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- Africa -

"Ah! It feels so good to know you're coming home after a year to be with your loved ones.." Mi Nyu said to herself.

After working and helping in Africa, Mi Nyu felt that she must already see her loved ones waiting for her in Korea. She is now at the airport of Africa waiting for her flight number to be called for departure.

Umm.. Should I say to hyung-nim about my arrival or not? I wanted to surprise him, but what if he will get mad? I don't want that to happen..What should I do? Mi Nyu thought.

Then, suddenly, she saw a man accidentally dropped his coins from his pocket. Mi Nyu got a brilliant idea from what she saw.

Aha! I will just flip a coin for my decision. If heads will win, I will surprise him and if tails, I'll call him." And so she got a coin from her pocket and said "I can do this!". She flipped the coin.. so hard that it rolled past many people.

Mi Nyu tried hard to catch the coin.. Oh my, I really want to see the result!

After a minute, Mi Nyu is somehow tired and so, she gave it her all. She speed up a little and slapped the coin.. But the coin landed on an unfortunate place..

The coin bumped on a man's foot as Mi Nyu slapped it. The man shouted "Aish!" then quickly moved his feet away. Mi Nyu was too embarrased to raise her head. She quickly said "Sir, I'm sorry." Then something caught the ears of Mi Nyu..

It was the last call for her flight.

Omo! I already need to go on the plane! Mi Nyu worriedly thought. She grabbed the coin and before leaving, she planned to say sorry again to the man she had slapped who was at that time was already nowhere to be found.

At that time, Tae Kyung was already on Africa to visit Mi Nyu. Aish! I must have just called Mi Nyu to pick me up instead of surprising her,Tae Kyung thought while looking for directions where he could get his baggage.

While looking for directions, someone slapped his mighty foot. Hwang Tae Kyung, who is known as the "clean freak" shouted without hesitation. The woman said sorry but didn't look at him. What a woman. Saying sorry without even looking at the person she had hurt. Ah, I need to get going. He wipes his shoes like its full of dust and he quickly left that weird woman.

- A. Dorm -

"Hyung! What are we going to do now? We have a two week vacation yet we are wasting it inside the dorm! We should've just travel to Africa with Tae Kyung." Mi Nam boringly said.

"They need time together Mi Nam. Its hard to be in a long distance relationship." Shin Woo calmly said. He's completely over with his feelings for Mi Nyu.

"Tss. I'll kill him if he does something with my sister." Go Mi Nam protectively said.

Jeremy, who is also as bored as Mi Nam, came up with an idea...

"Hyung, since we are all bored, why don't we go somewhere?" Jeremy said.

"Jeremy, common sense. If we go out, I'm sure you'll never enjoy it. Why? Fan girls will just ruin the fun." Mi Nam said.

"Of course I know that. Huh... Wait.. I already know where we can go! I'm sure we're gonna enjoy it there!"

"And where is that place you talk about?" Mi Nam asked.


"What?" Mi Nam and Shin Woo asked together.

- Africa -

"Miss, please present your passport." the lady working at the airport said.

"Ah wait. Its just inside my bag." Mi Nyu said to the woman. She's frantically searching for it. Well she couldn't find it. Omo, where is it? Mi Nyu thought. When Mi Nyu couldn't really find it she asked the woman "Miss, may I find it first? I think I lost it somewhere there." Mi Nyu pointed at the right side.

"Okay miss, but you only have ten minutes. If you can't make it in ten minutes the plane will not wait for you." The lady said.

"Okay. Thank you." Mi Nyu replied back.

Mi Nyu ran through the places she went. I'm sure its just near here. It won't get lost that easy here. What should I do? Mi Nyu's tears are starting to form in her eyes. I will find it. I will really find it. She encourages herself.

While Mi Nyu is searching for her lost passport, Tae Kyung is going to get his luggage. But while on his way, Tae Kyung passed by a passport under a chair. Its from Korea, Tae kyung thought and picked up the passport. He opened the passport while walking to get his things but he stopped when he saw the picture in the passport. This is...

Ten minutes had already passed. Mi Nyu already heard that her flight has already departed. What should I do now? Mi Nyu is so sad. She sat down to a bench while crying silently. She lost the chance to see her loved ones.

Just then, she heard someone spoke from her right saying "Ah, a pig rabbit is not only troublesome, but also a clumsy animal." When she heard the voice, Mi Nyu's heart beat faster. Hyung-nim? Mi Nyu looked quickly to her right and shouted with glee, "Hyung-nim!".

Mi Nyu quickly stood up and hugged Tae Kyung. Tae Kyung hugged her back and closed his eyes as if he was about to cry. Mi Nyu already had her tears falling. "Hyung-nim, I really missed you." Mi Nyu said while crying tears of joy. Tae Kyung hugged her tighter as a sign that he also misses her. Mi Nyu broke the hug and wiped her tears. Tae Kyung said "Go Mi Nyu, stop crying. You'll look like Rudolph." He then smirked. "Yes, hyung-nim." Mi Nyu said as obedient as ever.

Tae Kyung started again the conversation.

"Go Mi Nyu, I went here because...because of business." Tae Kyung said lying. "Since I am already here, I thought of visiting you." Tae Kyung said cooly.

"Ah, I see." Go Mi Nyu said with a little disappointment. She thought, Wow, he's not here to see me in the first place. Well, its fine, at least he said he wants to see me.

Hwang Tae Kyung smiled a little to his amusement that Mi Nyu is disappointed to hear that he's not in Africa for her in the first place.

Tae Kyung broke the silence and said, "I'm hungry. Do you know any restaurant near here?"

"Hyung-nim, I think we still need to have a place to left our things." Mi Nyu said. "All of these will be hard to carry." She continued.

"Ah, let's go to the nearest hotel." Tae Kyung said, raising a small booklet about Africa.

"Okay, let's go!" Mi Nyu said.

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