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"River… Who are you?"

She only smiles, imbued in the lips an amalgam of knowingness and a strange, vague melancholy. River knows how to look enigmatic; she knows how to bewilder him. "You're going to find out very soon now. And I'm sorry, but that's when everything changes."

This can't stop; two stars can't stop the process of going supernova or exploding into a black hole, or something like that. It will happen, and there's no use trying to stop it from happen. The most she can hope to do is maybe alleviate some of the damage.

Honestly, River doesn't think she'll even be able to do that much.

I know more than you do. And I know where all of this will end.

There's a part of River that would like to go inside and join the wedding. She doesn't know Rory very well but she knows Amy would welcome her and there's always good food at a wedding reception. God, how good it would be to see them both again, like this… It would be a more than welcome reprieve from where she's returning to. If she went inside the Doctor would follow and she could see him dance again…

But no. If River stays the Doctor will continue to ply her with questions and River can't risk that. She's better off in her nice, safe prison cell with that new guard staring warily at her.

She can't stop it.

River Song is a doctor of archaeology. She's skilled in over two hundred different types of weapons. She made a Dalek beg for its life on the mere revelation of her name, and she showed no mercy. She can claim to have once made the Doctor blush. She killed a good man.

And she can't stop it.

Every time I see you, you're younger. You know me a little less each time, but you know, that works both ways.

Every time River sees the Doctor he knows he's a little younger, and it's the same for her. She never knows any less about him (if anything she knows more), but every time the Doctor meets River Song, she's a little younger. She's a little further back in time.

Every time, she's closer to being the woman who killed a good man.

And you wonder why I'm getting darker.

It's very close now.

And everything will change. River doesn't know if any thought has ever been more terrifying.