"Every girl and boy...needs a little joy...all you do is sit and stare. Beggin' on my knees, baby wont you please? Run your fingers through my hair!"

She belted out every lyric with pride, remaining sexy in her leather boy shorts and peasant girl corset, also made of leather.

I sang with her knowing every word by heart.

She grabbed her crotch and the crowd went insane.

I got hard as I watched her strut herself on the huge stage, singing one of my favorite songs.

Her wild, spiraled, black hair whipped around as she thrust herself around frivolously. My ears vibrated to the beat as she continued into the chorus of the song.

"Do ya wanna touch? Do you wanna touch? Do ya wanna touch me there?"

Yes, I did. I wanted to touch every part of her voluptuous body.

From her raven colored locks to her red toenails. She wore huge platform heels with leopard print all over them. I'm surprised she didnt fall in them at the rate she was moving around on the stage.

The song was coming to its end and as it did, there was a uproar from her audience. She smiled grateful, flashing us her pearly whites behind her maroon colored lips.

"Hello, Washington," she snickered as her band finished off the song.

Everyone went nuts as she strutted around the stage, watching as us, her fans, make complete idiots of ourselves.

"Some crowd, huh?" her voice was smooth as she talked into her headset. There was another cheer of excitement. She could simply breathe and we'd lose our minds.

"You know, I really appreciate you guys taking time out of your busy lives just to come and see me dance on stage in my underwear," her heels clicked over to the black piano and she plopped herself on its top with ease.

"You know Ive been reading a lot of tabloids lately. They've been saying a lot of mean things about me," she told us in her infamous little girl's voice.

I booed along with rest of the crowd, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

"Growing up, I was called a lot of the names magazine are calling me today." she flipped herself to sit in the piano seat.

"I've always been different," her voice trailed off as she began to press the keys gracefully. "In school, they called me 'Loose Leah' because I liked to kiss up to all my teachers and I'd flirt my way out of doing my homework..."

She continued to play the melody as she turned to stare at us all. "Do you guys think I'm loose?"

We went insane and I was on the edge of busting a load right in my pants as she continued to play.

"It's okay if you think I am. In a way, I don't care. The way I see it is-" she stopped her fingers. "Why give a fuck when there's no fuck to give?" she began playing again once our cheering and roars of worship subsided.

A new beat on electric guitar came from the other side of the stage and Leah's head jerked up to be greeted with her lead guitarist coming towards her, playing as hard as he possibly could a song I knew all too well. She hit a few more keys to match him and the song officially began. The band joined in and she hopped off her piano seat and walked lazily over to her guitarist.

She took the black BC Rich from him then kissed his cheek.

He kissed her back before disappearing off to the side, leaving Leah to play her instrument with every bit of passion and angst she had in her.

Her voice was pure as she began to sing 'Faithless,' the song that has gotten me through many of breakups.

A few hours before I came to the concert, I was on my way to go pick up my girlfriend, Nessie so we could go together. Just as I was about to rush out the door to get her, she sends me a text.

i think we shuld c other ppl...srry :/, it read.

Well, I didnt wanna waste a ticket so I called up all my friends to see if they wanted to go. All of them were too busy so I was just like "fuck it" and kept it on my dresser so I could frame it when I got home. I hope she felt like shit cus I bought her a ticket to one of the hardest shows to purchase tickets for. I got front row seats, spending half my hard earned allowance and she decides to break up with me? Then she had the audacity to ask if we could still be friends! No, bitch we cant be friends!

She riffed it and began the chorus, hollering along with us.

I felt it.

As she sang beautiful into the mic and played the guitar at the same time, I heard the hurt and the pressure and the pain behind the words of the song. Of course, she wrote her own music. All the good artists do.

I got harder by the minute and wished I had her all to myself. Her little boy shorts were mocking me as they sat snugly around her waist, hips and ass. Lord knows that I'd use my virgin hands to rip them right off her mercilessly and make her beg for me.

But that was just a fantasy that every boy who listened to her music had. You couldn't deny the fact that she was hot as hell. With that hourglass figure she did things on stage I'd never seen before. Once at a concert in Virginia, she did a perfect split while wearing skin tight leather.

What I wouldnt give to be at least ten foot close to her.

Leah. Leah Larusso. Leah Larusso born Leah Clearwater in La Push, Washington on April 19, 1990.

She was the girl of my dreams and my favorite singer/guitarist/songwriter in the whole entire world. She had four Grammy's, two AMA's, made guest appearances on shows like Family Guy and Entourage, and let's not forget was recently crowned the new Princess of Rock by Rolling Stones magazine. She was mostly known for her wide range of ridiculously tight outfits, all made of leather. She always wore leather. Always.

"Leather isnt a type of material you wear. It's a way of life," She had claimed once in an interview.

Her music was quite risque'. She usually sang about sex, drugs, alcohol, money. The basic topics every true rock star sang about. I especially loved her slower songs because she really went into detail about whatever she was singing about. Every song she ever sang-even the unreleased, leaked stuff from her beginner days-I had on my MP3.

I even had her life-sized February 2011 issue of Rolling Stones cover on my wall. She wore nothing but a skin tight, black, leather pencil skirt with no top and her left arm covering her breasts. Her right index finger was dangling out of her mouth, as if she were pulling her finger out after licking away something tasty. Her face was set in a ingenuous expression, as if she had been accused of something wrong.

Her thick spiked bracelet dangled on her wrist and she wore a brass knuckle type ring that spelled out her name. Her makeup was done the way you see female movie stars from the 40's, the light eyeshadow defining the unique color of her hazel almost golden eyes. Her hair-which was my favorite physical thing about her-was in zig zag curls, reaching her mid-chest and surrounding her face.

Just thinking about that picture distracted me so much that I hadnt realized the song was coming to its end.

Leah's wild hair whipped around as she threw the guitar to the side to one of the band members. Her hair had grown all the way down her back since her picture on the cover of Rolling Stones.

I've been wishing on thousands of stars to just get a feel on it. To smell it, even. It sounds stalker-ish, I know but I just wanted to. I wasn't afraid to admit I was obsessed.

I thought about the things we could do if I just had five minutes with her. Not just sex but...just a talk. A nice chat where I could get to know her not as Leah Larusso, the Rock and Roll Goddess of my dreams but as Leah Clearwater, the La Push native who was bullied in school for being different.

I'll bet if we did ever meet, I'd just be another fan to her. Just another obsessed boy who jacks off to her pictures and posters. Just another kid she saw for a few seconds, signed a CD for and never saw again.

I sighed sadly when I thought about the possibilities.

"I love you all!" she blew kisses to us as she came closer to the edge of the stage.

I love you, too, I thought hopelessly as she crouched down to look at us up close. I wondered if-

Holy shit!

She was crouching down! To the front row!

I was in the front row!

The crowd got louder behind me and they clawed at her feet but she teasingly stepped back, fear of being pulled right into the mess.

She examined every single of us and my heart was beating like it would bust right out of my chest and spurt blood everywhere. She came a little closer and that's when I was in reaching distance of her. She waved at us and up close, she was even more breath taking even though she was covered in sweat and what looked like glitter.

Her eyes ran over everybody and my knees weakened when she stopped in my direction. She cocked a brow and flashed a smile making me rotate my head to see if she was looking at me.

I pointed to myself in shock and disbelief, my finger shaking as I did.

She nodded. "You're cute," she said, matter-of-factly and backed away, keeping eye contact with me as she did.

I felt as if my whole body was going to melt. My body was stiff from being in her presence.

Not only did she smile at me but she thought I was cute!

My mouth was half open and it wouldnt move when I tried to force myself to say something back, even though she was already back in the center of the stage, starting her next song.

At the end of every Leah Larusso concert, she held a signing in the lobby of the stadium. Of course I was in the back of the line, cus my feet moved sluggishly an attribution to being called cute by the girl of my dreams.

I held her latest album in my hands, my palms sweaty. To help pass some time and distract me from the chaos, I examined the front cover of the CD.

It was quite visual interesting as were all her other album covers.

Flames caught my eye when I looked at it. They were orange, red, and yellow flames everywhere, burning what looked like the living room of an old Victorian couch, the bookshelf, the coffee table, the curtains, everything was on fire. The huge windows in the back of the room, near the bookshelf, were broken as well. The glass was shattered all around the hard wooden floor. The whole image was very dark, with depressing colors like black, gray, navy blue, and some brown.

Then, sitting right in the middle of the burning couch, was Leah looking at the camera angrily as everything around, behind and in front of her burned to ashes. Her hair was more wild and free than I've ever seen it, making her hard expression more fiercer. Her clothing consisted of an unzipped red leather jacket to cover her breast being cus she was topless, yet again. Her black leather pants looked well with her black wedge boots. To top the creepy scene off, her tiny smirk held no humor.

The title of the album was La Furia which was printed in a dark silver font next to her name. La Furia...I knew that was Spanish or Italian for something but I couldnt remember.

The back had her track listing in the same dark silver font. The picture on the back, disturbed me even more than the front. It showed a vanilla carpet on fire as well, as a helpless teddy bear with a yellow bow around its ear burned as well. The bear looked sorrowful and innocent as its body was consumed by the white heat of the fire, the stuffing pouring out of it, being eaten alive by the vicious flames.

I wondered what was going through Leah's mind when she thought of this kind of album layout. Was she angry at the time? Had someone done her wrong? When I bought the CD last April, I didnt pay much attention to the cover. I was mostly concerned on the music within the CD case. None of it made sense. The cover was so hard and unsettling while the inside, the music, was so peaceful and gentle to listen to. About six out of the eleven songs on the CD were ballads about love, her family, old friends. I managed to learn everyone of them on guitar a month after I purchased it.

It made me think. Almost too hard to look up and see that it was my turn.

"Hey cutie," her voice was sweet and I fumbled nervously when I was met eye to eye with Leah Larusso. "I saw you in the crowd tonight."

"H-hi," I mumbled nervously and waved at her as I handed her the case and she signed it. Her Sharpie was a metallic silver one, that showed up easily on the dark cover. I tried my hardest not to look like an idiot as my eyes roamed her full and curvy anatomy. She switched out of her corset and boy shorts for jeans and a striped shirt.

"Enjoy the show tonight?" she asked me as she continued to write on the cover.

All I could do was nod.

"Great," she chimed and put the CD back out to me. I had my grip on it but she didnt let hers go. She pulled in and at first I thought she might kiss me. But she swerved and her lip came to my ear.

"Stay until everyone leaves," she whispered. "I'll come looking for you, okay?"

My body was frozen with lust and my palms were sweaty. I nodded, words failing me.

She let go of my CD and pulled away from me, leaving my mouth open and my pants tight as fuck.

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