Chapter 8: Back to Normal

They played Frisbee in Jessica's back yard. Jessica, Beth and Victor were on one team, and Jason, George, and Amber on the other. Martha was the score keeper.

On Monday, they began to learn the positions of planets.

In Nature class, they made notes about the cactuses they were growing. Then George went to French class while the others went to language arts.

In math, they started dividing.

At lunch, Victor sat down with George and Martha. They talked about what they should do about Vithun 6.

"I think we should just aquire something else." said Martha. "We need something more powerful. We might even need some sort of device.".

"Well," said Victor, "how do we even get a device?".

"How about searching the place over?" suggested Beth, joining in the conversation. "I saw twenty doors with sign "DANGER" on them all. So, that means that all we need to do is go through one door, then the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and so on and so on. There might be some interesting things in those doors.".

"Well," said George, "there might be more hallways and stuff in those doors. So we need some time to aquire morphs." he said.

"Sometime this weekend, maybe." said Amber.

That Saturday, they aquired 5 morphs each.

"Why don't we just take a break?" asked George. "Yeah." said Beth.

"Come on, let's go play frisbee!" said Matha. I remember the score. it's seventy-seven to eighty-one." So they walked down the street, past the house on Oak Drive, to Jessica's house.

Matha rang the doorbell.

"Hi" said Jessica.

"You want to go over to Victor's house to play frisbee?" asked Martha.

"Sure, as long as we have a snack.

When they got to Victor's house, they played frisbee until the score was one-hundred-thirty seven to 100 and twenty-nine. Then they went in for popsicles.

At 11:30, George snuck out of bed and to his window. He opened it. "Kids, don't try this at home." he muttered. He climed out the window. He climbed down, and walked down the street. When he was at the door, he morphed to a tree. "TSEEW!". He looked inside, and saw Amber blowing up one of the doors. "TSEEW". He fired. The blew up a whole entire wall, and then Amber went home. George stayed and went down a flight of stairs. It took forever to get to the bottum. He counted five hundred and seven steps. When he reached the bottum, he was relived! Suddenly, breaking his happiness, two trapdoors opened from the ceiling, and Offromis came pouring into the hall. He turned back to the stairs, and he ran up them. The Offromis followed. He went higher and higher and higher and higher and still, the Offromis followed. When he looked behind him at the top, he saw that the Offromis were out of sight. So he demorphed. Branches melted down and turned into blond hair, and branches turned into arms and branches, and so on.

At lunch the next day, he told Victor, Amber and Martha about last night.

"I guess our plan failed." said Victor.

"Oh no!" said Amber. "Another failure for the Plantamorphs! Oh no!" She joked.

"Well," said Martha. Maybe next time. Now, let's go back to normal.".