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Also there's no room for a Onyx to maneuver in that tiny underground room.

Despite it being dark in the basement, our eyes met.

Red, the color, is associated with anger yet this boy seemed...scared, paranoid, lost but at the same time determined.

He pulled his hat down, his eyes were covered by a shadow.

"I am impressed you got here. Team Rocket captures Pokémon from around the world. They're important tools for keeping our criminal enterprise going. I am the leader, Giovanni! For your insolence, you will feel a world of pain!"

I jumped on the table and dropped a pokeball towards my foot and kicked it out.

"Rhyhorn, take him down, stomp!"

If I could use Rhyhorn's mass against him than he would be unbalanced, as though an Earthquake knocked him off his feet.

Yet without me seeing beyond my own behemonth, his tiny Bulbasaur has used razor leaf without a command being said aloud.

The small room and Rhyhorn's size worked against me and he was down after a few leaves left a cut in it's horn.

I sent out Kanghaskan out and the Bulbasaur evolved in front of our eyes.

Taking advatage of my mon's momentary blindness the boy had Kanghaskan down with sleep powder followed by a lashing with vine whip.

"Tch. Who are you, boy?"

He wasn't even showing any emotion. He didn't answer me and waited for me to make my next move.

I sent out Persian and commanded the cat to swipe at the plant.

"Make it a salad!"

Persian leaped into the air and and with it's right paw swiped at the plant. Ivysaur dodged by moving to it's right and headbutted into the cat. The momentum made my cat confused and it closed it's eyes as though as it had a migraine.

Ivysaur shot out stun spore and as my cat fell on it's side, it used leech seed.

I knew that my cat was as no more use to me so I concluded the battle.

"Defeated by a mere child?"

I returned Persian to my side and the boy kept looking at me.

"Your pokemon don't you?"

He nodded a yes.

"...You may not understand my goals but since you've won for now, I will leave this."

I set the Sliph Co. down.

I used an escape rope and headed to the nearest pokemon center.

My thoughts of that battle were of satisfaction.

That boy understood pokemon, he had trusted them and was rewarded cooperation.

Not even my grunts understood that but I needed them, even if they went against my orders sometimes.

Even though I was the top dog and had rules I didn't have that cooperation...