Chapter 2:- Introductions!

"NO! MY CAR! DON'T TAKE ME AWAY FROM MY CAR! ARRGGHH!" was shouted from the female punk who could have made a run for it back to the car, but emotional wreck she was left in, it would've been too much effort for her to retaliate.

While this was happening on the outside, with the inside of the bus held an argument between the boys. On how it started was unknown, arguments have the ability to be created out of thin air with these lads, considering the idea the boys are able to share the same air to breathe without arguing over it, was an achievement in itself.

Vyvyan had stood out from the bus driver's seat, smirking evilly with the angered poet named Rick on the floor sitting on his backside, in front of the orange hair punk, barefooted and upset.

They had been arguing for some time now while Neil was left in a daze, with his pair mike-look-alike-shades had been moved up to the top of his head. Neil seemed to be in a different world to the other two while he held a concentrated face of plucking a string of a guitar, now and then twisting pegs on the head of the guitar.

The Punk vs. Poet match 1328+ had seemly to look like it was coming to a close.

"JUST… WHY MUST YOU BE SO HOwRRIBLE ALL THE TIME?!" Pounding the palm of his hands on the floor of the bus, resorting to the actions of a toddler when wanting a toy they can't have.

"WELL, WHY MUST YOU BE SUCH A POOF ALL THE TIME!?" retorted Vyvyan, twisting Rick's previous words.

"BUT WHY MY SHOES?! YOU KNOW THEIR MY ONLY PAIwR! GO AND GET THEM BACK! RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Rick spoke while pointing a finger towards the fierce one, before glancing out the window, just the site of his shoes on the ground of nature. At least lefty and righty were still paired with each other.

Vyvyan shrugged, pulling a face, and using the power of his favourite black Dr. Marten boots, he kicked Rick in the family's jewels. Consider it as a full stop to the argument. The impact had caused Rick to shriek in pain, just like the time he once found a spider on his collection of 'special magazines'.

"Shut up already! Your voice is giving me a bloody headache" Vyvyan spoke casually while sitting down in a near free seat, rubbing his temple. Been a long day or so with the constant drone of Rick talking, Neil moaning and the engine of the double decker bus, things he could take for awhile without getting so much effected, but being sober and low on sleep had caused it be more of struggle.

Neil suddenly smiled and then strummed his guitar, hoping for the notes to be perfectly in tune. He grimaced when the tune was more deformed than SPG's hamster corpse, mauled up in the grill of Vyvyan's yellow Ford Anglia.

"Why does all the bad stuff happen to me?" Sighed Neil. Such a first world problem.

"I beg… To diffewr…" Winced Rick in pain, holding himself in comfort from Vyvyan's abuse.


Mike being a gentleman he is, had been left, with quite a struggle considering his short stature and all, to carrying the bags onto the double decker bus, he picked them up in an odd fashion in a attempt to hold everything in one go and proceeded to clamber onto the bus, pushing past all the seats, coming near the front of the bus where the boys where located, setting down the cases and bags onto the free empty seats nearby them.

The boys glanced up from their separate activities of doing nothing. Vyvyan raised his head from the palm of his hands, while Rick had gained the strength to leave the floor and returned back on his seat, and as for Neil, he was just being… Well Neil. They all looked at Mike, with high expectations of news of what exactly was going on, to be, or not to be, was the question that was held in their minds.

"Alright lads, for those that have failed to notice the obvious, they're car is up in flames, it can't be repaired! This means, they're stranded, so they have a choice of staying out there alone to possible starve and die, or to come with us! And I tell you now boys, Mike TheCoolPerson has done it again, I'm like a snake-charmer, but with the ladies" He spoke quietly with a grin on his face, proud of his accomplishment and that he hasn't had a slap in the face so far.

"So we're really having girls on the bus then?" said Neil with his droned vocals, in slight confusion to the situation Michael had kindly explained, in his odd way.

"Of couwrse we are! We all knew you'd do it Mike! Are they coming on here now then?" Rushed Rick in excitement, hopefully there will be at least one girl that simply cannot resist his impeccable charm.

"They're coming on now – Best behaviour now boys!" Mike noted them, flicking his eyes to outside the window, seeing how long the girls were going to be to drag the mohawk-ed girl over.

"But Mike, say that, we get some alcohol, and we all go bloody pissed that we can't tell the difference from foot to arse, can we then go onto our BAD behaviour?" questioned the curious Vyvyan, while trying to pull a innocent smile, while he was secretly planning to strike up a plan in his head.

"Only then you can! But you see-"

"Oh look they're coming!" said Neil leaning up slightly with a hand of his placed horizontally on his eyebrows to shade the weak sun that was streaming into the bus, while overall cutting off Mike's sentence, spotting them getting into the bus and hearing the mutters between the girls entering the bus.

Rick had only then started to mutter various random words, while he did a double take on how Mike really got four girls on the bus "Oh my... their... they are girls... I wondewr if... ooerrr..." he whispered to himself. The gender of the people that are currently entering the bus was now officially melting into his mind. Actual girls!

Mike gave one last look at the boys and raised his eyebrows, before composing himself to present the girls.

"Lads this is..." He struggled to catch their names. What a brilliant start.

Megan gave a half smile upon her face and rolled her eyes, pushing past the girls little huddle on the bus's walk way, clearing her throat.

"I am Megan" She spoke clearly, placing a hand on her chest, as if the boys would struggle to understand the concept of who exactly this Megan person would be if she didn't use a hand gesture.

"This here, is Pixie" Pointing with a hand towards the petite girl, who had waved to them to like a child, show them that name belonged to her, grinning a toothy smile in the progress.

"Next to her is Rain" Repeating the progress to pointing a hand towards her, who merely nodded to their existence.

"And that is John" who currently had her face planted on the window, watching the only thing she loved burn. She raised her head from the window and took in the appearances of everyone, scrunching up her eyebrows together creating an un-amused face, plainly glared at them all, whilst regretting that she was there while her car was aflame, and to then spoke.


"Well aren't they some lovely names, for lovely girls!"Mike said, pulling a grin, not really looking at the girls. He then gently, started to put a small plan into action, taking a step closer to Megan, looking up at her, brushing his arm against hers and coy smile.

In this tactic had caused Megan to just sigh in his small frail of attempt of flirtation "Well, I can see him being more of a hassle than restraining a dog from finding the love in your foot"She thought while slightly edging away from the rather short man.

"Now, let me introduce us lot, to you lovely ladies! I'm Mike. Mike TheCoolPerson, but I'm sure you'd all remember that quite easily, for future references" He said, winking towards the girls, pulling himself from his previous step of being closer to Megan, now placing his stand near the boys, to continue with the other's names.

"This here is Neil" he pointed to the hippy

"Hello" Giving a weak smile and wave, unsure on where his eyes were suppose to look.

"He is Rick" and like a jack in a box, he sprung out from his seat, straighten out his clothes and giving a quick nod.

"Hello, I'm Rwick, and it's nice to see you all, looking pwretty..." he veered off as he looked at them all, taking all the features of what they looked like.

In his head, they were all better looking than this, but Rick being Rick, he had stupidly high expectations of what the girls were going to look like 'Well, at least now I KNOW I have a chance' he thought, smugly. Taking in the girls appearance properly, his eyes soon landed on the she-hippy he gave a slight grimace. 'Ugh, hippies! Rudy Hippies! One was bloody enough, now we got two! They better not bwreed!' he then shook his head and smiled, tilting his head slightly to the right

"And might I just say, that's a smashing blouse on there!" he pointed out to the girls, with a cheesy smile.

The girls glanced at each other in a mild puzzled, which could have been seen from the expressions painted on their face, sharing the same thoughts. What is he on?

Mike cut Rick short to stop him doing anything else, in attempt to be outrageous and pushed him back into his seat, while keeping his eyes onto the girls.

"And that lad there is our very own, Vyvyan." Mike said, causing a finish to the introductions for the bachelor boys.

The male-punk nodded and gave a creepy smile and matching wave.

"Hi I'm your driver, got any drinks? Well… To be more specific… got any alcohol? Because I got to confiscated it for uh… legal reasons, yea, legal reasons" he questioned the girls, shrugging at the excuse he used to gain access to any alcohol possible, in mild form of hope he'd be able to get rid of his headache with some drink. Or get plastered so he could happily say he has no control over his actions.

Pixie raised a blonde eyebrow, and built some courage to speak to the strange bloke that demanded the alcoholic drinks.

"Why would you need our alcohol? We haven't got any but…" she trailed, scratching under her hair plait in a loss of words. The orange haired punk raised his own eyebrow when she started to speak, and started to do hand gestures towards the girls.

"You do know… it's illegalto drink and drive" Vyvyan spoke after getting the right train of thought, raising both of his eyebrow while briefly closing his eyes, folding his arms before going on.

"I mean, I'm only doing what's best" he continued, placing a hand on his chest, over the chain that was supposed to be a necklace that laid there on him. The words were dripping with a sickly sweet tone, which wasn't all so sweet, coming with a rather evil smile to go match.

He felt this excuse was going rather well for him, he thought so at least…

"The DRIVER isn't supposed to drink and drive; besides you can't honestly be talking about doing things illegally?" Megan piped up into the conversation, this gained looks from all members of those who stood in the bus.

"I think she's right Vyv…" Neil joined in casually, but sadly this gained a feeble flick in the ear by the dear self-proclaimed anarchist himself.

"Oh shut up you stupid hippy!" He spoke in his usual tone of voice, shaking his head in annoyance towards the hippy.

"Oh alright… But… Why?" He questioned back, leaning in closer to Rick, confused.

"He's trying to get us all drunk, so we can… you know" Rick hissed quietly at the long-haired man, trying to predict the reason why Vyvyan would want the alcohol in their possession, but became lost on how to express the finishing to that sentenced, so improvised with a head-bob, hoping his drift.

"No… I don't know…"

By now Rick, just planted his hand into his hand, in mild frustration. He truly did not like the man named Neil. Never did.

"Just shut up!" He hissed again, shaking his hand that was previous on his head, towards the now rather confused Neil, boiling off his frustration to make the tree-lover understand.

Meanwhile the argument was to continue.

"Oh and what's thatsuppose to mean?!" Vyvyan questioned, standing up from his seat and stepping forward, looking down at her, hoping to show his power within this bus, but this didn't seem to bother her at all.

"What I mean is" she started, before pushing Vyvyan back with her index finger and adjusting her shades.

"This bus has clearlynot been purchased by any of you, nor been lent out, how do I know I know all this? Because I'm sure it wouldn't be saying it's going to KINGS CROSS right now, ehh?" She smiled, grinning to herself mildly, folding her arms before going on, she was on a roll.

"If we were all a pack of cards, I wouldn't be the fool! And so, this is a stolen bus, going where? Who knows! But hey, take no offence, it's not like I'm giving into the pigs anytime soon." she finished, pulling a cocky smile, as a full stop to her argument.

With her statement finished quickly went through a check-list in her head.
'Mood – Cocky. Intellect – Top-Notch. Looks - …'
She frowned slightly and noticed a loose hair strand that fell in front of her shades, she gently pushed it back to where it belongs.

Vyvyan's brain was mildly confused, and held a facial expression that everyone could read as him being baffled.
'What is this bloody bird on about? Wait… She's using bloody logic!'

He shook himself out of it, and stared back at her before pulling his loud distorted voice back to life.

"Look 'ere-"

"We're all going to be travelling together now, so let me be the first to say I hope we're all going to get on quite well together, if you know what I mean" Cutting off Vyvyan, Mike being the generally wiser one out the bunch of boys, he felt that he couldn't have Vyvyan fearing their lives on the first day. Maybe next week… That's if they all live through being on a bus with each other that long.

'This maybe a task that Mike TheCoolPerson may find a struggle with…' he thought with a sigh.


Notes: I've had this chapter written up on my computer for some time, but it wasn't that long, and I just wanted the length to increase. I'm going to be doing more character interactions later on, and I'll be explaining how the girls got where they are, with a magical flashback. Again as always, review your thoughts, give me ideas, I'm doing tweaks all the time!

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-"And might I just say, that's a smashing blouse on there!" said Rick
A line Rik Mayell used for his character in Bottom.