Noughts and Crosses is my favourite books of all time. This fan fiction starts at the end of it and goes on from there. It's my first OX fanfiction so be kind!

Sephy, One

I looked around. Oh my God, they were really going to do it. They were going to murder him. I watched as Callum walked into the courtyard and felt the fear grab every part of me. I stopped watching him and I tried to find my father in the crowd. I would do anything on earth to stop Callum from dying. Anything at all. I would beg and plead on bended knee. If only I could see him.

There! I had him in my eye line and he wasn't too far away. I rushed through the crowd as fast as I could begging my feet to move faster. I was halfway there but Callum already had walked up the steps on the gallows. Was I going to make it? I had to make it. There simply wasn't another option. Time ticked by so slowly she could feel every beat of her heart. She made it. Her father was surrounded by very important politicians and officials. He caught her eye with surprise.

"I don't believe you have authority to be here," he said coldly. I ignored the callousness of this and stole a quick glance at Callum. He had the hood on his head. I moved closer to my father so he would be the only one to hear.

"I will do anything you want if you make this stop. Keep him alive and I'll have an abortion. I will do anything." He looked at me considering for a moment.

"How do I know you will keep your word?" he asked politely.

"Because this is torturing me and I will do anything to make it stop. Please." Kamal Hadley got his mobile phone out of his pocket and speed dialled a number I couldn't see.

"Yes, the eleventh hour came through. Thank you." Kamal Hadley put the phone back and I stared with bated breath at the gallows. He was stood on the trap door. There wasn't any time left. And then someone came running out onto the courtyard yelling.

"Stop!" Everyone looked at the voice including Callum still with his head covered in the hood. "I have high authority to stop this execution with all haste. It is to be postponed until a later date." Yells were thrown up everywhere. I looked at my father.

"If you don't follow through on your promise, all you will have done is delay the inevitable. I'll be waiting." Kamal Hadley got up swiftly and left the building, leaving me on my knees, crying with temporary relief.

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