and not having Aang around to help you through any of it." Katara looked at her child for a moment. 'It's actually been a relief not having Aang around..'
"No, really, I'm fine, Suki. Just a bit tired." She told Suki, who seemed a bit shocked. 'Doesn't she miss him?'
"Ok.. I'll let you get some rest then." Suki told her and left the room. Katara sighed softly and sat down on the bed. Her son opened his eyes and looked up at her. 'What am I going to tell Aang?' She warmly smiled at her son and realized there was another problem.
"What am I going to tell your father?"

Rumors had been circulating all over the fire nation. That she had been unable to bear him a child or that she fell in love with another man and left him. None of it was true. The firelord had continued to deny these rumors, but his people kept on speculating. She'd had enough of it. Not only had Zuko divorced her, but everyone was blaming it on her. Mai hadn't done anything to deserve this kind of treatment, he'd dumped her without a proper explanation. All he'd told her was that he didn't love her anymore. Mai knew what he told her was the truth, but there was more behind it. He'd never loved her as much as he claimed, but he didn't divorce her until after Sokka's coronation. Mai had her own theories as to why she and the firelord split up, but for his sake she hadn't told anyone.
"Mai, what are you staring at?" Ty Lee asked her, waving her hand in front of Mai's face. Mai grabbed hold of her friend's hand and moved it away.
"Nothing." She stated and walked through. Ty Lee looked at the seashell and smiled faintly. 'She must've thought it was pretty.' The both of them walked alongside the shoreline. Ty Lee watched as a few little kids played beach volleyball.
"Don't you just love Ember Island, Mai?" Mai looked at her and smiled faintly.
"Sure." 'Zuko and I spent so much time here over the years..'

Aang got off Appa and petted his bison faintly, smiling warmly.
"Thanks for the ride, old boy." Appa let out a soft growl and licked Aang's face. The avatar laughed a bit and wiped the bison's drool off his face.
"Sir!" One of the servants called out and approached Aang.
"Oh, hey, Shika. How have you been?"
"Fine, sir. Your wife-.."
"My wife? What's wrong with Katara?" The avatar interrupted her.
"Nothing, sir." The servant reassured him.
"Then what is it?" Aang asked her, clearly relieved.
"She gave birth to your son."

Author's note: After posting a journal on my deviantart account I got commissioned by PiyaHannah to create a Zutara story that needed to consist of the following; 'Zutara.. Angst.. I love me some serious angst.. Maybe a little smut. And for the hell of it throw in some kids.'

Finally I'm able to write another fanfiction story, I thought I'd lost all inspiration. I hope you guys will enjoy this one just as much as you did the others! I don't know how many chapters it'll be, or how often I'll update since I'm busy with tests. You can still 'commission' me for stories, but they might take a while to write.