And Time Again


...And then they died happily ever after.

Dear reviewers,

I do appreciate your reviews, I'm touched that people care enough about this story to post reviews urging me to release the next chapter, and I sympathize with your impatience.

Unfortunately, I do have a life outside of writing Saiyuki fanfiction.

As the 'chapter' (temporary, I assure you), above shows, I can write very quickly, and release another chapter very quickly, but to do so would be to compromise its quality. I'm afraid that, not only am I /extremely/ busy *grits teeth*, I am rather stuck on this point of 'Time', and I'm trying to finish up my two shorter fics before I come back to this epic.

I ask for your understanding.

I /do/ intend to continue, and I can only ask for your forbearance. I don't like being pushed -- it makes me frustrated, it makes you frustrated, and one day I may snap and take the whole story offline, which makes this all a very, very unhappy episode for everyone. Sadly, screaming at me is not going to help.

At the end of the day, I am not getting paid to write fanfiction; it's a hobby, not a job. Writers are in no way obligated to their readers -- a lot of time and effort is put into these stories but we don't get anything out of it.

Thanks for your time.

In haste,