I know its been a while since I updated. Here's a short update...

Two years later…

Sephy, nine.

I woke up feeling exhausted. Callie had hit the terrible twos and her screaming was wearing my down. I still live with mother and she has actually been a really big help with Callie Rose. In particular, babysitting her when I visit her father in prison. I went downstairs, relishing these precious moments to myself before my daughter woke up as she surely would soon.

"Good morning," I said to mother who was making coffee while listening to the radio. She was such a different person to who she had been a few years ago. Being this close to her granddaughter was what had changed her. She adored Callie and Callie loved her too. Something caught my attention and I was no longer thinking of my daughter.

"Turn that up," I said in a hollow voice. My mother was moving far too slowly so I pushed her out of the way and turned the radio up myself.

"…surprise move last night the house of commons revealed that the death penalty has been outlawed. No more executions will be carried out by the state which is a relief for many families who have relatives on death row. But not so much of a relief to their many, many victims…" I was shocked when I felt hot coffee splash all over my feet. I hadn't even realised I'd dropped her mug until the coffee soaked through mysocks. Mother turned the radio off as it became clear that I was no longer listening.

"This means…" she said.

"Yes," I replied collapsing into a kitchen chair. Callum would live. He wouldn't die in prison. He would not be murdered by what people in this country called justice. I couldn't help it. The tears ran in hot trails down my face.

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