A bit different from my other fic. This is sort of a Prologue, i think. Anyways hope you like! :) x

Queen Alix of Xavier was sitting in the throne room, feet perched on the arm rest and head back. She was bored! Nothing had happened in Xavier for decades and the people were happy. She guessed she couldn't really have asked for more being a monarch but a hint of excitement or adventure wouldn't go a miss. She may be 1500 years old and been Queen for near of half a millennium but developmental wise she was no more than a 15 year old girl, except with the knowledge and power of ancient being.

"Any news from the city?" Alix asked the guard stationed next to her.
"No your Majesty, nothing of a noteworthy cause that should get you involved ma'am." The Guard said, in his monotone on duty voice. Alix sighed; for once in her life she would love a bit of news anything to get her to leave the castle.

Luckily for her Royal highness that day had come.

With her heightened sense Alix could hear the approach of the man well before any of the guards did; hence she sat up in her formal position. 2 minutes later, exactly, a guard burst through the throne room door. He ran up the carpet and knelt in front of the Queen. "Your Majesty, intruders have been detected in Sector 5." He said panting for breath. Alix stood up.
"Armed?" She asked, secretly hoping they were.
"No detection of any weaponry but none of them are Xavion, Ma'am." The guard replied still trying to catch his breath. "No matters. I will sort it. You and you, come with me." She said indicating at the 2 guards stationed next to her. They then disappeared on the spot, teleported.

A fact you might not know of Xavier is their lack of technology, they are, of course, knowledgeable enough to build the technology found on most planets in the universe, such as a security system, torches, teleports, etc. But they had no need for them; they had a far better power at their disposal.

"Now Ponds for your first family outing. There's this planet amazing planet it is. You want to know why? Corse you do. Well it's amazing because the entire planet is a soft play area, the entire thing. Rather than a sea full of water it's got a giant ball pit. How cool is that?" The Doctor exclaimed running like a headless chicken around the console.

Amy was sat on the seat, cradling little Melody in her arms; Melody's eye's wide and full of wonder at the strange new environment she was in. Rory sat beside them, one arm round his wife's waist and the on the other hand his finger was being held by the mighty strong grip of his daughter. Amy laughed at the Doctor's child like comments.

"You are such a child!" She laughed at the Doctor. The Doctor froze and gave her the puppy-dog face.
"Me childish, never." The Doctor joked. Rory was the one to laugh at this. Amy just rolled her eyes; Melody just had her hand up and was wrapping her tiny little fingers in her mother's long ginger hair. The Doctor smiled his signature cheeky grin and landed the Tardis, a lot more gently than usual. "Come along Ponds." The Doctor said bounding past the little family. He opened up at the Tardis doors expecting to be met with the sound of children's laughter and a bright blue sky. He was in fact met with a rather dingy smelly tunnel. "Doctor I don't think this is the right place." Rory said, he, Amy and Melody were now all standing behind him.
"No I don't think so either." The Doctor said puzzled. "But why would she bring us here?" The Doctor asked himself aloud.

Suddenly in front of the some what different family appeared a young girl and two armed soldiers. "State you name and intent for breaking into MY castle!" The girl said the soldier behind aiming their weapons at the Doctor.
"Oh." Was all that managed to escape the Doctor's lips.

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