Title: No More Drinking Games, Part 1 (Or, 'The Slashy, Smutty, Schmoopy, Gay Adventures of Alex Gibbs and Tony DiNozzo')
Author: wintermute_lj and taylorgibbs
Pairing: Alex Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo
Rating: NC-17

Genre: First Time, AU, PWP
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Flirting has never gotten Tony DiNozzo into trouble. That is, until he met Alex Gibbs.

A/N: What was supposed to be a time-passing RPG thing turned into this. We have no words for it. It was too good to pass up so we decided to edit it into what we're now calling Pr0n with Plot. We'll try to post the adventures of Alex and Tony once a week or so. Hope you enjoy!

Tony waltzed into the bar, and as soon as he got to the bar, he greeted the bartender. "Hey Pedro!" he shouted, exchanged handshakes, and asked for a Scotch from the bottle Pedro kept for him. He scanned the crowd, and was surprised to find the new girl Trisha sitting at the other end of the bar.

Vance had brought in a handful of new agents to start a second MCRT in an attempt to off-load some of the cases from their team. Recent increases in violent crimes involving Naval and Marine personnel had been a growing concern to the director.

Tony took off the leather jacket he was wearing, showing the dark grey shirt underneath, opened at the neck, above a pair of skintight dark blue jeans. He was making his way over to the other end of the bar, moving towards Trisha when he noticed another man sitting down next to her. Tony grinned. "Hey Pedro," Tony waved the bartender over again, and held up two fingers. "Make that two."

Getting his drinks, Tony made his way over to the other man, and plopped one of the Scotches in front of him before sitting down in the chair next to the man. "Fancy seeing you here, Agent Gibbs," Tony grinned. "And Probette," Tony held his drink up to salute Trisha. "How're we doing tonight?" Tony asked with a predatory glint in his eyes that he'd directed towards Alexander Gibbs, Alex to his friends and family.

For the life of him, Tony would never believe that Gibbs had a brother, let alone a brother that looked just like him. But facts were facts – Gibbs had a brother, go figure. Tony was nonetheless slightly surprised that Alex had been a naval aviator and also worked for NCIS. Vance must've had a death wish bringing in him in to lead MCRT2 because Gibbs' reaction was… interesting. And Tony's encounter with the man thus far had been very… well, he'd describe it as a memorable experience.

Tony flirted with everyone – that much was a known fact, particularly at NCIS. What he didn't expect was to have someone flirt back, especially when that someone was his boss' brother, the supervisory agent of MCRT2. And boy, he had done well, giving it to Tony as good as he got the entire week. The innuendos, the double entendres, the innocent touches… if Tony hadn't noticed the heated glances from the other man he would've thought Alex was just having fun.

Alex Gibbs eyed the Scotch, swirling it. "Night's getting better, Agent DiNozzo," he admitted, watching the other man. He sipped the excellent Macallan Scotch – an eighteen year-old bottle if he was correct – and rested his hand on the back of the chair Tony had just sat down on. The expensive Scotch was so damn smooth and he closed his eyes as he swallowed. "Yours?"

"Didn't I say to call me Tony?" Tony wiggled his eyebrows at Trisha, leaning closer to the both of them and letting his arm 'accidentally' brush upon Alex's. "Yes, it's mine. The barkeep is a great guy, keeps a bottle for me," Tony said animatedly. He called out to the bartender again. "Pedro, come over here for a sec?"

"Pedro, I'd like you to meet my new co-workers," when the bartender walked over to the trio, Tony began to introduce the other two. "This is Special Agent Alex Gibbs, and this is Agent Trisha McMillan. Alex, Trisha, meet Pedro the bartender."

"Any friends of Tony's are friends of mine too. Let me know if you guys need anything else, k?" Pedro greeted Alex and Trisha with a heavy Jamaican accent.

"Thanks, Pedro," Tony waved as the bartender went back to the other end of the bar to take care of customers. "So. Night's getting better huh?" Tony grinned.

Alex nodded at the bartender, more of his attention on Tony than on him. "Night's getting better, Tony," he added, giving the other man a wicked grin. He was attracted, and he thought Tony was too, but he wanted to be sure. What if Tony was just interested in the dance and would back off now that they were after hours. "What're you here for tonight?" Alex asked, pitching his voice lower.

"Oh, the usual, you know, Alex. I thought I'd come and hang out, talk to people, make some new friends," Tony smirked and worked hard at saying it nonchalantly. "And maybe at the end of the night, go home with a special someone," Tony winked at Alex as he emphasized the last word, hoping desperately that he didn't misread Alex and that he got the message across.

Tony could feel his heart begin to race. He could blame it on the heavy flirting they'd done all he wanted, but the truth was that he felt enthralled by the man. Alex wasn't like his usual flings. Tony knew he was in trouble Monday morning when he first met Alex, but he didn't realize until this very minute how much trouble he was in. The man was hot – like, runway supermodel hot. Tony had thought the elder Gibbs brother was attractive for a while now, and to have the younger, just as good looking and definitely interested version standing in front of him now, clad in that casual leather-jacket-and-black-jeans combo… There was something about that man that drew Tony to him, made Tony want to explore him, to get lost in him.

Shit. Tony could feel his own jeans getting tighter and he couldn't help inching closer to Alex until he could literally feel the body heat emanating from the older man.

Alex watched Tony carefully, studying the body language he felt he was only beginning to learn now. The man was complex and shuttered, and Alex knew he'd barely scratched the surface. And as a result, he had to move carefully, had to figure out just what Tony's endgame was. If he miscalculated, it could be a disaster.

Alex had worked long and hard to establish himself at an agency where his brother was a legend, and a sexual fling—with anyone—wasn't going to ruin that. After working lone wolf for so long, he'd finally been brought on to establish and run a team. And nothing was going to get in that way.

He rested his elbows on the table, allowing himself to meet Tony's eyes, rising desire warring with common sense. At this moment, Alex had no idea which might win.

"Don't tease me," Alex said urgently, leaning in as well so that their thighs were touching now, his leg brushing against Tony's, his nostrils flaring as he tried to scent the other man over the stale beer and well-worn leather of the bar. "I've been in a warzone too fucking long, DiNozzo. No one. Nothing." No privacy. He hadn't been able to take care of more than his own basic needs while being stationed in a warzone and the sexual ones had been out of the question. Now, he was in a new environment, sitting all too close to a man, whose cologne and, hell, even his shampoo, was effecting Alex.

Oh God. "'m not teasing," Tony murmured in a voice a whole octave below his normal.

That this dance was happening in front of his new team member wasn't lost on Alex, but he didn't dare pull back or stop himself. He had to see this through.

"Don't ask, don't tell is done," Alex said, moving in close enough that their chests brushed. "NCIS doesn't care about sexual orientation. Tell me what you want, DiNozzo." It was as big an opening as Alex ever gave, and the ball was in Tony's court now.

Don't the Gibbs brothers know how incredibly hot they are when they get all alpha-male on people? Tony had a fleeting thought before his higher brain function was sent into overdrive. Next thing he knew, he had one hand on Alex's jacket, pulling him close so he could whisper into the other man's ear.

"I. Want. You." Tony near huffed out the words. "I'll wait for you in my car."

He barely managed to release his hold on Alex, gulped down the remainder of his drink, slapped a twenty on the bar and turned to leave via the back door.

Alex gave Trisha an apologetic look; he'd have to make it up to her later. "I have to go," he told her, squeezing her shoulder. "Friday night, drinks are on me."

"Just go," Trisha simply snorted a laugh and rolled her eyes at him, shooing her new boss off. She wasn't blind; she saw what those two were doing.

He felt like an ass for leaving her alone at the bar, but it had been a long time since he'd had anything – anyone – and even longer since he'd been attracted to a man like this. He stumbled out of the pub, his hand shaking, and made his way to what he remembered to be Tony's car, opening up the door, pulling the man out, and grinding against him. "Do you have any idea what you're in for?" he asked, nipping the Tony's earlobe. He even tasted and smelled good there, Alex thought distractedly, barely able to bite back a groan of need.

Tony gasped in surprise when Alex yanked him out of the car, but he was not about to protest because the other man had pinned him to the car and began grinding their hips together. Tony had to swallow hard to muffle a whimper that threatened to escape his lips.

"Not really," Tony huffed and moaned with Alex's teasing, his eyes closed to a slit. "But I'm interested in finding out." He put one hand on Alex's hip, urging him closer, and the other to the back of Alex's neck, his thumb brushing against Alex's cheek, pulling him into a hot, wet kiss. Alex's lips were thin but soft – softer than someone who'd spend the past nine months in a desert should have – and Tony couldn't help nibbling on them before snaking his tongue between them. When he felt Alex responding to his kiss, he let out a sound of pure sexual need.

Alex let Tony dominate the kiss, swallowing the sound that promised hot, sweaty nights. Starting tonight. His hand dug into Tony's hair and he began massaging the other man's neck and shoulders as his hard cock rubbed against the other man's, their jeans serving to give him enough friction, but not too much,

"Tony!" he managed, gasping out the word. "Been too long for finesse—" And this might be the only warning Tony would get. They were spiraling out of control right there in the parking lot. "Your place or my hotel?" he asked, stroking his hands through Tony's hair in slow sweeps.

"My place," Tony spoke in short bursts while trying to even out his breathing. "It's only ten minutes away."

With that, Tony shoved Alex off him and towards the passenger seat, and climb back into the car. He took a deep breath, holding it and then letting it out, repeating it until he gained back some semblance of control of his body. Turning the ignition and backing the car out of the lot, he was barely able to keep the car at the speed limit as he drove the both of them back to his place. He didn't dare touch Alex as he drove, for he was afraid he would lose control of the car because he'd be too turned on to focus.

Alex stumbled into the car along with Tony, closing his eyes and trying to breathe through his need. The problem was that he was surrounded by Tony's scent, Tony's arousal. All the little scents and feels of Tony's car. The man's presence was all over this domain and Alex couldn't get away from it. He groaned low, fists resting on his upper thighs as Tony drove.

As soon as they got to Tony's place, the arousal took over and he pressed Tony against some hard surface—a door, he realized vaguely—kissing him, running hands over the parts of Tony's body he could get to.

Tony found himself pinned against the back of his front door by Alex's solid body, those sinfully sweet lips back on his, sucking and nipping. Tony groaned and whined into the kiss at his need to get closer to the other man.

Alex finally pulled back enough to cup and knead Tony's buttocks, settling the other man against him. Pulling back, he stared into the barely-open green eyes of the man before him. He had so many questions – Was Tony safe? Did he top or bottom? Though in this very moment, all he could do was look at him.

Tony could feel Alex pulling away, and he whined at the lost of contact. He opened his eyes fully and pouted at the man in front of him, all the while rolling his hips to perpetuate the delicious friction on his cock.

"Don't you stop," Tony's hands snaked under Alex's jacket, and began wandering all over Alex's back, feeling and kneading the taut, firm muscles that shifted beneath his shirt as he flexed. "Don't you dare stop," Tony threatened, kissing Alex heavily on the lips then nibbling and sucking his way up his jaw, down his neck, before coming to a stop, panting, breath moist and uneven, over Alex's collarbone.

Alex groaned low at Tony's touches. As Tony's words and his pleas not to stop echoed through his head, Alex slowed his exploration, even as their hips rocked together hard, the friction almost painful but so damn good. He hadn't really expected this, and the fact it was being offered blew his mind. He anchored his hands in Tony's belt for a moment, driving them together even harder, chests colliding with the intensity of their moments. It was aggressive and showed the strength he and Tony had, and Alex didn't want it any other way.

"I want you to fuck me," Tony whispered against the hollow between Alex's neck and shoulder, and that was all he could say before he lost his ability to form rational thought as the other man began to kiss him and grind their hips together with such ferocity he felt like a ship lost at sea.

Alex wandered down Tony's throat, biting, licking, growling. He knew he was probably giving the other man bruises, but he couldn't stop. It had been so long – too damn long – since he'd felt like this. There was no way he'd stop.

Tony gasped as he felt Alex's mouth biting hard on his neck, but he really couldn't bring himself to care anymore.

Their jackets came off – Alex didn't know how or who had removed them, his hand working down towards Tony's jeans. Tony moaned when he felt a hand made its way to the small of his back, creeping slowly down and into his jeans. The pressure had to hurt, the way Tony's cock was tightly bound by clothes, so Alex shifted, rubbing his thigh over Tony's crotch, pressing in slightly against his balls. "You want me inside you?" Alex managed to ask, his fingertip skimming the top of the cleft. It was rarely this easy to figure out who bottomed and topped, but he wasn't going to complain. He preferred topping anyway.

When Tony didn't immediately answer, Alex dropped to his knees, looking up at Tony. He leaned in, locking eyes on the other man, and deliberately traced his tongue over the swollen bulge there. Then, in an unexpected move, he leaned in, lightly nipping the cock head clearly outlined by Tony's jeans.

You want me inside you, he asks? Tony moaned with frustration and need, his head dropping backwards, hitting the door with a soft thud. What does the man need? An engraved invitation! Suddenly, he felt a sharp stab of pleasure-pain on his trapped hardness, and he looked down to find Alex nipping his dick through his jeans. It was so surreal, and at the same time incredibly erotic that had Tony nearly coming right then and there.

It would be too easy to get lost in this man's flavor, in his scent, the need pouring off him. Alex groaned his approval, keeping his eyes locked on his lover's, his hand cupping and rubbing and stroking. He shifted slightly so that his own hard cock was resting against the expensive leather of Tony's foot, hoping the other man would take the hint.

"Oh God," Tony groaned, his eyes trained on Alex's bright blue, whose pupils were completely blown, as he felt his lover's hand massaging his leaking cock. Alex shifted slightly, and Tony could feel him grinding his crotch on Tony's foot. Getting the message loud and clear, Tony toed off his shoes, and leaned back slightly for support before inching a socked foot up Alex's thigh to his hips, coming to a stop just above Alex's equally swollen bulge. Tony let his toes curl and flex, applying gentle pressure on the head and dragging out a loud muffled moan as Alex continued to work on Tony through his jeans.

"Alex, I... I can't..." Tony's hands grabbed at the door for purchase, his words incoherent. With the scent of aroused males now very noticeable, Tony tossed his head back again, gasping for air and drinking in the scents as he babbled. "I need... Oh God... Bedroom...Alex!" Tony screamed as Alex nipped his cockhead again.

Even though Alex was barely hanging on himself, he had to laugh at the way Tony was losing control. It was sexy, having this much of a reaction in a lover. It was a good power exchange when you considered Tony'd been driving him crazy all night. And this was such a different DiNozzo. Gone were all the wide smiles and masks. This was an authentic view of the man, and God, Alex wanted more. With this Tony, he'd never wonder what the other man was thinking or feeling. Tony's emotions and need were clear.

"Bedroom," Alex said, moving to his feet and jamming a knee between Tony's legs. He kept the pressure just this side of painful as he kissed Tony deeply, fucking his mouth just as powerfully as he would his ass-soon.

"Don't know where the bedroom is," he panted out against Tony's mouth. "Take me."

Tony gasped at the sudden contact between his readied cock and Alex's thigh. And then Alex was kissing him, deep, as if fucking his mouth with his tongue. It was a heady combination, the raw power the man exuded overlaying the pure need in his actions.

"Bedroom... Left... end of... hallway..." Tony spitted out the words in between gasping and moaning. He felt himself being spun around and pushed so he was walking backwards down the hall.

Alex grabbed Tony's shirt, kissing him as he walked him towards the bedroom. The door was open and he stumbled in with Tony, stopping only briefly to flick on the light. Using a burst of power and speed, Alex pushed Tony down on the bed and stretched out on top of him. It was just a few milliseconds before he devoured Tony's mouth again, this time grinding and moving over the other man.

"Too many clothes," Alex remarked, beginning to unbutton Tony's shirt, his hands trembling. The other man had a heavily muscled chest, covered in golden brown hair, thick enough for Alex to tug on lightly. And he did, stroking over Tony's chest, pinching his nipples, trailling fingers over his ribs.

Tony arched into Alex's touch as he trailed his fingers down Tony's chest. Those fingers were like fire, scorching a path down his body, marking him and making him burn with desire and lust. Tony never thought anyone would have this kind of effect on him, but apparently he was wrong. So very, very wrong.

"Hmm," Tony whined, as he grabbed at Alex's shirt buttons, his hands clumsy and shaky with need. "Off," he demanded simply, because of his inability to form complete sentences. Tony wanted – no, needed – more skin-on-skin contact, and he was going to get it. He ground his hips against Alex's, urging the other man to pick up the pace.

There was a certain attractiveness to the way Tony was letting him take the lead and establish control. He could get used to this! Alex grabbed Tony's hands, settling them on is hips as he struggled with his shirt, finally yanking it off. His hands were shaking too much to manipulate the buttons. He rolled onto his side, unzipping, kicking, skinning until he was completely naked, hard and needy. Tony was laying there, his eyes wide. His luscious lips were extra reddened and kiss-swollen, his chest flushed, nipples hard, his pupils completely blown. He looked like he'd already been fucked. It was a damn good look on him,

Alex should have felt at a disadvantage because of his nakedness, counterpoint to Tony being still mostly dressed, but he didn't. There was a rightness to this he couldn't put into words. He crouched over the other man, digging both hands into Tony's hair. Alex's cock was close enough to taste, the way he was straddling Tony, but Alex wanted Tony to make whatever move he wanted.

"Touch," he managed to say, his voice little more than a growl.

Tony swallowed, eyes wide, at the commanding tone of voice that washed over him and made him obey instinctively. He held out one shaky hand and placed it on Alex's chest, tanned, muscular and lightly furred, and began to massage lightly, fingers instinctively flicking a nipple as they came across it. His other hand went for Alex's hard cock, thick and long and gleaming with pre-cum. Tony grabbed the shaft with a firm hold, and began to tug and twist, all the while watching for Alex's responses. He allowed his thumb to brush over the slit as his hand came up to the head, satisfied at the hiss of pleasure that was rolling out of the other man's lips.

"That's my boy," Alex whispered, hips thrusting into Tony's touch. He managed enough higher brain functions to move, popping the fly on Tony's jeans and barely managing to unzip them.

"Off. Lube." He couldn't find more sophisticated ways to say what he needed. He was too damn far gone.

Moving automatically, Tony shimmied off his jeans and socks - good thing he went commando - and extracted the lube from a drawer in the bedside table. As soon as he grabbed the lube, Tony found himself pulled back to the bed, lying on his back with Alex straddling him. He had all but lost his ability to articulate, and his attempt at speaking came out as a series of moans and whimpers and groans and whines. He looked at Alex, his eyes filled with pure need and lust. Tony's cock was painfully hard and full, his hands kneading at Alex's thighs, and when Alex finally pressed in with a lubed finger, Tony's eyes fluttered to a close and he let out a strained cry of fulfillment.

Alex was glad Tony got his clothes off himself, and could only watch as Tony grabbed the lube before the urge to do things to this irresistible man got too strong and he was yanking him back to bed. Alex pounced back on top of Tony, listening to the other man making needful sounds. Alex couldn't speak either, couldn't even try. All that mattered was this man, his tight ass and hard cock.

Alex eased a finger in gently. He had no way of knowing how long it had been for Tony, or even what the other man wanted. But when Tony's body opened around him and his finger was clasped with wet heat, Alex just went with it, working that finger in and out slowly before adding a second. He couldn't wait to get inside Tony and alternated playing with his dick and then Tony's, keeping them both on the edge.

"Ready?" Alex asked after what seemed like an eternity.

He had to ask! Tony thought incredulously as his fists clenched tight around the bed sheet below them.

"Yes!... Just...Ahh!" Tony gasped as Alex's talented fingers brushed past his prostate and he began thrusting his hips forward into Alex's other hand. "Just... In! Now!"

Tony worked to relax his body when he felt Alex nudge his cock head at Tony's welcoming hole, easing it in slowly, and Tony felt like crying in joy. He looked at the man looming above him, and the same need and lust he felt burning in those eyes where the blue was obscured by the black of blown pupils. Tony circled his arms around Alex's back, fingers gripping tight enough to leave marks, and brought his head up slightly to suck Alex's lips into a bruising kiss, moaning into the kiss as the other man bottomed out.

"Comin'… in… now…" Alex replied, strained body and voice. He eased gently inside, much slower than he wanted to, thrusting a little deeper as Tony pulled him close. Alex stilled, returning Tony's kiss, the lust, the need that was running through them overwhelming him. He had to slow down or it would be over way too soon.

He reared his torso back, staying deeply inside Tony and just watching the other man, the need in his expression. "Slow and easy, or hard and fast?" he asked. He could barely recognize his own voice through the need distorting it. "Tell me... babe. Tell me."

He wasn't a huge endearments guy, but in this situation, he had the feeling they both needed it. "Tell me, babe," he repeated, brushing his mouth tenderly over Tony's.

Tony spread his legs out further, raising his hip slightly higher in the process, and both men groaned at the sparks that the change in angle caused. "Hard and fast," Tony replied in between Alex's hungry nipping of his lips. There was no way either of them could hold off for anything slower. They'd been nursing a slow burn all week, and it was quickly turning into a wildfire that threatened to sweep through and leave nothing but ashes in its path.

"Just give it to me, babe," Tony whispered as Alex threw one of Tony's legs onto his shoulder, his voice dripping with desire. "Give me all you've got."

Alex grinned then, canting Tony's hips further upward and digging his knees in. The fact that Tony was calling him babe like that just served to build the fire. Alex looked down at the other man, pushing a little higher and knowing he had to be dragging over Tony's prostate. "Hard and fast, babe. Hang on."

When Tony was settled and had nodded, Alex started moving in hard, fast, long strokes, hitting Tony's prostate on every thrust. "Tight," he managed, wanting more. "Tighter, Tony. Give me…" As Tony clenched around him, Alex trailed off in a groan, his eyes slamming shut.

Bolts of lightning coursed through Tony's spine, numbing his brain until all he could feel was the other man all around him - sight, taste, smell, touch and sound. Alex nailed that tiny bundle of nerves with every thrust, frying Tony's brain at the same time. He instinctively clenched around the intruding hardness when Alex gave his command, and he cried out when Alex increased his speed, his balls slapping loudly on Tony's ass.

"Oh God!" Tony gasped when Alex pushed forward to lick and bite at Tony's jaw and neck, his cock buried in deep and nudging hard on Tony's prostate. It was a good thing both of them were quite limber. "Alex…!" he let out a strained cry, which only served to add to the fire that was burning in Alex.

"Touch," Alex said, moving harder and faster. It was a stupid romantic notion, but he didn't want to come alone. He wanted Tony along with him. "Soon, soon…" He could only warn Tony as the other man clenched down hard on him. "Soon…"

He nipped down hard on Tony's neck and then bit down on his lover's shoulder, tasting the salty tang of his sweat. He groaned low, his thrusts starting to stutter, moving faster, then slower as he got closer and closer to the edge.

Tony held on to Alex's back with one hand, and brought the other one to fist hard on his own erection, pre-cum flowing profusely over the head, and began to pump it in the same rhythm as Alex's hard, fast thrusts. He could feel the tingle began to build at the base of his spine, sending off sparks and telling him he was close. So close. "Fuck!"

As Alex bit down hard on his shoulder again, the pleasure-pain connected with the sparks of lightning up his spine and then he was coming, fast. Faster than he'd ever imagined possible. "Alex!" Tony screamed out his release before his climax sent him drifting on sensation alone as he fell right over the edge. His ass clamped down hard on Alex, drawing out the other man's orgasm at the same time.

"Tony!" Alex echoed, tearing his mouth away from Tony's shoulder. He stilled for a second, staring down at the other man. Then the roar of sensation overtook him and Alex was bucking against Tony, who was gripping him hard, pouring himself into the other man with needy, animal sounds.

Alex used his very last burst of energy to withdraw from Tony and roll onto his back. He tugged Tony close. "C'mere," he said softly, his voice still ragged, afterglow suffusing him.

"Oh, wow," was all Tony could say, his voice raw. Neither his brain nor his body was willing to cooperate at the moment, so he rolled over and plastered himself against Alex's side when Alex tugged at him. Tony rubbed his face against the other man's chest and sighed contently, throwing a heavy, limp arm across Alex's torso while pecking butterfly kisses where his lips could touch.

"Good?" Alex asked, needing to know. Very few guys he'd been with had wanted to lie close like this, wanted to be a part of after-sex affection. It was always withdraw, shower, nod, leave. This was… nice.

He stroked a hand through Tony's sweaty hair, knowing he needed to get the both of them into the shower. But not yet...

"Hmm," Tony grinned like an idiot, snuggling closer, every single muscle in his body relaxed and pliant. "Very good."

Tony knew they'd have to move sooner or later, but he really didn't want to. It's been a very long time since he'd met someone that he felt he could lose himself in. He breathed in deep, taking in the smells of sex and of the other man, and sighed happily.

"Nice," Alex allowed, snuggling Tony closer. The man was as big as he was, and yet they fit together perfectly, with an ease that just shouldn't be there for a one-night stand. Alex stiffened, shock running through him. Was that all this was? He didn't do casual, and Tony needed to know that. But how could he broach the subject? Unable and unwilling to do so, Alex allowed himself to relax again, his eyes closing.

Tony could feel the muscles tense under him, and he couldn't help but wonder if this was all a mistake. This thing with Alex… Tony couldn't help feeling that this would be a very bad idea, what with Alex being his boss' brother, and Rule Twelve, and the fact that Alex was a man. He hadn't felt so connected with another person since… well, since Jeanne. Tony hadn't done casual in a very long time. He'd grown tired of it. A different body and a different bed every night? No, he wanted – needed – stability in his life. Tony sighed again, not so happily this time, and held on a bit tighter when he felt Alex relax his body again. They'd have to talk about this in the morning, and Tony was dreading it. He tried to push those thoughts out of his mind as he drifted off, knowing that worried, aberrant thoughts like these would only lead to nightmares for him.

Alex felt Tony surrender, just as he felt that the other man wanted to say something to him. "Sleep," Alex whispered into Tony's hair. "I'm not leaving." The emotion in his voice scared him, and he pulled Tony closer, brushing kissing over his temple. "I'm not leaving, babe. Sleep with me." If Tony had wanted him to leave, he'd say so. Otherwise, Alex just had to hope Tony wanted him to stay.

I'm not leaving. It was the last thing Tony heard as his world went black.