Hi guys! I'm returning from an almost three year hiatus. xD; I neglected this account because I figured I would never be coming back to it, but boy, was I wrong.

For some reason, my writing spirit has been rejuvenated and stories are just coming out of my ass. D: I guess that's a good thing though. I know my writing has improved over the past three years, but I'm still not sure whether it's, you know, decent. But I guess I'll let you all be the judge of that. -nods-

Hopefully you'll enjoy this story of mine.

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Touko had a big heart, but it was a weak heart.

Her heart was working overtime during this final battle with N. She had gotten him right where she wanted him.

Just as her Reshiram dealt the final blow to his Zekrom, she felt her heart thud violently in her chest. She clutched her chest with one hand and put the other over her mouth.

She coughed and wheezed, doubling over in pain. As she coughed, she felt a warm liquid splatter onto her hand and she knew what it meant. 'Dammit… at a time like this…' Her attempt to suppress any further ones from erupting from her throat ended with her on the floor, on her knees.

The moment she was grounded, N ran across the room to her, hands hovering above her as he knelt down, unsure of what to do.

Reshiram whined, having been a witness to incidents such as this, but never this grave.

Touko leaned to the side before she tilted over completely, her body hitting the marble floor hard.

She was too out of breath to let out the groan that should have come from her. Her lungs failed her and she choked for air.

"Touko!" N exclaimed, taking one hand and lifting the top half of her body, propping her up on his lap. "Touko, don't close your eyes!"

Her eyelids were drooping and the darkness was closing in on her, embracing her. And she welcomed it gladly.

N didn't dare shake her awake; for fear that he might aggravate the situation at hand.

'Those eyes… what lovely green eyes…' she thought faintly, one hand weakly reaching out for his face. They shone through the shadows enveloping her.

"Touko! Touko!"

The last thing she saw before she passed out were those eyes, full of worry and fear, begging her to stay up just a little longer.

A/N: Touko has Ischaemic heart disease, but I threw some violent coughing in there for good measure. It makes for a good story. I think so anyway. -shy throat clearing-

"Swanna Song" is obviously a Pokefied twist on the term "Swan Song." Why such a title?

Because racecar.

In all seriousness, just keep the title in mind. It'll come in handy later.

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