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In the past seven months, Leah had managed to:

-Finish filming her movie

-Announce the date her new album goes on sale.

-Release four new singles off of said album that all went number one and stayed number one for numerous weeks.

-Appear on the covers of magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Allure for their summer covers.

-Made her first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

-Started a jewelry fashion line that consisted of spikes and chains and other items you'd find in sadomasochism.

-Sponsored a charity that helped underprivileged children.

I had managed to:

-grow some stubble and get a job at an auto shop.

Much to everyone's liking, Nessie and I broke up. She went off to college and long distance relationships are a bitch. I decided to stay here in La Push cus college could wait. It wasn't going anywhere.

It was February now and snow was still on the ground. It was on its way to melting but not anytime soon.

Here I was still living by myself, girlfriend less and lonely.

Even Embry had managed to score this smoking hot redhead who liked summer breezes and long walks on the beach. She was the earthy type and all of a sudden, so was Embry.

His visits were less frequent now.

The good thing is that I didn't spend Christmas alone. My dad and sisters came down and it felt nice to be around family again.

New Year's was fun since Embry's hippie girlfriend had invited me to party with some of her hippie friends who were equally hot. I didnt hook up with any of them though because there was only one girl on my mind at the moment.


Even after seven months, we still kept contact...sorta.

She would send me subtle hints and hellos in interviews and occasionally tweet me. Even some of her fans have caught on and they'd try to tweet me as well, threatening to hurt me if I ever hurt Leah. I've read article after article specifically about Leah and I and it was...weird. I didn't know how to react to it. It was kinda overwhelming so I stayed away from the internet as much as possible.

At first I thought she'd forgotten about me but I had to remember she's Leah Larusso. She's got the rest of the world waiting on her and there wasn't always gonna be time for her little La Push crush.

A nice thing she had done for me though was sent me a Christmas present. She sent me an Ace Frehley electric guitar that he, Mr. Paul Daniel Frehley, signed himself. I didn't even wanna touch it cus if I did the epicness would wear off.

I felt crappy cus all I sent to her was yet another customized Leah Larusso shirt. She had worn it a few times and it made me feel sappy.

One thing that did make me proud was that photo Leah got me for my nineteenth birthday. I hung it up in the living room so that whoever walked into my house could see. Whenever I looked at it, I got butterflies and nostalgia hit.

I had done some growing up since Leah and I went our separate ways. I missed her like hell and I always wondered how she was doing. My guess was perfectly fine because this was her year in music. Still undefeated on "the charts,"-a term she always used- she was going on her sixteenth week as number one.

Ever since that one night I caught myself masturbating, I did it more often. The more I missed Leah, the more I jerked it. There was no shame in doing it. Just a lot of pathetic. And what did I get off to? None other than her "Black Leather" music video.

I dont know why Leah and I weren't dating.

It would be hard but at least we'd be getting somewhere. I was fine with hidden hellos and wassups in interviews, even though it wasnt as glorious as actually holding her close to me and kissing her. There was confusion as to why I was jealous of her "insanely hot" co-star who got the opportunity to grope and feel and basically fuck her. It disgusted me and I tried to remember what Leah had told me about getting jealous over shit that was strictly professional. The movie was gonna be out in another three weeks and I was pumped to see it. The fact that she was off with her co-stars and not here ticked me off!

She had tattooed my name on her skin! That was commitment!

Commitment. I couldn't commit to Nessie and Leah can't commit to me. In the end, we all end up fucked.

After a few hours of watching some TV, there was a knock on the door.

I wasnt expecting any company so I took my time getting it. I wasn't really in the mood to see anyone. It was probably another neighbor or something trying to convert me over to being a Jehovah's Witness or something like that.

Why does it seem that every time I open my front door, Leah Larusso is standing there wearing something fantastic that takes my breath away? How odd was it that she always managed to pop up whenever I thought about her?

She ceased to amaze me. My mouth dropped at what she was wearing and I couldnt help but melt under her stare. Instead of jeans and a coat like everybody else in La Push, she wore Daisy Dukes, fishnets, boots and a sweatshirt. She didnt shiver or shake from the cold but I did and I had on sweatpants.

"You're gonna catch a cold," I noted and we were eye level when she wore those shoes.

"Miss me?" She sang cheerfully and goosebumps ran all up and down my arms but not from the cold.

"Hell yeah," I grinned still in awe she was here again.

She looked up at me for a few seconds before stepping forward and kissing me hard on my lips. Her hands set my face to kiss her back but then she pulled away, blushing sheepishly.

"Sorry, you have a girlfriend. I shouldn't be here," she turned to leave but I grabbed her hand in protest.

"We broke up."

She wanted to look sorry but I saw the excited light in her eyes. "Really? I'm sorry. What happened?"

I shrugged it off. "Commitment issues."

Her eyebrow rose and as she thought. "Really?"

I blew it off and changed the subject. "Um, what's going on? What are you doing here?"

She immediately went silent and jittery as she struggled for the right words to say.

"Umm, well I was in the neighborhood and, er, ya know since I'm kinda in love with you, I was just, ugh...wow, is it hot in here?" she fanned herself as she spoke. I tried to figure out was she was trying to say. It was amusing to see her struggle with her tongue so I folded my arms and just watched.

"Um, if you're not doing anything for the next few days or so, I would like you to accompany me on a trip."


She bit her lip. "London."

My eyes popped out. "As in...England? You want me to go to London, England with you?"

She nodded. "The movie is premiering there soon and I could really use a date for the red carpet." She explained this sweetly.

Ok, New York I could handle. But London, England? That's international! And of all the guys in the world she picked me to be her date?

"And you have to decide soon cus plane leaves tonight," she added that last part in quickly and I eyed her.

"Why didn't you ask me earlier?"

"Cus I thought you had a girlfriend. It took some balls for me to even come back after such a long time."

I thought about it. After seven months of drowning in my self pity, she finally comes back and asks me to be her date to a huge premiere that would send the media into a tizzy. Then what happens after that? Another seven months of self pity and missing her?

She had these big innocent eyes I couldn't say no to. I wanted to go just cus she really wanted it.

"So you want me to just drop everything and go to London, England to be your date to a movie premiere?"

She nodded. "Yeah, pretty much."


"Oh, I knew you wouldnt-wait, did you say fine?"


"Yes? Yes as in you'll go?"

I nodded.

She wrapped her legs around my waist for a hug and I squeezed her tight. She began to kiss me softly but those soft kisses turned into hungry and needy ones. So, yes I was dropping everything to be with the women I loved even if it was for a short time. I refused to let seven months go by without me seeing her. I'm-whether she knows it or not-her boyfriend. I could already see the couple names her fans and the rest of the media could come up with.

Maybe something like Le-cob or Black-water. Something stupid like that.


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