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Chapter 1

Jessica Wakefield looked stunning, and she knew it. She was lounging in one of Lila's pristine white deck chairs, decked out in nothing but a gold shimmering bikini. She bought it simply because it caught the light and of course it complemented her golden shoulder length golden locks. Which at that particular moment was being laced through Roger's fingers.

"Jess," called her twin sister, "There you are, hello Roger,"

"Liz," Roger said respectfully.

"Yes Liz, you wanted something," irritated by the fact nobody was paying attention to her. Immediately realizing her mistake as she spotted half the guys at Lila's pool party were staring at her she vainly tried to correct her mistake, "Liz, you look gorgeous in that blue bikini, were did you get it?"

Liz brushed off the comment saying "You will just borrow mine anyway, Jess I was wondering if you could catch a ride home with someone else after the party?"

"Why what's the matter you aren't sick are you, I told Lila not to put out those crab cakes!"

"No its not that Jess I just need to go home early,"

"Why! the party's only just begun!"

"I just don't feel up to it tonight, sorry Jess"

Rodger choose that moment to butt in, "Its ok Liz," he said gleefully, "Ill take her home,"

"Thank you Rodger," replied Liz.

"Why are you really going home for Liz?" Jessica asked

"Ok it's just, Mr Collins phoned and he needs someone to look after Teddy for a bit, its only for a couple of hours, I've really gotta go Jess, see you later!"

Elizabeth ran to the car. Thinking to herself "What shall I wear I need to change out of my bikini," She grabbed a thin lace t-shirt of Jessica's out of the backseat of the car that immediately got soaked by the water on her skin, making it see through hugging every curse of her size 6 body emphasizing her bust, climbed in the door and began to drive.

Just as she was about to turn on to her street she thought about Mr. Collins smouldering eyes and wavy thick hair smiling knowingly she surprised herself by turning the car around and began heading to Mr Collins house.