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-Smart Kid-

"For a kid your age, you're kinda smart."

"K-kaa-san, mmph"

"Natsu don't you even dare!"

"Ahaha! Flame brain can't even ride a train!"

"S-shwat up! Gwmph"

"Oh no! Natsu's gonna blow!"


Gray's face went pale as he saw his fellow 'friend' puke in the bag which the cat had placed over his mouth; he covered his mouth and looked away.

Lucy sighed and shook her head "Natsu, try and get some rest." She turned to Gray "And don't even dare puke in front of me!"

Happy laughed and patted his master's back "Ne Natsu! Lucy is right. Get some rest!"

Natsu groaned and leaned against his seat, he closed his eyes and after some few minutes his breathing was slow.

Yes, Natsu and Gray are still kids.

They are currently on their way back to Magnolia; it took awhile for them to board the train because of Natsu.

Gray started to get nauseous and stuck his head out the window.

Lucy sighed as she heard the sound of vomiting, slowly she got a tissue roll and some baby wipes from her bag, and she tugged the bag of the sleeping dragon slayer's face and wiped his mouth with tissue then baby wipes. She waited patiently for Gray to finish before wiping his face also, she tossed the used tissues and baby wipes in the vomit filled bag before tossing it out the window, and she pulled Natsu's head to her lap and stroked his hair.

The young ice mage watched her stroke the dragon slayer hair and started feeling weird; unconsciously his right hand started rubbing his left arm. A frown appeared on his face and he looked down.

Happy noticed and tugged on Lucy's sleeve "Ne Lucy" he whispered and gestured to Gray.

The female nodded and placed her free hand on his shoulder "What's wrong Gray?"

Gray flinched from the touch, it was so warm. He looked up a little and saw her worried face; a small smile appeared on her face when he made eye contact.

His eyes widened as memories flashed through his mind causing him to slap her hand away "I-It's nothing." He murmured.

Lucy seemed taken aback from his reaction and frowned "Come on, you can tell me can't you?"

"No." he said abruptly, he shot her a dark look "I don't even know you that well so how can I trust you?"

Lucy twitched "For a kid your age, you're kinda smart."

He scoffed "Yes I know that."

She stared at him "Then why did you come with me?" Lucy asked.

Gray blinked then looked away "Because you're a part of Fairy Tail…"

"And?" she raised an eyebrow.

His eyes darkened a little as a small scowl on his face formed "I didn't want to be alone okay!"

She smiled softly and pulled him to her side; she leaned his head against her shoulder and stoked his hair "If you say so, are you feeling better now?" She asked and looked at the Eksheed who was currently sleeping on Natsu's head.

He blushed "Shut up." He couldn't help but tense up a little at her touch. It was such a foreign thing to him, it was so caring, so loving, so soft, so, so, so…

It was so warm.

He sat still in her touch but relaxed a little as her hand stayed on his cheek, he didn't even dare move fearing that she might pull away and he'd turn…. Cold.


He's an ice mage so he's supposed to be cold!

Gray looked up a little and saw her asleep. She looked so peaceful. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against her shoulder.


His eyes shot open and his face fell "U-Ur…" he whispered, he shook his head then stared at the sleeping blond.

There was something about her that he couldn't quite figure it out but for some reason he had this small urge to protect her. Weird.

He saw her face scrunched up causing him to tilt his head to the side.

"K-kaa-san" she murmured in her sleep.

The ice mage's eyes softened and he carefully placed his tiny hand on hers.

'So she's the same…' he thought and smiled a little, he planted a quick kiss on her cheek and leaned his against her shoulder once again. He closed his eyes and was drifting off to sleep.

Maybe being her 'son' won't be that bad.

"Hello passengers, we are arriving at Magnolia's train station in five minutes."

Gray's eyes shot open and he twitched, there goes his sleep.

SORRY FOR THIS SUCKISH CHAPTER! I thought about Gray and his life, and uhh how similar it was to Lucy's...kinda. SO sorry! I currently have writers block and it may take another while for me to update. Next chapter is when the guild make their appearances! BE PATIENT WITH ME! (Time to study _) Sorry for the suckish chapter! See ya! NO FLAMES PLEASE :